Liman @ 2/2/2012 09:24 commented on Technology Revolution

 Very nice.

Really dig the style. 

Liman @ 6/10/2009 08:27 commented on isometric police station

Very nice choice of colors! Me like!

Liman @ 6/10/2009 08:25 commented on World's Worst Security

Wow, Inq. Yet another excellent pixelart (despite not being finished). You've really gone from being "great" to "awesome".

Kudos for a clever entry as well!

Liman @ 6/2/2009 08:09 commented on Stickman Vs Tomic - HellDriver!

Really cool idea! This is definitely going to win.

Liman @ 5/20/2009 15:28 commented on Big Bird

Look guys... it's a Tie Fighter:      I-o-I  eeeeeeeeeeeeeew

Liman @ 5/20/2009 08:51 commented on rhino

Very nice!

Liman @ 5/20/2009 06:53 commented on Mockup - Animostume

Thanks guys!
Glad the trees are likable. This is definitely not the first version of the tree(s) :P

Liman @ 5/19/2009 18:10 commented on P.O.D

Superb, Inq!

Liman @ 3/9/2009 17:52 commented on Final Fantasy XIII Versus character

Looks good! Nice details especially!
Perhaps add some AA though.

Liman @ 8/12/2008 04:50 commented on K'Kruhk - Star Wars
Sweet! K'Kruhk is one of the cooler Jedi out there and despite getting wounded several times he's basically the only one to survive all the events of the Clone Wars to after the Empire lost. Good job indeed!

Liman @ 4/10/2008 05:10 commented on They finally did it

At the end of Planet of the Apes, Heston's character finds the remains of the statue of liberty, realizing that he is still on earth and says something along the lines "We finally really did it... You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!", referring to that humanity destroyed themselves with war etc.

It's a pretty iconic moment of cinema history.

Liman @ 1/14/2008 09:10 commented on Final Fantasy XII
Funny how Balthier has been in every FFXII-pixel art I've seen so far.
Shame you didn't finish it... it's pretty cool!

Liman @ 1/14/2008 03:46 commented on Buloght-y Skaven Winter Scout

I feel somewhat fooled - well done!

Liman @ 1/5/2008 09:51 commented on Rewound
I'm not sure if it's intentional but the animation makes it looks so cold due to the windy trees. I can almost feel the cold wind blowing and I find myself saying "brrrr..." Love it.

Liman @ 12/6/2007 14:29 commented on "Hospital" Mock Up
Kinda reminds me of your Golden Eye 2D game, but with colors. Still, it's pretty neat!

Liman @ 8/24/2007 07:18 commented on gunner design
I'd love to see this in animation. Design and colors are excellent. Instant fav!

Liman @ 7/21/2007 06:10 commented on Manga Taisen
This is just... awesome!

Liman @ 6/19/2007 06:01 commented on Tantive IV - Boarding Party
funny, I intended to do this very scene for the weekly contest with apartments, but I never got around doing it. Very nice. Vader is a bit dark and the Stormtroopers should have some more detail in my opinion. But the room itself and the reflection is great!

Liman @ 6/2/2007 04:51 commented on Rocket Launcher

They are pretty cool, I like them! A tad bit too many colors as stated below, but that's all!

Liman @ 6/1/2007 03:31 commented on Truth of the rose
The idea is pretty cool and the skull is great. I would have liked some more detail on the larger rocks towards the bottom of the piece. 5/6

Liman @ 5/31/2007 06:42 commented on Ambush!
I could probably vote on this because of the funny description alone. Very interesting piece and nice to see a different style from you. I love how you used the colors. 6/6

Liman @ 5/28/2007 10:50 commented on Big Bird
iHad to do this

Liman @ 5/19/2007 05:47 commented on Sega Master System
Looks really col and brings back some memories. I remember my cousin having this... Small details could have been somewhat better. The wire is bit stiff and control looks a little flat. Other than that, great! 5/6

Liman @ 5/13/2007 08:30 commented on Skipper/StairwaytoEvan Collab Thumbguy
Is it just me or does anyone else think that some here seem to misunderstand what sort of influence the article is about?

Liman @ 5/13/2007 04:17 commented on Mech
I've always had a soft spot for robots/mechs etc. and this piece is no exception!