Torpedoes @ 2/8/2007 18:39 commented on psychanalist
This is so ridiculous. People where I work are talking about it like it's some huge tragedy, like she was some major political figure that was assassinated.

When Sharon was on his death bed, nobody was talking about that shit around the office.. how sad is it that some crazy ho gets twenty times the attention that actual important news events get?

Torpedoes @ 1/27/2007 22:52 commented on Mario
Wamp wamp what it do

Torpedoes @ 1/15/2007 13:00 commented on Big Bird
For the battle, I feel like if people are just allowed to use old pieces, then there's no real point. It'd just be a rehash of stuff we'd seen before. Maybe you could have a theme and a specific size for each battle, give the contestants a week to complete it?

Torpedoes @ 1/15/2007 02:34 commented on Big Bird
I think a pixel battle would be a lot of fun, and it'd motivate people to do some amazing work.

Torpedoes @ 1/14/2007 16:36 commented on Partisan Mockup
The tileset looks great, all of the extra time you put into the buildings really shows.

The two things that seem off at the moment are the swirly dirt tiles (they just seem bizarre, they look like pudding) and the angle of the rifles. As far as the rifles are concerned, I'm guessing that you're not doing 8 directions for all of your attacks - if they're actually supposed to be firing E instead of SE, then they look great, but if that's a SE firing anim then they need some fixin'.

The only other thing that sticks out is the pattern in your cobblestones - they're dark in the middle, light on the sides, and it ends up giving them a really patterned effect when they're laid down next to each other.

All in all, though, this looks great. I can't wait to play a demo of this thing.

Torpedoes @ 1/10/2007 23:41 commented on Big Bird
I think "ended his suffering" is gentler.

Torpedoes @ 1/10/2007 22:22 commented on The Reaper
Buzz - I think that what's made Apple so successful is that they've taken technology that (usually) already exists and made it simpler, cleaner, and better. I owned a shitton of MP3 players before the iPod came out, and I didn't see what all the hype was about until I actually owned one. It didn't really do anything differently, it just thought differently about the things it was doing. Same for OSX, they just took the basics of an operating system and rethought them and came out with something beautiful (that's complete opinion, though, I know people who despise OSX). Sorry if my tone in that last comment was grouchy, I just.. I really hate my phone.

Aleiav - Yeah, I think that the iPhone is aiming for younger people as well as the business class. As a young business-person, the idea of having one of these is amazing. I don't think it'd ever leave my side. Right now I have an iPod, my crap Chocolate phone, a separate GPS unit.. and the idea of having all of those things, plus the functionality of a PDA, in one unit? That's really exciting to me. But I definitely understand why some people wouldn't be down to pay $500-600 for something that they'd only use as a phone.

Torpedoes @ 1/10/2007 16:26 commented on The Reaper
I have a Chocolate. It's a piece of shit - the touchscreen is worthless and I've had to replace it twice because it dies every three months. Listening to MP3s on it is painful - not only do I have to buy separate cards for storage, and transfer MP3s from computer to card to phone, but the interface is ridiculous and clunky and slow. I've wanted a new phone since the day I bought my Chocolate.. if you look up consumer reviews, you'll find that I'm far from being the only one.

From my experiences, I think the Zune is a joke. I've used one, I've tried to install the software on my sister's computer, and I will tell you personally that it's overhyped crap. It might get better with future generations, but it's garbage right now.. the rights management is insane (far worse than Apple's), the software crashed my sister's computer twice when I was installing it, it's unnecessarily large, it's ugly and cheap-looking. And its one saving grace, the idea of sharing songs & playlists, is useless. Not just because nobody else owns a Zune, but because of the restrictions of actually using the sharing system.

Are there PDAs with similar features? Yes, but not all of the features, and they're not much cheaper than the suggested price. The excitement, at least in my eyes, comes from the fact that Apple has managed to give people a really beautiful, elegant, friendly, all-in-one solution to the trouble of having to buy & carry around three or four different devices.

I think the problem is the fact that Apple is calling it the "iPhone," because it automatically makes people think they're paying $500 for a phone. But, like a lot of the reviews have said, the "phone" part of it seems to be the least interesting. It's the ultimate portable device.

Torpedoes @ 1/10/2007 14:45 commented on The Reaper
I've had a couple of MP3 phones, and all of them had such clunky, slow interfaces that I never used them as MP3 players. And of course there are PDA phones, but there aren't any PDA-MP3-camera-GPS-OSX-etcetc phones, let alone any which are as beautifully designed or interfaced.

Also, as far as the Accelerometer technology goes, I can tell you from experience that any phone which uses touch-sensitive technology would benefit greatly from the things that Apple has done with it. Almost every day I have to interrupt a conversation on my phone with "oh, fuck, sorry, just a second" because I hit the touch-sensitive area with my ear and it launches into some other mode. Not to mention the battery life that the feature will save.

The multi-touch technology on the phone is really useful in a lot of ways other than the wow-factor of being able to scale photos and organize shit. Read up some more on the things they're doing with it, it's crazy.

Torpedoes @ 1/10/2007 14:05 commented on The Reaper
Well, the touchscreen technology is pretty revolutionary for a lot of reasons.. especially because it's multi-touch.

The price tag is ridiculous if you think of it as a phone, but if you think of it as a phone AND pda AND camera AND iPod AND gps nav system AND a mini-osx capable of running various widgets, then it makes more sense. To me, at least.

Torpedoes @ 1/6/2007 02:34 commented on Big Bird
Why you so curious, sedgemonkey?

Torpedoes @ 1/5/2007 15:27 commented on Big Bird
My dad could watch while my mom made out with both of your moms.

Torpedoes @ 1/5/2007 14:48 commented on Bronze Penguin Statue
Hahahaha.. amazing.

Well then, sorry for submitting it again. :)

Torpedoes @ 1/5/2007 09:46 commented on Bronze Penguin Statue
Is this what you're talking about?

My studio worked on two giant touchscreen displays for the O'Hare and JFK airports. The client (Accenture, a consulting firm) was still, to this day, the worst client I've ever had.. so the end product was about half as cool as it could've been. Ughgh.. you should've seen early storyboards, that shit was crazy cool when we started working on it.

Funny enough, we also did all of the interface designs for Minority Report (this was slightly before my time). That one got us a lot more work, but most of it was just people asking us to design them stuff "just like Minority Report."

Torpedoes @ 1/3/2007 23:51 commented on Big Bird
Nice find, Sedgemonkey, that's really cool.

Torpedoes @ 1/3/2007 12:20 commented on Black Hole SLAPS!
Their earlier shorts are pretty hilarious, too:

Torpedoes @ 1/2/2007 23:20 commented on Black Hole SLAPS!
Everything good on that show now is done by the Lonely Island guys. Literally.

If you've never seen "The Bu," their parody of "The OC," go check it out on their site or on Youtube. It's amazing.

Akzidenz @ 12/30/2006 01:29 commented on Joined a fad, I joined a fad. Look at me, I joined a fad
I like the fadatar almost as much as I like the Art Brut reference. :)

Akzidenz @ 12/30/2006 01:28 commented on Chrome Penguin Statue
Filax - if you have an intel-based Mac, you can run Windows through Bootcamp or Parallel. Otherwise, no. It doesn't run natively in OSX.

Akzidenz @ 12/28/2006 10:01 commented on Shoesnail idle animation
Crazy. How long did it take you to animate something this big?

Akzidenz @ 12/27/2006 00:03 commented on Kaiji momotaro
Really beautiful work. LIke someone said, it looks CPS3 style. I think she'd be at home in LB2, though. :)

Akzidenz @ 12/21/2006 20:59 commented on Mockup
Skillllls. God damn.

Akzidenz @ 12/18/2006 17:00 commented on Big Bird
I hated high school, 9th and 10th grade were the worst years of my life. Senior year was okay, but I still hated it. College is the thing that I miss. Good god, I miss everything about college life.

Akzidenz @ 12/18/2006 14:28 commented on Big Bird
My graduating class was 30 people. Whole high school, grades 7 through 12, was about 250 people.

Akzidenz @ 12/15/2006 17:48 commented on Big Bird
Who the hell is Jackal? Old troll?