verfum @ 8/24/2011 16:11 commented on Rider

WIP link fixed :P

verfum @ 8/24/2011 16:10 commented on Valley Two

WIP link fixed :P

verfum @ 5/6/2009 15:36 commented on Sarah Brightman portrait

Another comment has been made (jedzed) about anti-aliassed work looking 'photoshopped', which made me think...
When I started 'pixelling' in the late '80s, systems such as the Amiga and their rich pallette became a boon for artists, allowing 'antialiasing' to give the effect of straighter edges, and other effects. We used it constantly; and for this early period many of us didn't look back, less try to emulate the 'raw' limits of older 8-bit systems' graphics restrictions.
It's interesting as time has moved on we see more-and-more pixelled styles revert to the non-antialiased (aliased?) styles that artists had no choice but to use, but now use in anger - Metal Slug being the obvious example.
Do we think anti-aliassed work today, a technique that could once only be produced meticulously and skillfully by hand, has a lesser credibility now that such a technique (cheat?) is the bread-and-butter of modern art tools - even tools that are meant purely for pixel art?
Just a thought :P

verfum @ 5/16/2007 13:40 commented on GOOD
Well done, I like this one! The palette for the good was particularly challenging I think and you have pulled it off, although I do think the bear in the background looks a little sinister - perhaps a bridge between your good and evil pics :)

verfum @ 5/12/2007 17:15 commented on Valley Two
I'll think about the outline. I wanted to have a clean feel to the piece, which is something I've not been particularly bothered about in the past.

I'm not sure what you mean about the crooked mountain - there is no mountain- unless you mean the big blancmange in the background .

verfum @ 5/12/2007 02:34 commented on Evil Rising
Hi jalonso,
I'd like to keep it as it is and not have it in the weekly challenge - I'm not too bothered.
I was going to do another that met the criteria but haven't got round to doing it in time.
I'll have to read more closely next time.

verfum @ 5/10/2007 19:11 commented on Evil Rising
jalonso. Just read your comment and read the compo rules. I kinda see your point now. It does say that you must use all of the specified colours. I think when I origianally read it I assumed it ment that you had to use the given palette, I guess I'd never seen a *minimum* amount of cols specified before! After my last pixel work I wanted an excuse to use as few colors a possible and doppelganger's compo seemed like the ticket. I don't mind this not being accepted for the compo, as I can see the rules say it has to use all colors, I just wanted to try a piece using a limited palette.

verfum @ 5/10/2007 18:58 commented on Evil Rising

I never thought that in the arena of pixel-art I'd ever be in the situation that I would be criticised for using *too few* colors.

verfum @ 5/10/2007 18:34 commented on Valley Two
I'd like to thank you all for the lovely comments you have left me. I'm now hoping for some gritty crit from Helm .

verfum @ 5/10/2007 18:23 commented on Evil Rising
Hi Adam, what do you mean by cheating with two of the colours - it only has a few colours.

verfum @ 5/10/2007 02:22 commented on Valley Two
Adam - Interesting you liked the tree - I didn't seem to think it fitted too well. I also thought it wasn't drawn that well either. Thanks for your comment :P

verfum @ 5/9/2007 15:15 commented on Is There Something Funny About My Name?
LOL. I immediately thought 'bitmap brothers', then realised it was ilkke (I hope that was a compliment ).
Love this style - wish I could pull it off as well!

Now where did I put that copy of Speedball 2 ....


verfum @ 5/9/2007 13:58 commented on Tower of pain
Great dynamic atmosphere - wish I could hear the sound

verfum @ 5/2/2007 16:58 commented on The Ancient City
Lovely depth.
I'd like to see a shadow on the water before the wall in the mid-ground - as you have done on the right.
Fantastic all the same.

verfum @ 4/29/2007 16:48 commented on ilkke in the woods

Dear Santa,

This year I think I've been fair and nice in my comments on pixeljoint. For my pressie I'd like comments on my gfx to be as nice as umcelinho gave jamon for this piece of fantastic pixel art.


I love this piece - everything about it. It's got to be in my top five on this site. Looking forward to more of your work jamon.

I wasn't joking about umcelinho's post - what a lovely comment.

verfum @ 4/25/2007 14:51 commented on naufrage

I would agree with ilkke that the thumb looks fantastic. I love the depth it has this small. Aside, did you originally plan the character, or was that added later?

verfum @ 4/22/2007 03:07 commented on Rocker Dancing
LOL. Looks like David Baddiel.

verfum @ 4/5/2007 14:31 commented on Rider

Thanks for your great comments . They are really appreciated.

grave: I'd like to do the full piece, with the horse - one day, perhaps.

At the moment I'm working on a new style (for me) - aimed at what I've seen on pixeljoint, and what I see as the modern way for pixel gfx - a cleaner feel rather than wasting pixels to AA. Ironically back in the Amiga days we dreamt of infinite colors & high resolution, we antialiased everything to compensate for low resolution, and would have given our right arm for Photoshop.

I love the fact that today, with all the available hi-tech gfx packages, people are still restricting themselves to 12-bit pallettes, 320x200, and discussing techniques in overcoming restrictions that haven't been a problem for 15 years.

Fantastic .

Long live pixel art.


verfum @ 3/26/2007 05:08 commented on The Forest Glade

Nice GFX!  Love the atmosphere it gives, and the tree colour palette and texture. I'd like to see a character in the foreground - like an up to date Ghouls and Ghosts knight.

verfum @ 3/1/2007 14:30 commented on My Overdone Avatar
Nice style - very Dan Malone

verfum @ 3/1/2007 14:07 commented on Resting Place

This is utterly fantastic! I really love the style and fantastical waterful. It's all good!


verfum @ 3/1/2007 14:02 commented on Columbia

I'd love to know what you mean grave

Apologies for my ignorance

verfum @ 3/1/2007 13:55 commented on Isotiles - rediscovered in a dark corner of my HD

The original Populous was isometric

I fondly remember playing it on my old Amiga

verfum @ 12/5/2006 15:18 commented on Fil

Oooo -  I'm really spamming this list with two identical copies of my comment.Apologies to all. (Damn that enter-button).

verfum @ 12/5/2006 15:16 commented on Fil

I'd just like to apologise to turbo_bnx for my apparent discreditation of this piece in my last comment. I didn't mean it so sound so critical. I think there is a place for nice conversions like this, but unfortunately the pixeljoint community tend to frown on such work.

Strangely, although pixeljoint has a stringent pixel-art criteria, for some reason it does not restrict the number of colours used (so long as you have WIP).

I'd like to know, after all the effort you've expended in producing a 'retro' art version of this original, will you be producing a version that conforms to a particular 'retro' format - e.g. Amiga or C64?