Bisque @ 6/24/2018 02:44 commented on Melon Party

thank you Dastal :)

Bisque @ 8/26/2016 17:40 commented on Random Tiles

oh wow, those are some pretty slick walls indeed, and thank you! :D

Bisque @ 8/24/2016 00:47 commented on Oh Edo Towns

oh duh lol 

havnt been here in a long time and forgot haha mybad

and thanks!

Bisque @ 8/22/2016 21:49 commented on Oh Edo Towns

ohh nope haha i meant that my versions of the buildings are 2 times bigger than the ones in the game they're based off of ^^

Bisque @ 8/22/2016 20:48 commented on Oh Edo Towns

thank you! but oh, it's not at x2? it is at x1 view haha

Bisque @ 8/22/2016 18:45 commented on Oh Edo Towns

wow apparently this is too big? it's getting cut off on the side..not sure what to do about that :/
full image:

Bisque @ 6/22/2015 22:20 commented on HotSpring CheckIn

@Kasumi: ahh! thank you so much! :D <3 it worked great!

Bisque @ 6/17/2015 15:13 commented on HotSpring CheckIn

@Pixelart_kid: thank you very much ^^ <3

Bisque @ 6/17/2015 14:52 commented on HotSpring CheckIn

@Kasumi: yup its just slightly too big ^^; if you uploaded a smaller file size version for me that looks the same that would be awesome! <3

Bisque @ 6/17/2015 14:50 commented on HotSpring CheckIn

@jalonso: oh goodness hahaha ^^; yeah I just meant it was too big (so many frames). I tried a few times before I realized what the problem was. I just worded it weird haha. <3


Bisque @ 10/20/2011 11:27 commented on Creeper Ghost

@Dont : I'm not sure what that is as I've never played minecraft ^^;.


@Gavralcraw: haha it was made for use on Deviantart's BG which is a greenish grey. The circle beneath creeper is a shadow on the floor beneath him, it just looks weird on PJs BG colours xD;


Bisque @ 10/19/2011 11:15 commented on Creeper Candies

Thank you Alex! :)

and LOL Creeper is just the name of the creature that 'owns' the candies so to speak xD;. They're for a scavenger hunt I'm hosting on DA for halloween :). I guess I'll upload a pic of Creeper as well, haha.

Bisque @ 10/19/2011 10:49 commented on The CIRCUS

Haha my favorite part of this is definitely the giraffe :) Great job! :D

Bisque @ 10/15/2011 12:06 commented on Mockup - Welcome Home

@sclep: you're so right! I didn't even notice that, oops!

@lucas: I've not played that specifically, but the graphics look amazing from what i've seen :D (they lean to my personal tastes anyways haha)

@Sticky: lol! a family member made a similar comment while I was working on this haha

Bisque @ 6/7/2011 10:40 commented on Through the Haze we Create

there we go :) resaved as a png and fixed the 3 spots with extra colours not in my palette that my psd version had. No idea where so many extra colours came from with the gif x_o. That palette tool now says 19 colours though haha

Bisque @ 6/7/2011 10:14 commented on Through the Haze we Create

@yrizoud and Manupix : The head being oversized was indeed intentional, it's just part of my style I guess.  As for the face being androgynous, I'm not sure I see an issue with that as it was also intentional as well. Besides, hyst because most of my gallery is 'cutesy' stuff, doesn't mean I'm not capable of something a bit creepier :)


aaand for some reason i cant unbold any of that :/ lol!

Bisque @ 6/7/2011 10:09 commented on Through the Haze we Create

@ Mathias : ews what the heck? Not sure how it went from 18 to 28 :/ I'll have to check that out

Bisque @ 5/31/2011 13:27 commented on Summery Outfit

I don't think they realize the fact that a Base was used, haha (even though its in your descrip). I really love the hair on this one :)

Bisque @ 4/12/2010 03:37 commented on Fry Bat Squish

I'm glad I was able to inspire you to create something :), however you did a little more here than simply 'base' a work off of something I created. What you've done is basically considered ripping or frankendolling as I havn't given anyone permission to use pieces of my work for their own devices. The hands in your animation frames are simply recoloured from my own with some added pixels for shading between the 'fingers'.

Now because you graciously gave me full credit, I won't ask that the image be removed, as it's truthfully pretty cool to see derivative works, but I hope that you can try to branch out a bit more when something inspires you next time :)

With that said, the little blue guy he's holding is kinda funny xD. Not bad funny, I'm just rather inclined to squish it myself.

Bisque @ 2/14/2010 14:08 commented on Doll - Secret Admirer

that's fine ;) to each their own eh? I just wasnt sure if it was perhaps something technical haha

Bisque @ 2/14/2010 09:51 commented on Doll - Secret Admirer

I hope I'll get to post more this year too! i've missed a lot that others have made so I have a lot of awesome uploads to look back through as well haha

Bisque @ 2/14/2010 09:49 commented on Doll - Secret Admirer

out of place in what way? This character's hat has piercings..therefore i gave it piercings. If you're debating wether something cute should have 'piercings' or not that's personal opinion. If they're out of place due to something technical please do explain :)

Bisque @ 9/4/2009 11:58 commented on Fishing

ahh i love this :), deffinitely very clean. Great job! Plus i just love pixelled trees for some reason haha. I like the simple way you've shaded the trunk. It's looks textured but theres actually not much detail there.

Bisque @ 5/8/2009 06:33 commented on Pixel - Golden Galaxy

it is not meant to be haha. I'm not a retard i can clearly see where i placed it xD There is an avatar that goes infront of the image. The swirl goes behind the head.

Bisque @ 3/17/2009 11:05 commented on Afroclops

oh fuck you hahaha


Now I've lost too