khorin @ 9/7/2020 06:24 commented on Mine

It's lovely!

khorin @ 8/25/2020 06:11 commented on Sunset Vibes

Thanks! :)

khorin @ 8/24/2020 12:28 commented on François

Love the character design and colors!

khorin @ 12/28/2011 13:51 commented on The Imp

All hail Tyrion. Needs whores and a goblet of Arbor wine. ;)

khorin @ 3/5/2011 16:36 commented on Blob

Here's the original.

khorin @ 5/7/2010 14:10 commented on Color Me Softly

Awww I'm working on a portrait of a female but the position is different. Anyway...

This is beautiful! However, the jawline is bothering me. I take it we're looking up at her slightly? If so, based on my reflection, that small bump on her left jaw could be flattened out.

khorin @ 1/4/2010 00:06 commented on Animated Chaser Avatar

 For inspiration, check out the Daily Drop Cap. From the site:

The Daily Drop Cap is an ongoing project by typographer and illustrator Jessica Hische. Each day (or at least each WORK day), a new hand-crafted decorative initial cap will be posted for your enjoyment and for the beautification of blog posts everywhere.

khorin @ 12/30/2009 10:40 commented on Bunny

 Bunny! Warrior bunny even! I love this. I would die to see my Bigwig (RIP) do that. :D

khorin @ 12/16/2009 00:44 commented on Anatar Dromos

 I wasn't thinking Egyptian when I saw this but I kind of see it. What I saw was a tribal princess type because of her tattoo - which is cool btw!

khorin @ 12/2/2009 23:21 commented on cupcake!

 It's too cute to eat! I think I'll just smother it...oh but that'll make a mess for sure! XD

Anyway, lovely colors and ornaments. I'm sure your gf will love this!

khorin @ 12/2/2009 20:26 commented on Bridge to Eden

 What an absolutely magical place!

khorin @ 12/2/2009 20:23 commented on Challenge: Bellydancer

 sharprm - Thanks for the feedback! It's always good to know how art looks like on different monitors.

DawnBringer - You're right about the jaggy arm. I really appreciate your edit - looks great! I'll take a look at this in depth whenever I decide to edit this piece.

Thanks slym & darchangel!

khorin @ 12/1/2009 20:13 commented on Big Bird

 My husband wasn't very excited about turning 25 this past November. Maybe you can pass along some of that enthusiasm, Antifarea. 

Regarding tools, I use Photoshop for pixel art and everything else (photo editing, web designing and other types of digital art).

khorin @ 11/30/2009 10:52 commented on Square shapes

 Very nice! I'd like to see this colored.

khorin @ 11/30/2009 09:25 commented on Challenge: Bellydancer

Petrichor - I did a quick edit. It should look better now. Thanks!

Photocopier - Done! I'm so ungrateful.

blueleds - Exactly what I was going for.

khorin @ 11/24/2009 20:20 commented on hearing secrets

 It's beautiful! I apologize for not giving it much attention in the challenge thread. It's definitely my fav among the submissions!

khorin @ 11/23/2009 09:53 commented on Loud

 That was really quick. Anyway, love those textures!

khorin @ 8/9/2009 22:46 commented on Butterfly

Beautiful scene! I love small pixel art with details.

khorin @ 12/13/2008 13:09 commented on The Pixel Wave
This one definitely has my vote!

khorin @ 11/22/2008 22:16 commented on ballet(animation)
This is great!

Being an aspiring ballet dancer, I'd give her some (red) pointe shoes BUT that might mean more work for you.

khorin @ 11/2/2008 11:14 commented on Self Portrait Profile
I've taken a look at the current submissions and I'm sad to see that NO ONE includes light from a flash of the camera. Come on people! If you're taking photographs AT NIGHT you'll need to use flash or at least night vision or whatever it's called.

khorin @ 9/21/2008 21:28 commented on -Frozen-
The textures are amazing especially the background. It looks so painterly!

khorin @ 9/14/2008 19:43 commented on Black Thing
I'm in love with this because I just got meself a kitty.

khorin @ 9/14/2008 19:40 commented on Trioculi
Love the colors!

khorin @ 7/28/2007 18:49 commented on The Alkonost
Althought you can't see it in it's entirity, the hair is my favorite. Great job and congrats on the level!