zeid @ 6/6/2015 23:41 commented on Wyvern

Thanks for sharing it around :)

zeid @ 6/7/2009 10:49 commented on Medusa-Roid

flipped with a 1 pixel reposition of one of the tails and a recolour...

It wasn't referenced and the animation is definately definately close. (Frame by frame it is almost exactly the same with a little redrawing)

zeid @ 4/18/2009 05:08 commented on Cat and Mouse

If a giant space doctor zuess'esk space gorrilla jumped out and pointed a gun at me I would have a brown shadow all over the back of my pants...


Very nice work on this one, when I realised it was only 8 colours i was particularly impressed.

zeid @ 3/25/2009 00:39 commented on Pokemanz (Some suggested nudity)

Thanks for the support guys, YAY weekly showcase.

zeid @ 3/19/2009 07:56 commented on Pokemanz (Some suggested nudity)

Ok I get what your saying.  You are indeed right, I don't think I will be changing him though at least not anytime soon.  I'm even tempted to turn it into some kind of calf styre type creature instead.

zeid @ 3/19/2009 07:09 commented on Guigateer

Given the evil toothed vagina I hate to think how it killed a person by accident... 

I think you got pretty close to pokemon style with this though ;)

zeid @ 3/19/2009 01:22 commented on Pokemanz (Some suggested nudity)

That could work. :P

zeid @ 3/18/2009 09:18 commented on Pokemanz (Some suggested nudity)

@Adarias - I'm sorry but now that I have seen the doodle and decided that it's to awesome to let you use it belongs to me... ok maybe we can share it.

They are indeed overrendered for pokemon style.  I was doing it in the style at first, then realized I don't actually like pokemon style all that much and ditched it.  I might make a silly little pokemon'esk rpg prototype (probably less kid oriented) and use this style in it.

Zompaw can only morph back to Gorillord through the use of a shotgun to the head...  OK, I didn't really think that far ahead :P the alternative was if you let Impanzee 'faint' too many times or don't treat him well enough when it evolves it turns into a Zompaw instead of a Godrillord.  Another idea was that its just a normal evolution track, the artsy thing being that; the progression to more upright and more disfigured is a reflection on humanity's own evolution and horrible nature...


@Jim16 - Agreed series is odd.  I can almost still enjoy the game, though they have really started to loose the simplisity that let players get into it in the first place.


@Evilagram - care to elaborate on the gooeyness ;)  It could be to do with the seated pose or the simple shapes... But I'm not 100% sure what you mean

zeid @ 3/18/2009 07:54 commented on Pokemanz (Some suggested nudity)

Oh of course it is ;)

well there are three posibilities;

1. (Kid friendly) It's his tail.

2. (Non-kid friendly) It's his lil' Zompaw.

3. (Friendly to no one) What they say you do upon death applies to zombies.

zeid @ 3/6/2009 08:09 commented on Sport TV Host Avatar
Seperated at birth?

zeid @ 3/1/2009 21:31 commented on Mime and Punishment

I like the mime rope at the end for added awesome.  I don't get the smashing his hand part in those first two frames.

zeid @ 2/20/2009 10:38 commented on Wayforward's "American Dragon" GBA: Jelly man animations
I like it fairly nice and dynamic animation work.  But why do these animations seem like they are on crack!  So fast a  frame rate makes it trcky to understand whats going on at times.  I think if I recall American Dragon it does have a tendancy to do the fast frame rate (probably as the target audience is ADHD youngsters of the confounded new generation, who wont get off my lawn with their skateboards) so I can sort of see why in this case.  But it seems alot of your animations are just that little bit noisy and maybe just a smidge fast for an old timer to keep up with, I feel so overwhelmed. :P That is my critique for your work RAWR.

zeid @ 12/26/2008 02:31 commented on MegaMan on Crack!
make into game!!!! best megaman ever.

zeid @ 12/25/2008 00:52 commented on Opacus theft
Very nice, the roundness in 1 of the cheeks compared to the other is a bit of a problem though... Wonderful work.

zeid @ 12/11/2008 06:57 commented on Toxic Sonic: Dancing zombies!
Sweeeeet, I would say that the bottom middle one needs a little animation correction as right now its final frame with his head moving backwards is very snappy.

zeid @ 12/8/2008 08:52 commented on Casting Shadows: Keep your hands where I can see 'em, pretty boy
mega baddass... so much so his shadow be scared.  I was going to say the smoking barrel was a bit much but then saw the bullet in the shadows hat.

zeid @ 12/8/2008 08:49 commented on RPG Monsters-Pixel Dump (Ammonite)
This is pretty cool. I think the symetry in the piece kills a lot of it though.

zeid @ 12/8/2008 08:48 commented on Bella Base
Yer this has ok colouring but the anatomy needs a lot of work.  Do some anatomy studies because this isn't an easy thing to get good at without lots of work.  I think some of the picel techniques need to be explored more such as AA so you can up your rendering abilities.

zeid @ 12/8/2008 08:43 commented on Enraged zombie running - Mansion of Madness
these are all rather appealing... this one always makes me think zombie on fire.

zeid @ 12/8/2008 08:42 commented on simone shadows dream
very nice, the ice cream is a little tricky to read the dark chocolate ontop of that things shirt though.  Also you seem to have jaggi AA'd around the shadow which looks odd.

zeid @ 12/8/2008 08:39 commented on You won't see me coming
2 colour gold,  I think the low contrast reflex the mood and situation well, but a little bit more readible wouldn't hurt at the same time just don't over do it.

zeid @ 12/8/2008 08:32 commented on unrealized ideas
Yeah these are awesome, nice unified style and very appealing.  I like the design and execution of the starfish, except I'm not sure how it would play out alongside the other "Ghosts", their silhouttes are all similar whereas it is very distinct.  Also I agree pacman wouldn't do these sprites justice :P

zeid @ 12/7/2008 10:48 commented on Just Rocks
Yeah the rocks were intended to be from a 'ruins' level, hence the smoothness and clean lines across some of them.  I'm sure if I made a full scene for them they would seem much more appealing, but alas no time right now...

zeid @ 12/7/2008 10:45 commented on Solar Man's Stage
much better, this megaman is much more original looking as well :D
I would have to of agreed with the comments earlier, the old one looked dangerously similar, but you were dealing with 8-bit and a lot of sprites look similar at those restriction. Even so their are limits, I'm sure you didn't intend to copy it so closely but thats the way it turned out.

zeid @ 12/7/2008 10:35 commented on Throned
I prefer the new hand, the old hand was good for lol's though.  I would say that some more intensity to the subtle colour could be good, not too much obviously.  Also the hand holding the skull needs a bit of reworking, mainly the thumb.  All in all a very good piece.