chess @ 10/24/2010 07:29 commented on Grey Wish



Youa re not dead

you never existed..



Like it very much of a lot. 

chess @ 10/5/2010 10:54 commented on Contraposte II

Hey Pal!


What is the deeper connetion between you and the c64 colours? .. Just wonder :)


Splendid work !



PS: Soory long time no chat... got serious problems but no im fine

chess @ 9/14/2010 11:24 commented on Fleet

This is so intensly stunning i LOVE IT !



Ao abstract and creative, just what i love! please show us much more of this unique design and never doubt your original idea! 

chess @ 9/1/2010 06:23 commented on Helm 2 3 5 8

was cool to see you in this piece ;)


greetings helm ! 

chess @ 8/5/2010 08:46 commented on Inhaler

i Love you for posting new works!


cool stuff, this is definitly your personal style!

chess @ 7/14/2010 07:52 commented on Monster

great piece of cute art! 

chess @ 6/22/2010 11:53 commented on Big Bird

no i did not really but.. the backgrounds are in simple 3d images. not models but pictures of 3d models. like fake 3d which is actually 2d  

chess @ 6/22/2010 11:51 commented on Big Bird

wow, that is a really cool style! 

chess @ 6/21/2010 12:04 commented on Big Bird

Thank you! I will not. 

chess @ 6/21/2010 11:08 commented on Big Bird

I AM STILL WORKING ON MY SHMUP !  It will take years though =] 

Works in progress :


well i wasn`t able to create something new for a long time... no matter the cause...

chess @ 5/29/2010 13:26 commented on Third Shoot'em Up Mockup! (but this time fo'real!)

i really dig the graphics, nice to see you working on a shmup!!! 

chess @ 5/27/2010 09:36 commented on Minish Cap Style Buildings

this is so fukkin awesome i really love what you did there !

chess @ 5/18/2010 10:59 commented on Robot Gunner sprites dump

7/8 for conceptual work! 

chess @ 3/19/2010 09:09 commented on HUcast - Phantasy Star Online

oh man thatgame.... brings back memories...


I love phantasy star, thanks fo putting up PS related stuff 

chess @ 3/11/2010 12:50 commented on Big Bird

I just started creating music for my Shmup so i am really a beginner.

here is one track(WIP) i started and worked a bit on as far as i had ideas for it... the end is really annoying but i personally think the beginning and mid part aren`t that bad... if you like realy distorted techno or whatever you would call this genre (which i don`t know....)

i just.... got started and created some sort of a WIP O.o

chess @ 12/9/2009 08:15 commented on Bions villians, icons, NES style

excellent artork! hope you finish this game! thuis is for a game isn`t it? 

chess @ 10/11/2009 12:08 commented on Big Bird

background sketch for my shmup :

chess @ 9/26/2009 14:49 commented on Hero 1 - Nornik

are you working further on it? :-O


i hope so really! 

chess @ 8/26/2009 12:02 commented on CZB Logo

great colours!! 

chess @ 8/26/2009 12:00 commented on Earth type #01

thank u! just go to my blog :) 

chess @ 6/21/2009 12:56 commented on Ego game mock_up

PLEASE! finish this game or at least do more mockups!! 

chess @ 6/21/2009 05:55 commented on Just look...

HaHa, amazing!  

chess @ 6/9/2009 04:09 commented on MMX9 Concept mockup

8 points... 

chess @ 6/5/2009 12:03 commented on Some in game screens

good job! 

chess @ 5/31/2009 09:09 commented on Gameboy anniversary / the Shield of WOARN

excellent idea on those trees in the third picture of the first line. :)