Sir Pimpalot @ 11/19/2007 21:13 commented on Adramalech
6 shades of grey in the armor. =P

Sir Pimpalot @ 11/17/2007 10:05 commented on Icons
@DevonR;'s aren't the best but the OS does look cool. :P  Vista uses 16x16, 32x32, and 48x48...OS X uses anything up to 512x512.  I'm not that good at pixel art though so I can't really make alot of large ones.
@Platinum; The White background isn't in the separate icons.
@Asukicco; Thanks. ;P Yeah, that and I need to make the outside smoother.

Sir Pimpalot @ 11/16/2007 21:19 commented on Adramalech
Well, thanks for admitting you were wrong. 
Sorry I cursed at you man but maybe next time you could like make sure its what you think it is before you say something about it...

Sir Pimpalot @ 11/16/2007 19:31 commented on Adramalech
Fine, I'll go make one with blur and show you what it looks like.

edit:  Here:
Mine uses 6 colours, blur uses alot.  Maybe you don't know what the hell shading is?  Either way if you cant tell the difference you're blind.

Sir Pimpalot @ 11/16/2007 19:23 commented on Adramalech
Its not a damn blur.  I don't use filters in regular digital art, more less pixel art.  Stop and check things out before you make false accusations, buddy.

Sir Pimpalot @ 11/16/2007 18:42 commented on Fat Dragon #2
Awesome. Reminds me of Dragon Warrior. ;p

Sir Pimpalot @ 1/13/2007 08:48 commented on Warrior Robot
Not bad.  It's right arm would look better longer.

Sir Pimpalot @ 1/1/2007 00:37 commented on Soku Mall

Sir Pimpalot @ 12/31/2006 16:25 commented on 2pac
Damn nice!  Looks like he could walk right outta my moniter.

Sir Pimpalot @ 12/31/2006 04:58 commented on Goron
'k...that's done.

Sir Pimpalot @ 12/31/2006 03:35 commented on Golden Mouse
I've been trying to learn how to pixel gold...hard as hell I must say.
So simple and complex at the same time...

Sir Pimpalot @ 12/31/2006 03:32 commented on Goomba's Old
...wack.  But I like it! :)

Sir Pimpalot @ 12/31/2006 02:24 commented on Shoesnail idle animation
Whoa...the color, detail, animation, and everything else is
...not much I can say, really. ;)

Sir Pimpalot @ 11/13/2006 14:19 commented on gril :)
The skin is great!  At first glance it didn't even look like pixel art...and yeah maybe some nipples would look better too.

Sir Pimpalot @ 11/13/2006 14:16 commented on Jamaican Woman
This entire piece is amazing...but the dress is freakin' sweet!