Third Eye @ 10/12/2015 01:04 commented on Mandala

It is, and thank you c:

Third Eye @ 10/11/2015 05:46 commented on Pipes texture

Ooh nice ! I'll have to brush up on the scenario of Axiom Verge first. I tend to play trough games absorbing a lot of the general atmosphere, but not really the scenario itself. 

How do you intend to do the music of your game ? Do you have some experience in composing ?

Third Eye @ 10/11/2015 03:36 commented on Pipes texture

Yeah I was amazed to read that it was financially viable. I really loved that game, so hopefully we'll get a sequel / expansion or something else from him. Are you going to develop it alone ? Also, why did you choose C++ over Gamemaker or Unity ? Seems like you're really doing it the hard way !

Third Eye @ 10/11/2015 00:29 commented on Pipes texture

Only the basics, but I didn't mean I would do it on my own. It took Happy 5 years to make Axiom Verge, I would get bored before that. Also, if you take into account that I'm a perfectionnist, it would probably take me 10 years. 

I think I'd need a team of 4 (a programmer, maybe another artist , and a composer) to really nail it. Hopefully I'll feel up to the task in a year or two.

Third Eye @ 10/10/2015 15:07 commented on Pipes texture

As a matter of fact, the game I dream to create is a metroidvania. I have a lot of it figured out, but I want to be a better artist before I attempt it, cuz I want it to be PERFECT !