Macky @ 12/16/2006 20:00 commented on Brass
I definitely like the palette you used for her blouse, but I liked the hair (on the top of her head, not the bangs or ponytail) you had been posting in the thread better--this seems oddly uniform, and less well-textured compared to the nicely AAed top. I would possibly suggest an extra color in there to soften things up--as hair is often rather soft. Possibly not continuing the veins in the hair in so far, as well as making the shading around the roots less uniform.

I'm always astounded by how you make dithering and AAing work so well together--for example, on the cuff. It looks very soft. :)

Macky @ 12/15/2006 16:13 commented on Emerson
@ Huggkruka: I'm not surprised, the RP site I play him on is Japanese language, set in a Japanese magic school. Most of the characters are even moreso than Emerson.

(He's the only steamboy though ;p )

@ jalonso: You don't need genitalia if you're a machine XD

...unless you're into that o_0;

Macky @ 12/12/2006 04:58 commented on Self Righteous Suicide
I like the transition of colors across her skin, and the movement of the feathers... though I might suggest a bit more blending on the feathers. She looks very ethereal.

Macky @ 12/10/2006 23:36 commented on Emerson
Androgynous android.

But boy is a lot closer than girl. :)