sharprm @ 1/11/2010 01:56 commented on Reach Higher

cute and good but maybe the jaw chin area could be cleaned a little?

sharprm @ 1/11/2010 01:13 commented on Big Bird

yeah I got this error where every previous frame shines through (trying to convert in iaza .gif to transparent using gifs created in both gamemaker and gimp2)

edit: this one works

sharprm @ 1/10/2010 23:19 commented on Big Bird

1. every piece (excluding the board - that is done in photoshop or something similar see has revision AND a white background. The only piece without revision doesn't have a white background.

2. other artists have similar situations. every piece with a white background here has revision needed

I think its reasonable to conclude that they are rejected because the mods think it needs transparent background. though i agree its a bitch doing transparent animations in GIMP.

edit: to find out can just wait for mods to say somthing or post an animation with a white background and see if it gets rejected.

sharprm @ 1/10/2010 23:08 commented on Dragon rider

i still think it could use more fun colors. here is one with a pinker sky as well does that help mathias?

sharprm @ 1/10/2010 18:36 commented on Kazuya Mishima

dont dither fighter sprites please. good pose but the crossed arms needs work.

sharprm @ 1/10/2010 18:34 commented on Emogirl

looks good. maybe we should see a bit of the hidden eye otherwise face not symmetrical.

sharprm @ 1/10/2010 18:30 commented on Big Bird

That last part about Harvey was a joke I was just messing with you all. Unless you think it was a good idea. In that case I am being serious and you can congratulate me on my cleverness.

sharprm @ 1/10/2010 18:28 commented on Big Bird

They had Billy Madison on last night Ha Ha

Principal: Mr. Madison, what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

I think the Giant penguin should have gotten his own movie like 'Harvey' though.

sharprm @ 1/10/2010 18:21 commented on Dragon rider

great as usual :)

more fun color scheme edits:

sharprm @ 1/10/2010 15:39 commented on Big Bird

mario got in so rest probably need transparent bgs (i guess). I don't know about the Chess board.

sharprm @ 1/10/2010 05:45 commented on Big Bird

Should pick a genre before saying favourites sprites imo.

Contra 4 have pretty good side scrolling shooter sprites though not as good as metal slug.

sharprm @ 1/10/2010 01:58 commented on Lady of Decay

for slug maybe point antenna up and move eyes up and have face lit. its hard to read. but great stuff otherwise :)

sharprm @ 1/9/2010 18:33 commented on Dorothy

maybe the witch legs should not be pulverised. Otherwise looks like dorothy chopped off her own feet.

sharprm @ 1/9/2010 03:33 commented on My Green Dragon

nice idea but I think maybe it could work as well if the red thing was a lady bug or something?

sharprm @ 1/8/2010 20:44 commented on Odin

This looks really good (except the backglight of green and purple doesn't look good on my monitor). Also the crows read as planes to me. But really good shapes and character.

sharprm @ 1/8/2010 20:33 commented on Tank lighting

Just to be annoying casting real shadows would follow simple rules too I think just a bunch of similar triangles.Dunno if it takes longer doesn't take too long if you use a program with layers like Graphics Gale..

Yeah I was only talking about the top tank bottom one looks fine.

sharprm @ 1/8/2010 17:42 commented on Big Bird

Being serious here is a link Greenraven -

They've broken down what you are talking about into two categories: part human and humanoid.  I think they did this because a part human (eg. mermaid) doesn't  resemble a human. Also something that resembles a human (werewolf) isn't part human. I dunno about a catch all word.

sharprm @ 1/8/2010 04:52 commented on Palm

looks good though perspective isn't suggested by leave length.

sharprm @ 1/8/2010 04:37 commented on Big Bird

Greenraven, I believe the word you are looking for is 'Furries'. Is this for homework? If so probably your teacher wants you to define each term that you use anyway so it doesn't really matter which word you choose. Also, doesn't quoting give the impression of being fancy rather than choosing the right words and knowing what you are talking about?


Here's an example, let me know if it sounds fancy: "Furries are mythological creatures that include hybrids of humans and animals, such as Mermaids and Centaurs. They are found across many ancient cultures and are prominent in the Greek and Egyptian mythologies. Woodard (2007) attributes these commonalities to the artistic limitations of early craftsman. On the other hand, Immanotrealavich (2003) links Medieval Furry creations, such as the Succubi, to the sexual frustration of celibate monks. Both theories were confirmed, however, by the recent appearance of pooly drawn and dirty pictures of Furries on Deviant art (Kricfalusi 2009). This reemergence has resulted in a paradigm shift of Western social hierarchy, finally giving Star Trek nerds someone to look down on"


Don't give electronic links in the bibliography otherwise the teacher might be bothered checking them.

sharprm @ 1/8/2010 03:23 commented on Painting #1

I don't know much about landscapes but i like it. maybe use lighter color pixels to make parts of the branches appear thinner than one pixel.

sharprm @ 1/8/2010 00:34 commented on Tank lighting

I never learnt the reflected light thing properly (i'm not 100% sure guess doing a 3d render would be best way to see) but i dont see why light would get there (place on tank where turret casts shadow) and not the sides (of the tank and turret). shouldn't it be the same color then.

why would it go darker as you go down. wouldn't it be brighter if the ground was reflecting light onto it?

also the shadow cast by the tank on the ground confuses me a little when i tried drawing lines but i didn't notice it in the beginning so its not a problem. technically shouldn't the line from the top of the antenna to the shadow on the ground have the same angle as the line from the edge of the big gun to the ground?

sharprm @ 1/7/2010 16:32 commented on Give me a K!

looks better. About the shadow, try doing a skewed 'K' for the shadow instead of a realistic shadow.

sharprm @ 1/7/2010 16:30 commented on Vampire Vision (formerly 'formally known as use a ref')

thx dpixel. i recently downloaded andrew loomis books (see my profile for link if anyones interested) and should be able to fix those things after i learn the skull and muscles. About the ear been looking in the mirror with same angle and different to how I expected.

sharprm @ 1/7/2010 04:49 commented on Tank lighting

should the shadow cast by the turret be the darker color not the midtone? nice tank btw

sharprm @ 1/7/2010 04:07 commented on 3/4 portrait of some lady

this looks good i like the highlight on the hair. thing around meck seems off.