Garage Inc. @ 12/28/2005 06:20 commented on Peppermint Egg
If I remember correctly, that was quite a while back. It looked great then and looks great now.

Garage Inc. @ 8/18/2005 18:24 commented on Linkin Park animation
I love it. The style is awesome and it was exicuted perfectly.

Garage Inc. @ 8/13/2005 08:46 commented on Hairy Elf Thing Dances: Dithering Rework
Definitly a HUGE improvment. Great job.

Garage Inc. @ 8/11/2005 05:58 commented on Ferus
Thanks. I will work on some more weapons later today. Thanks for your comments.

Garage Inc. @ 8/5/2005 12:50 commented on The Massacre...
This is absolutly incredible. I am in love. I love your style. It is, you know. I love this piece. 5 stars and +favorite.

Garage Inc. @ 8/4/2005 15:53 commented on Eminem Totem

The face looks pretty sweet. The nose could use some work.

The part that really takes away is the inconsistancy of the lightsoure on the shirt. The shirt could really use some dithering or shading of some sort.

It looks pretty good now, but could be better.

Garage Inc. @ 8/3/2005 15:29 commented on Minute Man
I never really did like that show. I didn't think it was that funny. Might just be me.

Garage Inc. @ 8/2/2005 14:26 commented on Skeleton Warrior

O yes. Me and that dog have that same name. Jake's are awesome.

I have 2 dogs (both femal) and they both rock.

Garage Inc. @ 8/2/2005 12:43 commented on scene of beach
Thats not what I ment. The style itself doesn't fit. You have 2 conflicting styles here and they don't go well together.

Garage Inc. @ 8/2/2005 12:32 commented on scene of beach

The tiles look great, however, the charecter doesn't match at all. You might want to work on making a charecter that does match. Other than that, great job.

Garage Inc. @ 8/1/2005 22:11 commented on Mojo : "The fields" level
Your work is always amazing. Great job.

Garage Inc. @ 8/1/2005 22:10 commented on wonders happen

It's a flower groing in ice.

It is pretty cool. I like the ice. Nice work.

Garage Inc. @ 7/27/2005 21:42 commented on Boo!
No, I'm done with it. It's stupid argueing with someone you don't even know. I was just making a point that's it's ok to let someone help you. As far as I'm concerned, this converstion is down. On the next piece you post, if you don't want it to get out of hand, just take the critisism and improve or simply say, no thank you.

Garage Inc. @ 7/26/2005 22:32 commented on Boo!

O, and one more thing, don't even start with usless comments. Let's take a look at some of your comments.

"That's the thing lol."    "No... I warned you not to mess with me. Don't do it again."   "Hmm.... I may redo it at some point (add kinda)."     "Thanks Law, that insipires me to really finish it."     "Well thank you, sugar."     "Oops... forgot to say how much I'm loving that smooth ditherin'!"     "A+, rating 5!"     "Actually it was stolen a while ago."     "That's the thing, it WASN'T a wip. Now it is..."    

Wow, that is most of your comments, and all of those are usless. Look, you brought all of this on yourself. If you hadn't said that stupid first post, none of this would be happening and you might be getting some real critique on your art, but you made all this happen. Don't try to blame me or anyone else.

Garage Inc. @ 7/26/2005 20:05 commented on Boo!
Ok, do you even understand what aa'ing does. It is used to make the lines appear smoother. Which one looks smoother to you, mine or yours?

Garage Inc. @ 7/26/2005 14:45 commented on Boo!

Who cares if you showed me the URL for pixelation, I have been at this site for who knows how much longer than you.

And thank you Faktablad.

And her is the piece you did, re aa'ed.

Garage Inc. @ 7/24/2005 23:04 commented on Boo!

See what, me fix your piece, I'll do it tomorrow, it's 1:03 and I don't feel like doing anything.

And I can't say that I remember you.

Garage Inc. @ 7/24/2005 21:00 commented on Boo!

Ok, again, not trying to sound rude, but how can you have the nurve to tell me I'm not good enough to help you. Look at the peice above and you tell me if you honestly think that I couldn't make that better. I'm not trying to sound elite, in your words, I'm just saying, but the way this piece adn your other pieces look, you should get all the help you can to IMPROVE. That's what this community is about, not trying to sound smart or act like you know what your talking about, like you do, unless you really know what your talking about.

O, and by the way, you don't know anything about me.

Garage Inc. @ 7/24/2005 20:57 commented on Celtic Icon
It is in the design of a celtic tattoo. And thanks for the comment about the AA. Somebody, (not going to say any names), doesn't seem to think I can aa, so, thank you for that comment.

Garage Inc. @ 7/24/2005 18:57 commented on Boo!

Thank you Faktablad. I was only trying to help. I don't even know why you have something against me, I didn't do anything to you. If you don't want help, fine, don't take it, but if you don't take help, you will never improve.

Garage Inc. @ 7/24/2005 06:07 commented on The FireStarter
Same as Ensellitis. This piece is incredible. I truely love it. Everything is absolutely beautiful.

Garage Inc. @ 7/23/2005 20:14 commented on Boo!
Dude, all you have to say is, No thanks, I would prefer to do it myself. Thats all you have to say. I am just trying to help.

Garage Inc. @ 7/23/2005 19:01 commented on Boo!
Honestly, your AA needs some work. AA is used to make things appear smoother. Your piece in some areas, mainly the actually body area, still looks very jagged. I could make a example for you and fix the body to show you how to AA, but I want to make sure it's ok with you before I do. Just so you know, im not trying to show you up, I just want to help you improve your skills. Don't take it the wrong way.

Garage Inc. @ 7/22/2005 23:38 commented on Interrogation Room
On one of the frames, teh shirt of the guy sitting down is transparent.

Garage Inc. @ 7/22/2005 16:01 commented on Flex

If you didn't like where it was going, then why did you put it here?