Anekron @ 10/2/2019 09:33 commented on Froggo

No, it's a postmodernism

Anekron @ 9/18/2019 01:43 commented on Hyper Universe Characters

It's very cool! what about link of twitter?

Anekron @ 7/15/2018 13:34 commented on Dust

F4ck, it's extremely heroic. I'm betray myself if I'll don't save this art in my collection of inspirations. 

Anekron @ 4/13/2018 00:53 commented on necropolis

@magickbird Приятель, у меня точно та же проблема с военной академией. Да и с замком. А-а-а-а, вампи-и-и-иры. :С

Anekron @ 4/10/2018 06:01 commented on C.R.A.B.

Звучит так, будто мы с тобой понимаем друг друга. Это круто. х) 

Anekron @ 4/9/2018 07:21 commented on C.R.A.B.

Это очень круто нарисовано - как и всегда. Есть такие художники, которых очень трудно комментировать,просто потому что их работы на постоянно не снижающейся планке превосходности. И единственное, что ты можешь - либо высасывать из пальца что-то из разряда "круто нарисовано, аааа", либо молча сохранять в свои "избранные" и откладывать впечатления в подкорке мозга.
Концепт этого робота, правда, меня упарывает слегонца. :D

Anekron @ 3/31/2018 00:55 commented on ...

Блин, я с истечением времени всё больше осознаю, что Pixel Joint во многом состоит из русских художников. :D
Пиксель-арт неплохо развит у нас в стране, а!

Anekron @ 3/31/2018 00:50 commented on Vanessa Fanart

Woah, it's very delicious. :3
My respect for perfect shapes, anatomy and seductively charmic girl! Saliva falls out from my mouth. 

Anekron @ 1/25/2018 07:43 commented on Slicing

It's beautiful! Not very gracefully, but very dynamic. I can feel her determination. 

Anekron @ 1/15/2018 04:57 commented on Ignis and Eric

Oh, you defeated me in good since. But thank you for the motivation and little tour to your biography. :D
I'm not aspire to burn bridges with pixel art because your art is very perfect - it's just strange and foolishly. Master's works should train guts and skills. I see your cool work - i'm analyzed and get advantages and disadvantages. Next i'm analyzed my works and try to make it's perfect as your works. Drawing works like that. 

Anekron @ 1/14/2018 03:49 commented on Ignis and Eric

IT"S JUST PERFECT! Especially style and work with colors! 

Work looks very original and stilyshly. Edging makes avatars(is this avatars?) unforgettable, however, colors makes it too. I'm defeated. 

Anekron @ 1/13/2018 10:05 commented on Elize

Ah, it's wonderful! I fel in love with colors. And I always like this kind of pixel art. :3

Anekron @ 1/8/2018 09:26 commented on Deadguys

Oh. How could I solve problem with queue in the future? 

Anekron @ 1/8/2018 02:09 commented on Deadguys

Thank you. :3

This characters is really interesting, because my players gave them many creative resources. Under my leadership, of course. And i'm proud of it.

I've really fell in love with Fate Core. System is just wonderul pushes players to construct narrative with GM. For me it's the really important part of game. You may see what cool characters Fate helped create. And I will draw more arts for them, for sure.

Oh, I almost forgot. Fate is such DRAMATIC. Solve complex and difficult problems for different sides - it's quite interesting. 

Anekron @ 11/7/2017 06:23 commented on Curvy Teacher

It's just wonderful work with shapes!

Anekron @ 11/6/2017 07:41 commented on Calamari

Oh, it's very good animation, dude.

Anekron @ 11/2/2017 03:27 commented on Kirishima & Nekota

I really like texture of clothes in this work - it's just wonderful! 
It is combination of characters from BNHA or just your OC with similiar quirk? 

Anekron @ 11/2/2017 03:13 commented on Ritter

Oh, It's just perfect! My heart is broken by this solemn atmosphere and red colors. *O*

Anekron @ 10/24/2017 14:56 commented on I dunno LOL

@Macaroni and Cheese
Thanks! At first I'm more like second version, without outlines. But I see my work now and version with outlines looks more properly, to be honest. 

Anekron @ 10/24/2017 14:40 commented on Secret Santa 2011: threesided

Whoa. It's great design concept and I like this color work. I love when a bright color(green, in this piece) stands out from the overall picture. 

Anekron @ 10/24/2017 14:34 commented on I dunno LOL

Thanks for your critique. I will try your advices in experiments with colors in next works. :3

Anekron @ 9/22/2017 06:30 commented on Dragon Girl

Замечательная! :3
Арабские элементы одежды очень колоритно смотрятся. Это для какой-то игры?

Anekron @ 9/19/2017 06:20 commented on Lich King Avatar

Прекрасная работа. Я очень слиьно люблю Артаса, - а здесь он представлен ещё и в очень качественном пиксель-арте. :3
Жаль, нельзя поставить на аватарку.

Anekron @ 9/12/2017 04:56 commented on isolation

Oooh, it"s wonderful! I really love all sorts of brightly colors: whether it's be neon lights or contrast on the dark picture. You used it very competently in this piece. Because other colors, including blue, are faded? Or you have other secret? 

Anekron @ 9/16/2015 14:03 commented on Homestuck Troll

Thank you. :B
I'm really a novice. This is my first serious work in it the first time I used the anti-aliasing. I would be very grateful if you would help me deal with this, because I feel like I did something wrong with colors.
The shading of this type I used because I did not have enough experience to come up with something of their own.