emlan @ 9/29/2011 02:02 commented on Canine warriors outing

Ooops, I've updated it!

emlan @ 2/20/2010 17:32 commented on Forest items

I really did try to keep everthing in same angle but now when I step back and really look at it I can see where you're comming from...

emlan @ 2/20/2010 17:29 commented on Forest items

Uwah-! Those colors are super endearing, it really needed some blue huh...Thank you, I'm saving this for reference.

emlan @ 2/20/2010 17:14 commented on Forest items

Are you reffering to the grass tile or the four little grassbatches under the rock? If it's the tile, that's what I was given to work on so it's not something I handled myself.

emlan @ 2/20/2010 17:13 commented on Forest items

I won't be making any further additons to these sprites but I'll keep it in mind for future works!

emlan @ 2/20/2010 16:52 commented on Forest items

I added  a shade to the items but since it was to be made semi-transparent to fit on other tiles than just this grass one I can't include it here on PJ.

emlan @ 2/7/2010 04:25 commented on Diodot

More DOUCEHBAG I think you mean, anyway I was channeling the beginning of the Scary Monsters chapters, he looks pretty clueless here and there hoho

emlan @ 12/8/2009 05:42 commented on Big Bird

Ooh! That does sound easy enough...Thanks a lot, I'll see if I can get it working.

emlan @ 12/7/2009 17:19 commented on Big Bird

Haha I'm not a fan of AA at all myself anyway-! But I might have taken on some work that requires me to use it. Thank you, I'd still prolly need an actual tut though, I'm not savvy on PS at all.

emlan @ 12/7/2009 16:55 commented on Big Bird

Yo guys anyone have a tutorial for making AA semi transparent? IE smooth edges working on on both light and dark BG. Is it...even possible...

emlan @ 10/24/2008 07:06 commented on Big Bird
Oooh, looking good looking good! Thanks! You wouldn't happen to know any sidescrolling or SeenFromAbove(w-what is the proper word for this haha) ones too?

emlan @ 10/24/2008 05:31 commented on Big Bird
/butts in
I'm curious about trying on ground/trees/etc tiles and the like meant for games, but I have no idea where to start? Is there some super beginner tutorial on how to layout/go on about it? I skimmed the tut links but there was lots of broken ones and I'm not even sure just what I'm looking for...

emlan @ 4/16/2008 10:54 commented on Dog!Kaiji Moodtheme
I can't take all credit, I based it off of his canon dog design!

emlan @ 4/16/2008 10:52 commented on Dog!Kaiji Moodtheme
Nope! I made the moods for the livejournal moodtheme feature!

emlan @ 3/24/2008 13:31 commented on Big Bird
GraphicsGale got right click too (main reason I use it myself yohoho)
EDIT oh lol I thought you where talking about color pickup!

emlan @ 3/22/2008 06:37 commented on Big Bird
i would fail any pixelart questions no dubt so I think it's a pretty bad idea lmao

emlan @ 2/28/2008 04:00 commented on Avatar
That right! Good job :D

emlan @ 2/26/2008 09:22 commented on Avatar
Nope! It's dotted eyebrows with closed eyes :D

emlan @ 2/25/2008 09:10 commented on Big Bird
Naw unless I'm reading it wrong it seems spriterips and edits can't be posted in the pixel section but  it's still A-OK to upload aslong as you dump it in the fanart section together with everything else (ie fanart-pixelworks made from scratch) and not the pixelart tab.

The person who's in charge of the pixelsection said she had concidered adding a fanart section to the pixelart gallery but apparently it would ~encurage more spriterips~ so she didn't. I shouldn't be surprised though, so many people sees fanart as garbage no matter what.

emlan @ 2/25/2008 07:27 commented on Big Bird
Aw hell no I can't believe DeviantArt has decided that pixeled fanarts can't go into the pixelart section! Nice to know ones hard work has as much artistic merit as spriteedits >:(

emlan @ 2/25/2008 05:20 commented on In Admiration of the Monument
Super fun idea, great execution! Realy nice shading work.

emlan @ 2/7/2008 10:39 commented on Samurai bunny (nudity)
The clothed version looks so boring! I think it makes for an interesting contrast with the soft and airy top compared to the armored bottom, if I actually intended to shove her into a battle I wouldn't have stripped the poor thing ( actually you can just pretend she was just about to hit the showers ;D )

emlan @ 2/6/2008 08:22 commented on Old pixelworks collage
haha yea for displaying purposes this is a disaster! but I mainly did it for myself to have one big file instead tons of small ones spread everywhere, uploaded it here for good measure.

emlan @ 2/6/2008 06:42 commented on Samurai bunny (nudity)
I remeber that sprite of yours too :D I never did another pose for her but I think frostbite made a sprite out of her too, you may be thinking about that one.

emlan @ 2/3/2008 13:06 commented on Partisan Swords
These are adorable <3 I really like how colorful they are, normally swords tend to get a pretty plain look. I can't help but seeing a fleshwound when looking at second left on the bottom row though, ouch!