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1up @ 5/16/2015 10:38 commented on u know me, I like to get bizzy on dat coil. no upstarts or ingreats, just fayth and tenacity


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nah part of what i did to shrink it each time was go with an even smaller canvas size lol. it seems like it sorted itself out at least 

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has the limit for showing work on the front page shrunken even lower than 10kb? a piece i uploaded w/ a 9.5 or so kb preview has suddenly stopped displaying on the main page despite being below the limit.

i shrunk it down to 8 and that did absolutely nothing

1up @ 3/26/2015 07:00 commented on Big Bird

it is perfectly reasonable for a 100x100, or even a 64x64 gif to surpass 10kb if there's more than like, 4 frames. in fact the 5 pieces i pointed out are perfect examples of it! They are very small, and still manage to be over 10kb

in fact I think the biggest one is 12kb and like 4 frames total 

allowing bigger files to display isn't 'getting sloppier' at all, it's recognizing that we're not in the early 2000s anymore and basing your rules around dial-up connection is being lazy. sloppy, even

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that's... a really weird limit to put on what the main page displays

1up @ 3/25/2015 18:25 commented on Big Bird

why does it seem like every animation bigger than 2 frames isn't showing up on the main page anymore 

e: there are 5 very small animations in the new work list that *should* be showing up and just Are Not

1up @ 1/5/2015 14:14 commented on 1900x1200. might seem like the resolution to a computer screen . but it just so happens to also be m

i was kinda concerned about that too but she's apparently 10cm shorter than monsoon, who is the next shortest boss. not seeing any of them next to each other really disguises how short some of them actually are 

1up @ 4/7/2014 13:54 commented on WHAT DO WE WANT "Memes" WHEN DO WE WANT IT "Instead of regular science"

mm, a lot of this was rushed due to the deadline i had - i'm definitely gonna go back and probably 'dumb down' the base of the tree a bunch so it fits, fix the bushes up, etc

the cluttered-ness was a result of the deadline too since this was mostly a "here is every asset we have right now" sort of deal

1up @ 4/7/2014 12:16 commented on WHAT DO WE WANT "Memes" WHEN DO WE WANT IT "Instead of regular science"

frogs arent real

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Fair enough. I haven't really been back long enough to do anything other than notice how the community behaves. Hell, I might just be projecting the behavior of other communities onto PJ because of a very vocal minority. I enjoy giving critique, finding faults with others' work helps you improve your own work immensely. My experience with giving and getting(in that I haven't gotten any :V) critique lately has just been very negative is all.

And to whoever mentioned something about "that's the way it's always been, just deal with it" or something along those lines (because I forgot to reply to you!). That sort of behavior may have been common this entire time, but that doesn't make it acceptable. I was just as immature and Lol Just Leave If You Are Mad *flexes all over the place* as some of these people when I was 14 and 15 and just starting out here, but that doesn't make it acceptable behavior. You shouldn't be okay with there being a lack of critique just because people prefer not to give it. Communities don't grow and improve through fostering an attitude of "just deal with it"

1up @ 3/8/2014 10:13 commented on Big Bird

and actually, re: CELS

have you thought about why that might be, like, really :V

people mentioning that they don't get critique as often as they would like (or at all) usually aren't the best advocates for giving critique *because* of the attitude prevalent in art communities like this where Compliments Good!! Advice Is Mean!!! it's very disheartening taking the time to explain what needs to be fixed about someones work, taking the time to make an edit to help them out, and trying to make sure that they understand perfectly why you made some of the changes you did, only to have them lash back with a comment about how "I THINK EVERYONE WILL AGREE THAT YOU DID NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO THAT TO ME, APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW"

you don't ever get to stretch your brain and really try to help people because there's always that attitude in the community where advice just gets laughed off and tossed to the side in favor of "b..but my style..."

both sides are at fault in this but the bigger issue is definitely one with the community as a whole (and I don't mean to single out pixeljoint in this, it's a thing with art communities in general) rather than a problem with individual artists

1up @ 3/8/2014 10:03 commented on Big Bird

Shawn's comment sums up my thoughts perfectly. You can whine and moan all you want that I'm 'not focusing on the positive' or that I'm 'focusing too much on the negative'


compliments are not a positive in this scenario. All I'm getting on my pieces are compliments and idle thoughts about the titles I'm using that have no business being there. Compliments are nice in moderation but please explain to me how "wow!" and "so cool!" are supposed to help me improve in any way, shape or form. How am I supposed to look at the comment "very nice!" and take away any meaningful advice from that?

My original comment was talking about critique, and how the people who post on this site need to be giving critique rather than simply posting about whatever comes to mind in order to up their rank. You are defending that behavior because I'm receiving compliments. You're free to continue trying to explain but I'm not going to bother listening to you, specifically, anymore until you address the problem that I *actually* brought up

1up @ 3/7/2014 22:13 commented on Big Bird

there's a lot that i've been wanting to say for the past few days about why art gallery sites such as pixeljoint are really, genuinely awful when they've been allowed to exist for this long without providing any real means to encourage critique or advice

in fact, pixeljoint specifically encourages the opposite of this through the ranking system. you don't get useful critique that way, you get people trying to rank up as fast as possible so that they can prove who has the biggest Internet Dick. like this. http://i.imgur.com/foRHsZ2.png what is he saying. what is the point of all that.

and how they, through this sort of behavior,  breed this attitude of harshness and gatekeeping for Everyone But The Cool Kids, Like Me, White Man Who Doesn't Understand Or Care How Insulting I Am and how anyone who attempts to change that (or even point it out, really) in any way goes largely unnoticed because by that point the entire community is so far up its own ass that no one really cares

but on the other hand it's 1 am and i'm 3 beers in and i don't think i can come up anything more than "a block feature is a perfectly valid thing to want, don't be a child"

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1first one reminds me of charmander from gundamn style!! woooaaa!!!

1up @ 3/7/2014 21:43 commented on Big Bird

is there a way to block people on here

like im tired of putting up with some stuff and i'd rather not report a group of 14 year olds for being 14 year olds

1up @ 3/7/2014 21:25 commented on At some stage I think I have picked up notepaper from the University of Chicago

congratulations on your ability to read the title where i literally explained where these come from

1up @ 3/2/2014 14:41 commented on Big Bird

well right, i'm not gonna say it's a flawless method because it's not

but even when you *try* to keep the pieces on the front page up as long as possible, you end up with plenty of situations every week where a few pieces get uploaded - and then immediately after that enough are uploaded that the rest are shoved right off the page

1up @ 3/2/2014 14:23 commented on Big Bird

honestly if the queue worked so that every x amount of time, x amount of works that have more upvotes than downvotes went through, rather than the current system of "however many whenever someone logs on who cares" that'd fix most of the issues

1up @ 3/1/2014 07:48 commented on Big Bird
 it's a bunch of "WELL CAN YOU REALLY OWN AN ART STYLE MAN..." and "YOU SHOULD TAKE IT AS A COMPLIMENT" in response to two people saying that this behavior makes them uncomfortable and it needs to stop.

protect new artists, run out the old, etc

e: a very simple concept that no one seems to understand, even though it is the actual basis of all conversation: intent does not matter. it does not matter for one fraction of a second what you meant. if you do mean well and someone does not take it that way, it doesn't mean they need to get thicker skin and deal with it, it means you have done something wrong and need to figure out what

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 honestly, I wasn't either! It looks really weird and out of place when it's static though. even more than it does right now.
It's probably my fault for not thinking through how the legs should move very hard, so I'm settling on "better than the alternative" for now haha

1up @ 9/6/2012 20:28 commented on broom people

 the arms are mechanical or prosthetics or whatever you want to call it, the lines are there for a reason

also, all of your comments on my sprites have this tone like i owe you something. kindly fuck right off

1up @ 9/3/2012 10:07 commented on Third time is the charm

have you considered making a different character in a different pose with different colors

have you considered doing something different in any way shape or form

different style

different anything

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 i'm so proud of you for being able to go through life without hips or joints in your arms. keep on troopin, little guy

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 "what's a poncho" - this guy, 2012