Anlina S. @ 9/23/2008 13:29 commented on A portrait base - Pwinta
In the dolling community base sets are usually named. I usually give my stuff random names, in this case, Pwinta is the title of the base set.

Anlina S. @ 7/25/2007 19:24 commented on 3/4 view self portrait
'Fraid not - I did Otakon last weekend.

Anlina S. @ 6/28/2007 08:10 commented on Big Bird
A lot of 13 year olds don't behave well on the internet, and many who do treat others nicely just don't communicate well. :shrugs: Obviously generalizations don't apply to every individual, but I've found that communities with younger user bases tend to contain a lot more idiocy, flaming and inappropriate behaviour.  So it's nice to see a young person who can interact well with adults.

Anlina S. @ 6/19/2007 09:53 commented on Gil 8
Hardest vote ever.

Anlina S. @ 6/16/2007 23:10 commented on Gil 1
Mmm, to be honest it's kind of disappointing to see how few people actually made an effort to be really consistent with the Pokemon style. There's some great artwork being submitted - I'd be able to appreciate it even more if the style was consistent.

Anlina S. @ 6/15/2007 13:55 commented on Big Bird
Wow, it just started pouring buckets here. @_@ And of course work ends in five minutes and I have to get to the car with no umbrella. ><

Anlina S. @ 6/14/2007 13:03 commented on Mech in a City
You posted this as a WIP in the forum and then submitted it without changing anything... at least clean up your linework on the clouds and smoke and work on the pillowshading aspect.

Anlina S. @ 6/13/2007 11:01 commented on The Dark one!
Please review the submission guidelines for this project. Wees require a transparent background.

Anlina S. @ 6/12/2007 15:07 commented on Big Bird
I have never seen an MNG in my life. I've heard that they exist but does anyone actually use them?

Anlina S. @ 6/11/2007 15:32 commented on Big Bird
Unless you're using a really awful program for saving your PNGs, with a limited palette your colours should not be affected at all.

BMP is a crappy file format for the intarweb. If you're saving pixel art go with png or gif.

Anlina S. @ 6/11/2007 12:51 commented on The mystery ball
I love your palettes - the gold and aqua are really beautiful together and used quite effectively. I really appreciate that you put a lot of detail into the room around the sphere, as it would have been really easy to slack on that.

Anlina S. @ 6/11/2007 12:48 commented on Ninja Dude
Very nice use of colour. The texture of his hair is really interesting - the outline makes me think smooth, but the shading makes me think frizzy.

His eyes are very intense looking.

Anlina S. @ 6/11/2007 12:28 commented on Pond of Life
Beautiful. I love your palettes. The whole thing has a really rich texture to it, like artwork done with oil pastels.

Anlina S. @ 6/11/2007 11:12 commented on Pixely
Great concept, great execution. The expressions on these guys are just awesome. I like the fact that you chose red, being the absolute worst colour for jpg compression. <3

zAK, Pokemon sprites are not AAed around the outside, they are selectively outlined, which is what Ens has done.

Anlina S. @ 6/9/2007 21:49 commented on Sammy Baby!
There is absolutely no shading on this.. I suggest you take this over to the WIP forum and continue to work on it before submitting.

Kawaiihannah requires a credit when using her bases:

Anlina S. @ 6/4/2007 09:53 commented on Mr Barker
Wow, the turn out for this challenge was tiny (and it was still hard to pick just three.)

Anlina S. @ 5/28/2007 16:51 commented on Big Bird
$1US is roughly equal to 120 yen.

Anlina S. @ 5/28/2007 16:49 commented on Pixel Painter
Please check your pieces and tighten up all your palettes. There's no reason that this image should contain 126 colours.

If you are creating your pieces with a limited palette then you should look at the settings you are using when you save.

Anlina S. @ 5/28/2007 16:46 commented on Rabbit PokerFan
Any textures in your pieces must be created pixel by pixel.

Anlina S. @ 5/28/2007 15:36 commented on Dresser/Desk
94 colours? Most of them in the flowers?

Please only submit pixel art to the gallery. Pixel art requires precise and deliberate placement of each pixel and attention to colour selection.

In addition to this not being pixel art, it lacks shading and your lines are really rough.

Head over to the WIP forum and continue to work on your pieces before submitting again.

Anlina S. @ 5/28/2007 15:31 commented on Colorful Dorm
Your furniture is not strictly isometric and your carpet and... windows? do not look like pixel art at all.

Anlina S. @ 5/22/2007 12:49 commented on Shiny Sword
Clean up your line work, pick a light source for your shading, pick out some palettes with contrast and fix your colour settings when you save. The dithering on the blade of the sword looks like really awful colour reduction.

Anlina S. @ 5/18/2007 10:49 commented on Moonsletoe
I see how it is... Ens will do an edit for PB to strike out communist, but I'm still Queen of the Harpies. I knew you guys didn't love me.

Anlina S. @ 5/14/2007 21:04 commented on Skipper/Arachne Collab Penguin
Wow that sucked having to choose only three entries. There were a bunch that were right up there.

Anlina S. @ 5/10/2007 19:00 commented on head
You need to submit your own work to the gallery. The submitted version of this image was largely done by Setzer. It is not appropriate to take someone else's edit and claim it as your own - it was provided for illustration purposes, not for you to take.