mwambi @ 9/26/2016 00:37 commented on Sleepy

Okay, erm... It looks a little more like eyelids now, but the breast-shaped eyelids weren't probably such a bad idea. Maybe they'll be back soon.

Thank you for pointing that out )

mwambi @ 8/2/2016 09:32 commented on Trippycats


But I think it is the palette that has rocked me.

mwambi @ 8/2/2016 09:28 commented on Trippycats


Fairly certain that I'm not (and she's a much better artist than I am, in my opinion), but I almost asked myself the same question while doing this. I had to imitate her style for a challenge and it surely affected the way I approach pixel art. I'm not so afraid of outlines anymore and  don't use as much dithering as before.

I've been drawing freaky animals with unconventional dentition for a long, long time but I don't deny that I could've been inspired by OCEANSCENTED's work, which I admire.
While I'm at it, I also recently took inspiration from Finlal's dithering, and inspecting the work of a3um helped me overcome my aversion of angular clusters. It's good to be a sponge, sometimes.

mwambi @ 8/2/2016 09:20 commented on Trippycats

Damn! Thanks everyone!

mwambi @ 7/10/2016 18:00 commented on Imp

Thanks, man )

His rectangular shape helped a lot.

Also, thank you for reminding me about that wonderful blessed 10 Kb limit.

mwambi @ 7/10/2016 13:30 commented on SMG mutant 1

Thanks, guys! (it's the first time I make a gun that looks like one - yay)

Yeah, I got carried away with the glitches and should've kept them more subtle. I added them in a rush, blinded by enthusiasm. Glitchmaking is fun.

I've got two more characters like this and I feel like I must glitcherize them too... But I'll use caution if I do )

mwambi @ 6/21/2016 10:56 commented on Elf


Ahem, yes, you're right. I've thought of that at a certain point and then convinced myself that there was absolutely nothing wrong. I'm very good at this...

Much better now, thanks to you.

And thanks a lot for taking the time to help and explain!

mwambi @ 3/10/2016 08:24 commented on Smoking-hot walk cycle


And you're absolutely right about the viscosity.

mwambi @ 3/7/2016 04:10 commented on Smoking-hot walk cycle

Damn, I expected that... I would've added a background if it wasn't for the challenge, and having just two pixels of transparency for the eyes felt a bit like cheating. I probably could've made the ground transparent, or something.

Well, I'll figure something out and edit it in a week (I don't think  I can do that while the challenge is... active).

mwambi @ 2/26/2016 14:08 commented on Masticaterpillar

Thank you )

And, well, he gotta look rough and tough in order to keep the slugs and aphids away from his plants.

mwambi @ 2/22/2016 15:05 commented on Masticaterpillar

Glad you do!

mwambi @ 2/22/2016 14:50 commented on Enthusiastic skaven

I think you were right about that rim-lighting color. I'm not sure I've really sorted the issue, though, but I think it's better than before.

Thanks for your feedback )

mwambi @ 1/28/2016 23:48 commented on radioactive warlock


I thought of a Warcraft themed old school beat'em all while doing this, and I certainly can see the resemblance (purple hood, same type of beard, and the green magic stuff)

mwambi @ 1/28/2016 23:45 commented on radioactive warlock

@waynaul, @andylittle

Thank you!

mwambi @ 1/26/2016 12:10 commented on Mad Doc

He'd make a pretty good Fred Edison (from day of the tentacle)

And I particulary like what's happening in the bottom of his forehead. It really gives the feeling that the worst (or the best!) is under his eyepatch, and the area below it just confirms this. That makes him even more interesting.

Well done!

mwambi @ 1/22/2016 05:05 commented on RPG character walking animation

The arms and legs should move in opposite direction (when left leg is on the front, left arm is on the back). Walking like that is really bad for the skeleton!

Also, that green background should be removed!

mwambi @ 1/21/2016 13:22 commented on toxic city stage 3


Making it look less like a cardboard cutout is definitely on my to-do list.

I was at first a little bit doubtful about your suggestion but after a few tests, I can say that it looks surprisingly good! I think it's gonna be a nice addition.

mwambi @ 1/18/2016 14:19 commented on toxic city stage 3

@Squ4re idi0t

Yes, not really by choice and I probably should look for other options if I plan to pursue animation. I can't really suggest anything, but GraphicsGale seemed interesting, with a lot of keybord shortcuts and functionalities.

mwambi @ 1/18/2016 14:04 commented on toxic city stage 3

@Mrmo Tarius

Nothing is missing, actually. The rat character comes back on the screen sooner and there's also a little jump, so it doesn't perfectly loop. I intend to solve that, and give some more frames to that water monster dude, too )

mwambi @ 1/18/2016 13:58 commented on toxic city stage 3

Thanks, everyone!

mwambi @ 1/15/2016 02:01 commented on the return of the mushroom enthusiasts

Thank you!

I very much enjoyed reading your analysis, and you made many interesting and relevant observations. I've already lightened most of the darker shades and it worked just right.

Also, I don't know what the smoke-like patterns were supposed to represent, but I'd think more of a simple side-effect of no significance.

mwambi @ 1/9/2016 14:38 commented on the return of the mushroom enthusiasts

It's hard to say... Certainly too much. This must've took me close to 10 hours, I'd say, but I already had a base. I only worked on it sporadically and dont usually do that kind of stuff, so it's even more difficult to give you a good approximation.

mwambi @ 1/9/2016 01:05 commented on the return of the mushroom enthusiasts

Firstly, thanks, that means a lot. I still feel pretty unconfortable with all these colours (I was a black pen fanatic, not so long ago) so it's a little reassuring to hear that.

And I kinda agree with you about the previous version. There's also more mystery in it, something like savagery, too, and it fits the context pretty well.

mwambi @ 1/7/2016 13:58 commented on the return of the mushroom enthusiasts


I think you were right. I've added green everywhere, a lot on the rocks, and I'm quite happy with the result. It acts nicely with the purples and reds, as to be expected. Anyhow, thanks a lot for your input.

(I also changed a lot of things here and there.. couldn't help it)

mwambi @ 12/26/2015 03:13 commented on mushroom enthusiasts

Updated again, still following Opacus's advice. There's less blue in the foreground so the characters stand out a little more. Definitely a big improvement, removing all this excess blue.