Mil @ 1/24/2011 02:25 commented on Cinderella?

Thanks ^^

FlyGuy> yeah, I know Cinderella Tale :D I didn't want to make a "real" Cinderella (that's why I put a ? in my title) but a modern Cinderella, it's just a "clin d'oeil" (ahh I don't know how to say that in english),hmm, just a reference? to the Tale. but you are right the shoe blends too much with the background.

Manupix> Yes, I have to work my palette "skills" :) (De verre, c'est plus magique;))

Mil @ 1/23/2011 08:45 commented on Cinderella?

Thanks :)

I added AA, hope it's better now.

Mil @ 9/22/2010 03:19 commented on Random chibi

Thanks :)

It took me a lot of time to set up this palette, it's quite different than my usual palettes.

Mil @ 9/21/2010 00:55 commented on Mini Pyro

Thanks Stickman ;)

Mil @ 9/12/2010 02:31 commented on Mini Pyro

Thank you :)

Mil @ 9/12/2010 02:06 commented on neckless

Congrats to the winners!

Can't wait to use the palette for the collab :)

Mil @ 1/3/2008 06:51 commented on Happy New Year
Thank you very much ^-^

Mil @ 1/2/2008 06:58 commented on Happy New Year , jointers=)
I love Babayaga tale ^-^
it's a beautiful work :)

Mil @ 1/2/2008 06:55 commented on X-Men Characters - part II
C'est vraiment excellent, les expressions de chacun sont très réussies et on reconnait parfaitement les personnages!  Bravo <3

Excellent work, their expressions are really well done and the characters are perfectly recognizable!

Mil @ 12/10/2007 01:46 commented on Empire Earth fanart
Thanks a lot :)

Mil @ 12/10/2007 01:45 commented on my christmas avatar
Thank you very much :)

Mil @ 12/2/2007 03:22 commented on Pokemon trainer - Sato
Very well done!
I would have put some black pixels on the outline of his left hand fingers, but anyway, it's a good job :) I like his outfit a lot!

Mil @ 12/1/2007 08:56 commented on old design digimon o.o
It's very cute! I like the eyes animation :)

Mil @ 12/1/2007 08:31 commented on Skydoll Fanart Ludovique
Thank you!
ilkke> I will try to modify the mouth animation, thanks for the advice :)

Mil @ 11/21/2007 11:05 commented on Skydoll Fanart Noa
Thank you ^^
It's probably the very big shiny eyes and large mouth that give you this feeling :D

Mil @ 11/21/2007 11:02 commented on Skydoll Fanart Ludovique
Thanks :) The character design is from Barbara Canepa

Metaru> I use the tool included in photoshop element 4, I save for the web, then I select gif with animation, and I put the time for the frames. I should use another software dedicated to animation...

Mil @ 11/20/2007 01:28 commented on The Bright-Eyed One
I love the contrast between the eye, the feathers and the flowers very detailed and the flat black silhouette.
Great work too on the wallpaper ^-^

Mil @ 11/19/2007 11:25 commented on Pickspy Kiriban
It's so cute :) I really love the style!

Mil @ 11/19/2007 11:22 commented on Fantasy self-portrait
Thank you very much all of you ^^

Akaimakai> Dark elves are not sweet at all (except Drizzt but it's a ranger :p )

maintrix>no problem, I'm french you know, so my english is not that good ^^

Gas 13> I didn't have HOMM on my mind when I made my entry, but the fact is that I love these games and my fav factions are Dungeon and Necropolis :D

ZxC>Oh, sorry, it was not intentionnal, I hope that it didn't annoy you. I wanted to make me as a dark elf in Advanced Dungeon and Dragons :)

Mil @ 11/18/2007 07:34 commented on Jiggle
It's so cute ^-^
the animation is very well done :)

Mil @ 11/18/2007 03:17 commented on Fantasy Self-Portrait - Gargoyle
Awsome work :)
I love the way you did the gargoyle skin, it's really good.

Mil @ 11/15/2007 02:36 commented on Goblin me
Great work :) I love the light and the expression, very well done.

Mil @ 11/12/2007 10:23 commented on Kuchakuro
Oh, cute! I love the way you did the fur! Lovely work :)

Mil @ 11/12/2007 05:18 commented on sachin
amazing work no critics, it's really great ^^

Mil @ 11/11/2007 01:52 commented on Eggplant widdat .9
One of my fav', very cool work ^-^