Quait @ 10/7/2015 16:59 commented on Candle Ghost

Sorry about that. I was looking for the forum where we post works but then I realized that we just post them on the main site. I haven't used this site in a long time. Sorry. :(

Quait @ 2/19/2007 18:07 commented on quait avatar
all my stuff isn't showing up for some reason, i think...

i'm the only one who can see it all. D:

Quait @ 2/11/2007 17:17 commented on Kicking Animation
those pixels are disgustingly good.

i've been pixeling for a while, longer than a year. and after reading this, i feel so... retarded?

i dunno. practice, i suppose, is the key...

Quait @ 2/11/2007 00:33 commented on The Pixelz of Oz
god, this is epic.

MS Paint? no layers?

jeebus. epic, fsking, win.

Quait @ 2/11/2007 00:10 commented on A Hexapus
cleaning up the lineart (1 pixel width) would make it look much better. i'm assuming you intended its eyelids to be on bottom, which is cool. :x

i didn't really notice the mandibles were there infront of all those tentacles... perhaps give your lineart a color? eg: the tentacles would have a dark red outline, the head would have a darker brown outline.

the tentacles do infact look quite slippery, which is good, but there should probally be a definite light source, and it would reflect off of the tentacles in that direction...

the tentacle on the left, coming up like that, almost horizontally, stands out. perhaps toning that bugger down would fix that problem?

something that you could change that isn't wrong... you could perhaps have him floating during the whole sequence, slowly up and down? right now it kinda looks like he's pinned on a wall. XD

is it your first animation? it's not horrible, even if it isn't. keep at it! practice, practice, practice, is what they say when i ask where hollywood is...

er. well. yeah. practice. it's good. :B

Quait @ 2/10/2007 21:54 commented on The Spartan
it's like it's on an eternal bloodlust in the void after death or something.

really, really epic. :DDDD

Quait @ 2/10/2007 20:51 commented on Quadruped Tank
it has that fatty kind of metal slug feel, you really pulled it off. :D

Quait @ 2/10/2007 20:21 commented on Mech Suit
i like how it looks like it's alive, almost...

Quait @ 2/10/2007 20:18 commented on Fish Boy o.o" [revised]
this is disturbing. i like it muchly. expecially the sores on his head. :D

Quait @ 2/10/2007 20:15 commented on Oh, no - yet another bear!
i like his expression!

Quait @ 2/10/2007 20:12 commented on John Lennon, 1967
GAH john lennon is awesomeeee. n __n

good job with the nine colors... maybe with his left shoulder, you could've dithered a little bit, so it's not so blank?

Quait @ 2/10/2007 20:09 commented on Knighttopus
what a crazy awesome idea. :D

Quait @ 2/10/2007 20:08 commented on kameleon
this reminds me of that one N64 game about chameleons. O __O

anyways! i'm diggin' the coloring jobthat you did... i like how you did the hair.

Quait @ 2/10/2007 18:29 commented on Braaaaaains
main thing that's letting this down for me is the line art. if you clean up the lineart, you know, 1 pixel width, i think it'd be much more badass than it already is.

otherwise, awesome, zombies are awesome, you're awesome.