rabidbaboy @ 1/15/2014 07:44 commented on Death Magic

JFC whattt

rabidbaboy @ 1/13/2014 20:22 commented on link

dat bounce tho

rabidbaboy @ 6/12/2011 03:25 commented on That Clumsy Carpenter!

i think it was obvious to everyone that it's Jesus Christ.

great work, really. awesome to zoom into.

rabidbaboy @ 10/5/2010 23:31 commented on western characters

you are my ost favorite spriting person ever geez

make more

rabidbaboy @ 10/5/2010 17:51 commented on You are fucked now

let's see your pikachu go against this pokemon! you really are fucked. :P

rabidbaboy @ 5/3/2010 07:32 commented on Turtle In the Meadow

it doesn't exist. so, what, was it a pixel on green bg? i'm curious.

rabidbaboy @ 5/3/2010 07:21 commented on New Orion

I actually said, "Holy shit, this is awesome" without anyone around. I hope that says enough. If it doesn, I could add more superlatives and exclamation points. Also, faved. :D

rabidbaboy @ 1/1/2010 08:00 commented on Bunny

you gotta be kidding me

i braced myself, but still. i'm amazed.

rabidbaboy @ 11/26/2009 07:25 commented on Oh happy day!

Dude. Wow.

rabidbaboy @ 11/26/2009 07:20 commented on Luneth

I love this. That hair and scarf = <3

rabidbaboy @ 11/26/2009 07:17 commented on axolotl

I love this, oh god. <3

rabidbaboy @ 11/26/2009 07:14 commented on Franken-San

The skeletons are so smoooooth. @_@

skeleton crotch-grab is pretty creepy, though. :D

rabidbaboy @ 9/17/2009 09:28 commented on Elk's 2D Fighting WotLK RPG

I can just imagine this being similar to that Power Rangers Fighting Edition for the SNES. Awesome.

rabidbaboy @ 9/17/2009 09:27 commented on RPG Battle

junkboy, you are my hero.

rabidbaboy @ 9/17/2009 09:22 commented on bANdIMALS

That Gator is rocking that banjo! :D

rabidbaboy @ 9/2/2009 21:26 commented on Unfinished/Non Submitted Work Dump

RPG Samus is my fave. Cybermonkey is pretty cool too. I wish you sprited more. :D

EDIT: The zombie on the lower left is great, too. 6/6

rabidbaboy @ 9/2/2009 21:16 commented on ~My Favs Team Pokèmon

I love how you made Kingdra, but where are his fins?

Relicanth needs more texturing. Good job, the Ariados and Solrock look official.

rabidbaboy @ 9/2/2009 21:11 commented on Blue is the new Green Pt.2

I knew it was yours. There's something about the older one. This looks like a revamp instead of an improvement. A bit cartoonier, but I like it. Heck, I'll fave both.

rabidbaboy @ 7/16/2009 20:29 commented on gRAfXxXXXXxx2

I love the preview.

Holy shit.

rabidbaboy @ 7/9/2009 23:28 commented on ogre

Love it.

But his arms need to swing back more.

rabidbaboy @ 7/9/2009 05:27 commented on rotating skeleton

Very smooth, but one can't help wishing it were better shaded.

5/6 and a fave. ;)

rabidbaboy @ 7/7/2009 09:22 commented on Elfy Michael Jackson style

He dead. Looks a bit too vulgar, but ok. 4/6

rabidbaboy @ 7/7/2009 09:20 commented on My living room for apartment

Nice turnout. Waah, none of my votes got in. :<

Congrats to all.

rabidbaboy @ 7/4/2009 06:35 commented on Calvin

Haha, someone else made one.

I like it. Watterson has magic hands and brains.

rabidbaboy @ 7/4/2009 06:27 commented on Optimus Prime (Movie)

Unfortunately, I feel the same. The one thing that most people agreed about the movie is that they packed way too much detail in the robots. You seem to have unwittingly tranferred the mistake in your piece.

Don't get me wrong; individually, the pieces are fine. But they just don't read as a whole. I suggest you don't be afraid to mess with the detail by hiding them in shadow. Not every single piece has to have a shine or detail. :)