Fool @ 1/13/2019 20:09 commented on Borovick revisited

It needs a massive cleaning.. I guess waitng for the  washing an elefant mood .=)

Fool @ 7/9/2018 16:05 commented on Background

Thanks for opinion and kind words, i appreciate it=)

Sky issues and not detailed areas are mostly covered with foreground. I know it makes me a guy who are not paining the wall behind the wardrobe.=) But since foreground  is not there it is true.

Fool @ 3/7/2018 07:40 commented on Big Bird

Thank you.=)

It is not really mine  birthday in DA profile, just a default date. I stopped counting.=)

Fool @ 5/20/2016 09:16 commented on Big Bird

Guys, really...=)  I'm not hiding or avoiding or any other weird words....Just do  what my mind is cooking at the moment, nothing really to talk about. Twitter acc is just what is new on my kitchen. Sorry if I 'm not meeting someone's expectations but that is the only thing I'm really good at.=)  Besides I post pieces on twitter which either unfinished or never will be.

Zizka, you can safely unfollow me before I start posting my cats photos,=) All pixels will end up here anyway,

Peace to you, jointers=)

Fool @ 3/9/2016 08:09 commented on 32

Thats a common thing with words - they make one feels knowledgable, performing "'sacred' geometry" excluding everything they can't explain or identify. 

Visual art or music as a language address the feeling directly. Perhaps It is okay to get familiar with all the teachings you mentioned, but words more likely will betray  when one tries to look beyong the border.

The answer to what it means would  depend on what you see. =)

Fool @ 3/8/2016 08:15 commented on Find Waldo

No, i'm not really obsessed with fool...=) It just was relevant to the project back then.

Fool @ 3/8/2016 07:55 commented on Find Waldo

No fools are here. As well as waldos.=)

Fool was a character for one project that gone sour. Images remains.

Can't tell he is my favorite..

Fool @ 3/8/2016 07:45 commented on Find Waldo

Yeah, green is everywhere.

Fool @ 3/8/2016 07:39 commented on Find Waldo

That's a buttsniff. Just his nose came out like duckie's. Here, fixed it a little

Fool @ 3/5/2016 14:07 commented on 32

Just a flow of conscience. I doubt I'll be able to decode it in  words. I guess it is open for interpretation.=)

Fool @ 3/5/2016 10:58 commented on Mockup from the past. vol2

Thank you=)

Fool @ 3/1/2016 09:08 commented on Mockup from the past. vol2

@carrion, It is just a screenshot from same project...

@Mega_19, not too many. I'd say i finished a way less then started.=)

Fool @ 7/21/2015 15:57 commented on In a middle of nowhere

I has nothing to do with a game. They asked for permission to use an image, i said yes and thats about it.=)

Fool @ 2/14/2015 23:58 commented on Shepherd

It is different, thank you=)


Fool @ 2/14/2015 12:19 commented on Shepherd

For some reason people wanted heroic type.=)

Fool @ 2/14/2015 12:18 commented on Shepherd

Sheeps are late drop in just to add a story.=) So happens 10 frames cycle not work well for sheeps - too slow, and 5 - just short on 2 frames to match dude's walk.

Fool @ 2/9/2015 10:15 commented on Undergorund

I have done a lot more for that project and have to quit due to the time shortage realizing I have no chance to finish it.

Story of my life.=)

Fool @ 2/9/2015 10:12 commented on Undergorund


Not all the parts of that mockup was finished at a time, I could do scaling of random patterns to fill up space.

Fool @ 2/7/2015 19:31 commented on Undergorund

Thank you, guys.=)

Man_With_Gun, there are many things might be wrong with it.=) Would you be more specific?

EdJr, it used to be a test for  bg and sprites visual fit, shadow was just a quick addition to relate sprite to bg. I desided not to change it.

ultimaodin, perhaps I bite more then I can chew. Dramatic time shortage affecting  creativity.

SeanNoonan, cube is an animated item and rotating. It just one of the frames.

Fool @ 2/5/2015 09:14 commented on Granite Skull

Thank you, guys, for kind words. =)

Naraxis, mobile is more likely, it is not up to me though.

Skamocore, game is not the title of the year, but I do enjoyed doing it.=)

Skeddles, thank you, very flattering.

Fool @ 10/26/2014 11:48 commented on Dumbo retired

Ian, thanks for  your input, I appreciate it. All of this is good and true.

As for the piece  - it is 3-4 years old and the older it gets (or me?=) the more obvious flaws become. But since project sims to be sunk down I can't see a point to spent time on fixing it. If it comes from the dead one days I'll definitely will take all that into consideration. Thanks again.=)

Fool @ 3/10/2014 06:18 commented on Ah... tree?

That made me wonder. Obviously not natively russian  but way too good for google.=)


Fool @ 3/10/2014 06:02 commented on Ah... tree?

Baianinho, I use GraphicsGale.

(google translate?=)

Fool @ 3/10/2014 06:01 commented on Ah... tree?

CELS, now, that's the tree! =)

BlazingBlyde, what Jal said.

Fool @ 3/9/2014 20:08 commented on Ah... tree?

I'm sorry, I don't remember. It's been like 4 or 5 years ago.