Chaos Tayoko @ 6/24/2011 17:35 commented on Elk's Deathwing

 Dude.. great work!

Chaos Tayoko @ 8/17/2010 13:36 commented on Storm Weavers - Castle Mockup

Babylonian was my intention :D Sweet!

Chaos Tayoko @ 8/17/2010 13:09 commented on Storm Weavers - Castle Mockup

@Elk: I felt the same way.. just had no idea how to fix it. heh.

@Onek: that's true once you mention it. It must be the last minute shadows I put on there.

Chaos Tayoko @ 4/7/2010 09:16 commented on Avatar System

 Excellent suggestion, especially coming from you Shannon. Thanks.

Chaos Tayoko @ 4/7/2010 09:14 commented on Monster Sprites

 Thanks guys. I'm keeping notes on the suggestions for future reference. 


@oCo: I did not make the animations, just the initial character designs.

Chaos Tayoko @ 4/6/2010 18:11 commented on Monster Sprites

 Teddy bear fierce warrior.

Hahahhah, thanks!

Chaos Tayoko @ 4/6/2010 18:08 commented on Avatar System

I agree. I started using real references later on, and the my stuff got better.

@Fager:  The system Is intended for a character generator [: 

Chaos Tayoko @ 9/3/2009 19:14 commented on I'm soo tired...

 lol! Blue screen of death!

Chaos Tayoko @ 9/1/2009 11:24 commented on Logo

I love how Even -I- can read it.


Kind of.

Chaos Tayoko @ 8/20/2009 11:07 commented on 送给我的最爱


Chaos Tayoko @ 8/8/2009 21:53 commented on Fuzzy

 Thanks all. Next time I'll try a little harder to make somethig worth a medal, or even the weekly showcase.

Chaos Tayoko @ 7/26/2009 18:38 commented on FORGE Gloves

 Thanks a lot  bros.

@D-p: For any other possible information released I suggest you check out Duke's forums. 

Chaos Tayoko @ 7/4/2009 15:32 commented on Ourdoor Tileset

 @Greem Hall: Yeahhh, oops. [:


@Blackbeitdude:  Thanks a lot, very flattering. And yeah i agree the rocks are the weaker points of this whole peice.

Chaos Tayoko @ 5/22/2009 12:12 commented on Plant/Insect

 "The female is a worm-like creature, it has a mouth."

So true. Aside from that, I agree with Froster. 

Chaos Tayoko @ 5/9/2009 04:57 commented on Big dude

 It's for a scifi Pvp TD game.  :)

Chaos Tayoko @ 4/28/2009 23:51 commented on Bushes, brushes & Flowers

 > because they are multicolored the look a bit like christmas light decoratio

How that you Mention it, they do look like x-mas lights! Gross. Haha.  Thanks for the comments. ^_^

Chaos Tayoko @ 4/27/2009 16:15 commented on Jobless and porn

 Oh! Hahaa. I Was thinking he burned his eyes out from the uncensored porn.

Chaos Tayoko @ 4/20/2009 14:33 commented on Efencea animaton

 Took the jelly guys off and fixed the Jerkyness

Chaos Tayoko @ 3/8/2009 08:08 commented on yellow

 Infested terran, woot.

Chaos Tayoko @ 1/7/2009 20:58 commented on Anime Overdose Forest tileset
@X-Death: I'm up for any offers on the bundle, not sure how much is would be worth because of the skill level isn't top tier. @Others: Thanks for the comments.

Chaos Tayoko @ 1/7/2009 11:38 commented on Anime Overdose Forest tileset
Ugh, I keep making the same mistake hahah, fixed, thanks guys.

Chaos Tayoko @ 1/7/2009 03:20 commented on Egyptian Tileset
Ahh, thanks for telling me, FIXED.

Chaos Tayoko @ 12/23/2008 00:38 commented on TWFTG Pixel Comic - Page one
Lmao, All the inside jokes on there are so clever. This really made me remember the old days. ^_^ rofl@Kingy

Chaos Tayoko @ 11/17/2008 08:37 commented on Star Wars Poster Challenge - The Oblongs
Kinda mad you didn't finish this. This kinda followed the rules better than the rest. It would of been the winner easy.

Chaos Tayoko @ 11/17/2008 08:35 commented on Teletubbie Wars
These things are soo creepy.