Hatch @ 8/3/2011 17:51 commented on Big Bird

I'm not saying it makes much sense, I just wanted to make it clear that the search was failing due to a blacklisted word, not due to poor tagging or whatever.

Hatch @ 8/3/2011 17:32 commented on Bush Cowboy

Very cool. Good luck Breton, if you're still working on it.

Hatch @ 8/3/2011 17:26 commented on Big Bird

Just search for "astle". It wil get you nearly the same results that "castle" would. I'm guessing the cast() function in ASP can be used for some type of injection attack or something, so the search disallows the word completely rather than sanitizing the query.

Hatch @ 7/26/2011 10:28 commented on Big Bird

I'm gonna create my own genre, Punkpunk. giant foam rubber liberty spike mohawks, clothes with fake, drawn-on holes, everyone listening to chiptune covers of the sex pistols

Hatch @ 7/24/2011 01:24 commented on Because Simplistic TF2 is Rare

Major fail on PJ member sarcasm detection :(

This is very cool.

Hatch @ 7/22/2011 17:47 commented on Big Bird

also what's the deal with online multiplayer on EVERYTHING and badges and achievements and leaderboards. I just want to play a game by myself without being subjected to your web 5.0 live twitterblogging social network collaboration platform

get off my lawn

Hatch @ 7/22/2011 14:13 commented on >:V

I've never liked the design of this thing, but it's well-pixelled regardless.

Hatch @ 7/22/2011 13:06 commented on Big Bird

I wish I still enjoyed video games. I'm not sure what happened. I get hopelessly bored with most of them after about 20 minutes. Maybe it's because I'm almost 30. jesus...

Hatch @ 7/21/2011 21:56 commented on Um duende qualquer e seu pote d'ouro

Love seeing low-color stuff from you.

Hatch @ 7/17/2011 01:18 commented on Troll


Hatch @ 7/13/2011 21:56 commented on Big Bird

Happy Jujitsu Eel Lounge

Hatch @ 7/13/2011 14:58 commented on Lemon Squid

I'm guessing it's calamari, what with him being a squid and with the lemon and all.

Hatch @ 7/13/2011 13:29 commented on Smaisle

Yes, for pete's sake, I plan on finishing. I just haven't had time. I'm glad you like them.

Hatch @ 7/12/2011 23:48 commented on Smiley 'Dandy' Guy

Love the pants, but the upper body seems very flat. Also, I know it's obviously not supposed to be a realistic head, but it should at least have a neck.

Hatch @ 7/9/2011 11:22 commented on Big Bird

PixelSpecs :: ChallengeChecker

Just so you know, you can always find the links for the specs and challenge checker in my forum signature, and now, my profile.

Hatch @ 7/8/2011 01:14 commented on Pixelation Portrait

This is great. The facial proportions seem a little off, but the expression is wonderful. I might do a spot of antialiasing on the bottom of the lips.

Hatch @ 7/7/2011 22:56 commented on Red Fraction's Archer

I'm glad you mentioned her static pose, because it was the first critique that came to mind :) Quite nicely pixelled otherwise. Maybe you could give her a classic bow-shooting stance, like this guy (or even this girl!)

Hatch @ 7/7/2011 22:53 commented on Big Bird

I think they're interesting when someone does them with their own art, like Frost's bathroom tiles (I think that was Frost; apologies if my memory is failing me). It's pretty dull seeing mario for the millionth time, though, yeah.

Hatch @ 7/7/2011 18:14 commented on Big Bird

There is no ThereIsNoCure.

Hatch @ 7/7/2011 13:32 commented on Big Bird

Ah, that makes sense. I didn't realize you were on a Mac. Resource forks will do that :)

Hatch @ 7/6/2011 19:09 commented on Big Bird


Hatch @ 7/6/2011 18:57 commented on Big Bird

...The way to Lameland

Hatch @ 7/5/2011 17:35 commented on Small Emote Set

These look great. nice job :)

Hatch @ 7/5/2011 16:29 commented on Elf Lady - Covered in Dijon

Gave me a good laugh. Solid pixelling, too--I really like her hair--but you may want to ease up on the pure-white speculars. It makes her skin look a bit plasticky. I also think maybe the lightest of your two shadow tones on her skin is too dark compared to the main skin tone, which enforces the perception of plastickiness.

Glad you decided to post something after lurking for almost a year :) Welcome to the PixelJoint gallery.

Hatch @ 7/5/2011 12:30 commented on Big Bird

Awesome! congrats!