Dazz @ 10/16/2006 12:24 commented on Heart
Hey! WHOA! That's awesome stuff man, I've always wanted my pictures in colour...Thanks! I love it!

Dazz @ 10/5/2006 01:13 commented on Katamari Prince

You should put that it was inspired by the wallpaper.

But very nice adaptation.

Dazz @ 10/3/2006 16:12 commented on Big Bird
But look at it! It ISN'T exactly the same.
But fine, if it'll make you happy, I'll put a reference in the damn description.

Dazz @ 10/3/2006 15:53 commented on Big Bird
...Sprite ripping from a game is totally different, you do realise?

Dazz @ 10/3/2006 15:34 commented on Big Bird
I do understand totally what it does look like, I have to face stolen sprite submissions daily, but really, I'd be contradicting myself if I say "Don't steal" and then going ahead- It'd be bad Karma.
My religion forbids it, and I'm very closly religious...

Dazz @ 10/3/2006 15:27 commented on Big Bird
I know- It looks like I did, but I seriously didn't.
Besides, I've been kicking that thing around for ages- Just ask Ryuria, he's seen my art, and my other crap, and he knows I wouldn't bother tracing something, even so small.
Hell, take it down if you want- I'll delete and we can totally just blow it up- I only uploaded the thing 'cause Ryuria was getting so much fame from it. That's all.

Dazz @ 10/3/2006 15:27 commented on Big Bird
Ok fine, if it'll make you all shut up
I stole it, traced it, whatever.
Just get rid of it then?

Dazz @ 10/3/2006 14:49 commented on Big Bird
As I said in a PM, the Panda lineart isn't traced, in all hoensty- I didn't trace it.
The Lenore, is the character. I stated that it representing a comic style, and I stated how it isn't my character but inspired by Lenore.
You guys have seriously gotta believe me here, I havn't stolen anything ever since I grew pubes- Long ago.

Dazz @ 10/3/2006 12:16 commented on Big Bird
Oooooh! How cool! You used my name in a wicked context!

Dazz @ 10/3/2006 12:01 commented on Black Hole NON-COSTUMED!
Whoa, that guy is freakin' crazy!
Someone actually bought a picture he drew for £2000! How crazy!

Dazz @ 10/3/2006 12:00 commented on Big Bird
That's because everything I've been seeing recently is just oh-so nifty!

Dazz @ 10/3/2006 11:50 commented on Big Bird
Whoa, there's a little chatterbox thing? How fantastic!

Dazz @ 10/3/2006 11:40 commented on Old Game demo animation
I love it! Simple, but awesome.

Dazz @ 10/3/2006 11:39 commented on Rinoa Wee!
Hey, I like it! The eyes are a bit odd, but I like it!

Dazz @ 10/3/2006 04:25 commented on Panda Lineart
No, suprisingly...Odd.
I just remember the pose sort of thing from WWF, but I wanted to make it more cutesy.

Dazz @ 10/3/2006 01:30 commented on point!
I freakin' love it! The finger is a bit small, but it works so well- The moon looks good, and the night sky looks great- This is just damn fine~

Dazz @ 10/3/2006 01:29 commented on Squid
That is just freakin' awesome :P

Dazz @ 10/3/2006 01:27 commented on Panda Lineart
1) Yes, I am Dazz tSR Dazz.
2) I don't mind he got the fame for it, I like that fact. He deserves it.
3) I tried to make it look a little...Worn out from caring?
And thanks for the compliments guys :)

Dazz @ 10/2/2006 09:34 commented on STOP POSTING SHUT UP
Oooooh, you made my little Panda sexy~