irie @ 5/24/2007 13:52 commented on Geisha & birdie
erm well, her legs, her body are oriented to the background, as well as her feet,  maybe i didnt add enough shading to do the perspective :-\

irie @ 5/24/2007 13:47 commented on Geisha & birdie

because I made it and they dont use it anymore (I did the new layout also :)
well, they wanted a flash website, and it was a too bad to scrap it so I reused it ;)

irie @ 5/21/2007 06:23 commented on Kevin Rotation

I think you have an help button somewhere... well, it's like a PDA, just click on the buttons :)

irie @ 5/21/2007 06:22 commented on Kevin Rotation
awww yes sorry, misspelling haha ^___^"

irie @ 5/20/2007 14:58 commented on Geisha & birdie
erm yes sorry, i was too lazy to edit the animation. Copyright removed :p

irie @ 5/20/2007 14:54 commented on Geisha & birdie
haha only yhe 1st page is validated, i havnt got the time to do the others (so no logo on the others) but it will be done soon ;)

irie @ 11/4/2006 09:33 commented on Cutie Pet Collection - Hyena

All the pics have been approved.

irie @ 11/2/2006 11:00 commented on Cutie Pet Collection - FrogInu

aww...sorry the X-Black screen of my Vaio is way too light to notice those stray pixels >_<
Anyway, Iv changed for a dark theme too so it wont happen again :)

And thanks again for helping.

irie @ 11/2/2006 10:41 commented on Cutie Pet Collection - Koala

heh sorry about flooding the gallery with these pets ^_^"
Anyway, the singue was my last pic, I will send more detailled pics from now :-}

... and less cute lol.

irie @ 11/2/2006 04:33 commented on Cutie Pet Collection - Leopard

Hey Woky ^___^ thanks for the comments :)

irie @ 11/1/2006 16:44 commented on Cutie Pet Collection - Hamster

Thanks for your comments ^^!!

I know the pets lack of shadows, but this is due to the style of the Cutie Pet Collection ^_^
I will post more detailled pictures soon (more like my av, for example).

irie @ 11/1/2006 09:57 commented on Cutie Pets Collection - Cat

(sorry for the previous msg) thanks ^_^

If you want to see the making of, go here and click on "Voir l'animation" ^_^

irie @ 11/1/2006 09:56 commented on Cutie Pets Collection - Cat

thanks ^_^

If you wan

irie @ 11/1/2006 04:22 commented on Cutie Pet Collection - Hyena

Definition of oekaki =>
And yes, noref is no reference ^_^

irie @ 11/1/2006 04:17 commented on My Keitai
Yes, the page is in japanese only. I made this small portfolio for my friend, and it is viewable with a phone (keitai in japanese). That's why you have to choose between 2 icons : keitai and computer :)

irie @ 10/31/2006 21:06 commented on Cutie Pet Collection - Hamster

I didnt know that oekaki was related to messy, dirty and fuzzy pictures xD

anyway, thanks for the tip!

irie @ 10/31/2006 20:45 commented on Cutie Pet Collection - Hamster

First, thanks for your comments :)

Sure I know what oekaki means (I speak Japanese!), but maybe you Americans use it differently. By Oekaki, I mean I did it with a oekaki applet (ShiBBS), i.e. an online drawing java applet. It could have been Photoshop, PSP, Paint, etc.
Alright, then lets change it to PaintBBS ;)

Also, sorry I misused the word "reference" [english isnt my motherly tongue], I didnt use any particular picture as reference, but only random photos from google (to know how a Hyena looks like ^_^)

Thanks again for your explanations!! :)

irie @ 10/31/2006 18:39 commented on My Keitai

The yellow outline? See and you will understand ^_^