AKA_Mathieu @ 8/31/2017 12:39 commented on Big Bird

That raven was looking for some confrontation.
It was crystal clear he just wanted to bully someone.
Instead of feeding a troll, I'd rather ignore him and let him go.

Now he is confident that we are unfriendly snob pixel nerds. We gave him the argument he wanted.

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/30/2017 23:02 commented on Big Bird


I guess you went too far,
you shouldn't unleash your mentalist powers

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/30/2017 10:20 commented on Big Bird

"Keep in mind that green's [...] His negativity is likely just a person having a really hard time which twists his perception with a great deal of pessimism."


AKA_Mathieu @ 8/30/2017 01:55 commented on Big Bird

"Do not feed the trolls"

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/29/2017 12:51 commented on Dungeon Boss01

looks like you up-scaled it.
You should post the original version.

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/29/2017 12:46 commented on War Beast

There are some details I don't really understand (legs and tail), it's a nice piece though!
Is it based on a game/comics or is it a character designed from your own?

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/29/2017 12:40 commented on Big Bird

IMO, Pixeljoint doesn't need leadership but a news feed with fresh news!

(Maybe Jalonso was behind that feed?)

I used to come here to read actualities about pixel art world (projects, games, interviews, softwares...), now I only see news about weekly challenges. Pixeljoint looks kinda disconnected, it's sad.

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/28/2017 11:49 commented on Big Bird

How is your project going Zizka?

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/25/2017 07:47 commented on Achievements soviet style

The microphone advice is really good and I think its shape is similar to the wheat's. I'll give it a try!

Basically, each sprite is 8 x 25 pixels, so the head is made with 6 pixels and the cap with 7 pixels. I wanted to keep that original design but I guess I would better do a "high res" version of the sprite.

Your commentaries always hit the nail on the head :)

Thanks a lot.

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/25/2017 07:33 commented on Big Bird

So the queue problem seems to be unsolvable :')

(TY for the explanation)

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/25/2017 00:33 commented on Big Bird

Talking about administration, how does the Public Queue work?

8 pages of submissions, some sent 3 months ago.
Have we a documentation of that process?

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/24/2017 13:12 commented on Big Bird

I guess I'm missing the real meaning

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/24/2017 11:47 commented on King of Elf

It's a beautiful piece.

Sad but true, the right forearm and hands are weird. Try positions you are more confortable with.

You can find some inspiration with Andrew Loomis:

The stick ends weirdly too.
You shall edit it, it will be a master piece.

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/24/2017 11:30 commented on Beauty and the Beast

It's a good minimalist work!

You could improve curtains' lines.

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/24/2017 11:25 commented on Big Bird


what does that really mean? xB

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/24/2017 06:49 commented on Stargazing

Are lines distorted on purpose?

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/24/2017 06:48 commented on The Random Number Gods

I really like your pantheon. Is it an idea from you or from one particular universe?

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/24/2017 06:45 commented on Marcele

oh gosh! It's awesome!

IMO you added some details that are unnecessary (what seems to be a shadow under the glasses) and you can rework some lines to gain lisibility but it's still awesome :D

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/24/2017 03:38 commented on Automated Avian Asssassin

Maybe it deserves to be brighter to increase readability, no?

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/24/2017 02:15 commented on Lady of the Lake

Finally someone describing the fat reality!

Beautiful palette and beautiful model.

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/23/2017 14:03 commented on Big Bird

Back in the days, Trump wasn't involved in the messages. I really miss that time.

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/23/2017 08:12 commented on Big Bird

Yeah, drawing is an art and being seen is an art too.

We see it in other fields. Some artists choose an unusual medium or tools that are not tools actually. The Audience calls his average work a "performance".
It's modern and trendy meanwhile everyone shit on academic works.

Well, it's always interesting when an artist talks about his artistic process, from where his ideas and influences are coming. That's what I think is the good part in this video rather than "how to use MS Paint".

Sometimes great artists' interviews only focus on their own work and technics but forget to talk about theirs inspirations and featured artists, so it's less Romantic!

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/23/2017 01:25 commented on Big Bird

Thank you for this video JerryPie.
It was really interesting and enlightening, especially when he speaks about his influences.

Now I will do some investigation on Ivan Bilibin <3
(From "Art nouveau" movement maybe?)

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/23/2017 00:35 commented on Big Bird

He is dumb, president and rich.
Every newspaper talks about that, I don't want to be spammed anymore.

AKA_Mathieu @ 8/21/2017 11:48 commented on Big Bird

Can I have some milk with my PA?