vanSchmidt @ 6/30/2007 02:10 commented on Moo Of Doom Stencil
Awsome AA-ing, you should teach me, hehe. Very nice avvy.

vanSchmidt @ 6/30/2007 01:24 commented on Avatar State
Lets kill mikl3 now..

vanSchmidt @ 6/30/2007 01:18 commented on Ronny
Lol. I find it funny

vanSchmidt @ 6/30/2007 01:16 commented on Agent Smith


vanSchmidt @ 6/30/2007 01:11 commented on Big Bird

In my opinion, I think AA is the hardest part of a artpiece, when not considering animation.

Does anyone have some GOOD and USEFULL link, to learn the use of AA?

vanSchmidt @ 3/16/2007 23:48 commented on Avatar of Smile
This is very good, I like it alot.

vanSchmidt @ 3/16/2007 23:47 commented on Rob Brown
*cough* What is it?

vanSchmidt @ 3/15/2007 08:34 commented on Tesla Zeppelins attack!
And, someones got huge talent.

vanSchmidt @ 3/11/2007 12:15 commented on Last Supper

Ah, I see signs of "spray" now I see! Very good

(sorry 4 double post)

vanSchmidt @ 3/11/2007 12:14 commented on Last Supper
Very, very well done. The backround (if you really made it genuine) looks amazing. I love the cartoony/realism way the characters look. a job well done!

vanSchmidt @ 3/11/2007 12:10 commented on wrath of god
Very Chaotic. Go mikle!

vanSchmidt @ 3/11/2007 12:09 commented on Big Bird
The Van is back! I'm ready to add more pictures to my library.

vanSchmidt @ 3/11/2007 12:00 commented on Return of the Rockfish
I'd be looking at this in vain, if I haven't dropped a comment to say.. that this is so so cool! You have talent man, you and your fishy. Keep up the good animation.

vanSchmidt @ 2/6/2007 20:54 commented on Knighttopus
This is cool, but DarkGoo Boss's animation was better. (Maybe because it was small or sommething?)

vanSchmidt @ 2/6/2007 20:50 commented on KITTY EMPIRE
Very interesting concept, its vereh cool.

vanSchmidt @ 2/2/2007 06:22 commented on Plant in a window
I like it tons, although, the reflection of the plant, on the window looks rather more like a Mirror, no offence.

vanSchmidt @ 1/27/2007 00:26 commented on In & Out
I reckon they break through the window Sholz..  Very nice! But whoever made the snowman of the snow, wasn't to creative or well, the snow is melting away

vanSchmidt @ 1/27/2007 00:24 commented on "Barrio Chapellin" final
that pallete is sexy

vanSchmidt @ 1/27/2007 00:23 commented on Festive

Jeez this is so beutifully ugly. Very very exellently done

vanSchmidt @ 1/27/2007 00:20 commented on Rachel Whitear
Woa man, love the "grid" on the clothes looks exell

vanSchmidt @ 1/27/2007 00:18 commented on Stone Face
"Hey dum dum, you gimme gum gum?" very ciik

vanSchmidt @ 1/27/2007 00:15 commented on My Hat
Jeez, you have talent

vanSchmidt @ 1/27/2007 00:14 commented on The Guardian
Oh jeez!!!! [/falls of from chair] Bloody hell! This is most incredible, even though there isn't AA, I struggle with that too, it looks INCREDIBLE! 5/5

vanSchmidt @ 1/27/2007 00:10 commented on She Devil
I don't care bout' the aa.. this is so so cool!  though I don't know where the left leg dissipears to, but this is friggin cool!

vanSchmidt @ 1/27/2007 00:06 commented on moai

lol.. yupp, I love that "hey dum dum, give me some gum gum" "No, you dum dum!" "You have my gum gum?"

ha, anycase.. cool picture, the colours are just a bit too dark for my taste.. 

btw. quotes are from The Night of the Museum