princessprose @ 6/11/2015 20:58 commented on It is open!

Really cool looking, potentially.... but too fast

princessprose @ 6/11/2015 10:01 commented on Flaming Sword of Zhiroth

I didnt use lighter outlines, I used an opaque mask for the fire on the right.

The flame is angled right, it's supposed to be 'blowing' sideways on the sword. thats why the left is darker and 'behind' it and the right is lighter. 

I appreciate the tips, though.

princessprose @ 6/10/2015 09:43 commented on CrystalMantis

I love the designs in yellow on his face; This looks great!

princessprose @ 6/9/2015 12:15 commented on pokemon trainer

Hm. I don't believe this would qualify for the 9 color limit nor would it qualify as having heterochromia...

Cool art. But doesn't seem valid. Sorry, dude.

princessprose @ 6/9/2015 09:56 commented on Broccoli Warrior

Thank you, this is only my second attempt at pixel art. Hopefully it keeps getting better! Any (constructive) tips or critique are much appreciated! 

...This broccoli originally wasn't going to be broccoli. I hate broccoli too, dwarf. 

princessprose @ 6/8/2015 13:13 commented on `

These are really great! I especially like the cartoon esque submissions!

princessprose @ 6/8/2015 13:06 commented on Jam cocoon

Can a single user make multiple submissions for a single weeks' contest? e.g. submitting two different art works for the heterochromia iridum.