Hapiel @ 10/18/2021 10:51 commented on Navy Seal In Tank

No, that's not normal. At which stage do you get stuck?

Hapiel @ 10/18/2021 00:29 commented on 220811 Remake

Same for this and all the others, please upload the original size pieces! :)

Hapiel @ 10/18/2021 00:25 commented on Miki #1

Heya, it appears this work is downscaled, do you have the original size piece?

Hapiel @ 10/17/2021 13:45 commented on Big Bird

Ohh, you're doing colored stereoscopic? I immediately assumed crosseye. I can imagine colored is a bit more tricky with overlapping areas n such...
I look forward to see what you make, but I don't have fancy glasses :(

Hapiel @ 10/17/2021 10:23 commented on Big Bird
I don't know of any techniques, but I can imagine it wouldn't be too hard if you keep the various depth layers on different editor layers, so that you can move them horizontally for the second version of the image at the last stage? I suppose you don't really need to test it much whilst doing the majority of the drawing...

Hapiel @ 10/14/2021 16:30 commented on Bonezone 3: Bones in Space [Pixelween 2021]

Nice, the series keeps on getting better!

Hapiel @ 10/14/2021 02:41 commented on Attack of the HONK!!

Haha that jazz solo was something. Reminded me of this trumpet video, same note even!

Hapiel @ 10/12/2021 06:58 commented on Scarecrow 3 scares in outer space

Haha, nice, love the description too

Hapiel @ 10/12/2021 00:27 commented on One-Eyed-Weird-Guy

Hapiel @ 10/12/2021 00:21 commented on Cloak Sprites

This is a really cool character design! What is it for?

Hapiel @ 10/12/2021 00:20 commented on Sean & Sam

Cool piece, well done!

Hapiel @ 10/11/2021 23:58 commented on Rapture - Bioshock 1

We'd love to see a version without the gradients and glows :)

Hapiel @ 10/11/2021 23:57 commented on Flower

Heya, there are loads of duplicate colors, could you clean that up please? Thank you!

Hapiel @ 10/11/2021 14:46 commented on Navy Seal

Did you manage to hit any checkboxes?

Hapiel @ 10/11/2021 14:42 commented on Big Bird

That's annoying!

There must be a bunch of hidden html tags that take up all the 4000 characters.
I usually upload an image to imgur (or pixeljoint), right click the image > copy image, and then paste it in the description editor without issues.
Selecting an image by dragging over it and then copying that might make you accidentally copy some hidden html too, perhaps that's what is going on?

Hapiel @ 10/11/2021 04:15 commented on The Attack of Flora

Your flowers are the best! 

Hapiel @ 10/11/2021 03:09 commented on One-Eyed-Weird-Guy

Yes, many people missed out on a medal, some technical error happened (PJ's system was not designed to cope with 200+ entries) and we're currently working out what's going on, but everyone will receive their medal (but might not be added on this list as it is a lot of manual work)..

Hapiel @ 10/11/2021 02:57 commented on Navy Seal

I think this voting round was even harder for me than the first!

Hapiel @ 10/11/2021 00:24 commented on Attack of the GlassEye

Heya, only the preview image is uploaded. Could you edit this to include the full image (upload under "your artwork") too? I'm approving this now so that it can be in the voting, but please fix it soon! Thanks :)

Hapiel @ 10/11/2021 00:09 commented on Puppy

Votes are closed soon but comments are not, feel free to keep on going

Hapiel @ 10/11/2021 00:03 commented on Another Doggie

Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that. We'll make sure to count it in pixelween judging, but do try to post entry 3 again!
Posting it here as a reminder for us:

Hapiel @ 10/8/2021 02:08 commented on Big Bird

I have it too, could very well be fixeljoint. My solution always is to open the fav button in a new tab (ctrl + click, or middle mouse click), that way it does work.

Hapiel @ 10/7/2021 08:37 commented on Eyes

This is great, I love the directional and patterned dithering!

Hapiel @ 10/7/2021 01:11 commented on Mushrooms
Hiya, welcome to PJ!
Your image has a lot of duplicate or similar colors, could you clean that up please? Thank you!

Hapiel @ 10/7/2021 01:05 commented on The Attack of Jane

I still wonder who Jane is!