Hapiel @ 11/29/2022 09:36 commented on Big Bird
Alright, that was enough for now. 
This conversation can go on in private if you so please, but the chatterbox is hereby closed for the conversation about whether Greenraven is being treated fairly by PJ.
We'll gladly be open and transparent about how we deal with issues like these, but only to the extend where it does not become a nuisance for the community. Had this been a forum thread it would have long been locked for spiralling out of control.
Once again, for complaints about how we deal with any of this, feel free to privately message me or another mod.
Thank you for understanding, and happy chatting about all the fun things!

Hapiel @ 11/28/2022 15:46 commented on More 30XX Backgrounds

Hapiel @ 11/28/2022 13:21 commented on Big Bird
@specialmin64, Of course you're allowed to post about that, sorry that it got ignored because of the other debate going on!
I too like seeing the progress that is being made, it's an exciting time for visual mediums! I wonder what this will all mean to us 10 years from now.

Hapiel @ 11/27/2022 17:17 commented on Big Bird

If you're indeed in need of an explanation, you can message me or any other mod and we can go over it once again.

Hapiel @ 11/27/2022 16:41 commented on Big Bird
Just so you know, subreddit moderators can also remove someone's access to a subreddit, there is even a whole subreddit dedicated to discussing bans.

Hapiel @ 11/24/2022 07:42 commented on Big Bird
I too don't think that a subreddit would be of any use, as it is indeed likely to turn into a free-for-all. With no distinction of who are insiders and outsiders, different usernames and no good avatars, it is not a great platform for community building let alone a place to continue our community!
It will not support collabs well, as there is no image embedding in comments, and posts can be only either images or text, not both....
But alas, it seems like Sedge is looking for a future where he doesn't need to fix bugs from time to time.

Hapiel @ 11/18/2022 15:33 commented on Big Bird

I can't wait until 500 years from now when they try to create video games for the commodore using only the commodore, for educational purposes! It will be great

Hapiel @ 11/15/2022 06:07 commented on Big Bird
I'm so happy the chatterbox still serves it's original purpose: Providing space for the yearly 'what is pixel art really' discussion ;)
It's a confusing and exciting time for art and pixel art, I can't wait to discover what I think is right and wrong 10 years from now!

Hapiel @ 11/9/2022 17:07 commented on Big Bird
@Zizka How should one determine at what level of realism the reference becomes relevant?
@Eishiya I'm inclined to agree, there is room for improvement of the rules there.

Hapiel @ 11/9/2022 06:50 commented on Big Bird
If we had unlimited time and resources we could ask, but then again, we could probably ask this for every single piece submitted. And even then, we'll never be able to know. I'm sure most of us have works in their galleries that don't link to their references, including my profile picture for example.
If you like to know if a piece used a reference, I suggest that you (respectfully) ask the artist themself.

Hapiel @ 11/8/2022 15:53 commented on Big Bird
It's the other way around. Only if we can conclusively determine that it IS traced from a photograph (that the author didn't own) there is a chance that there could be an issue.
For sure I have done a reverse image search on that piece (like I do on many pieces) using fancy tools, which came out blank.
But in this day and age, if you want to make pixel art through a non traditional process you can totally get away with that, there will be no way for us to tell from the end product. And I think that's fine, I personally care about the end product anyway?

Hapiel @ 11/5/2022 13:40 commented on Big Bird

Sorry for the delay, we had a bit of an issue!

Hapiel @ 10/29/2022 16:58 commented on Big Bird

On that list, Ensellitis passed away in 2016...

Hapiel @ 10/21/2022 15:37 commented on Big Bird


Hapiel @ 10/20/2022 08:00 commented on Big Bird

Who's gonna google me when I disappear?

Hapiel @ 10/19/2022 13:27 commented on Big Bird
Haha, do I have to look them all up now?
From the top of my head, without searching, I know at least one on that list that is certainly alive, and one that is certainly dead...

Hapiel @ 10/17/2022 09:57 commented on Big Bird

Mashpotato: Alive
Cocefi: Alive
Jamon: Alive
4tochkin: Alive
ui_: Alive
miascugh: Alive. No recent social media activity, but his art is featured a lot in the past months (including today) on @minecraft instagram
Mil: Alive
Junkboy: Alive

Those were all easy! Plenty of people are still around, they are just elsewhere. Or they have gotten families, jobs, other life events that put their life on the low... But since most still enjoy their art to be seen, they're often not too hard to find!

Hapiel @ 9/30/2022 12:33 commented on Big Bird
Every abandoned website is at a high risk of getting their domain name bought by a domain squatter. It's cheap to own a domain (~10$ per year), so even if only 1 out of 1000 $10k domain names sell within a year you still break even. 
Considering that .com domains are hugely popular and that the available names are getting scarce, it's a good gamble.
Domain prices are likely based upon the amount of traffic that the domain receives currently, the amount of traffic the site has received historically, and the quality of the name. More characters is poorer quality, using popular tech words like 'bug' and 'pixel' is higher quality, for example...
'Imagesdownloader' is a shitty name because of the plural 'images', any user of that site would always prefer 'imagedownloader.com', and the pricing algorithm knows this. Also, imagesdownloader.com never hosted a real website, making its value lower.

Hapiel @ 9/29/2022 11:30 commented on Big Bird

It's only a small fee for a truly dedicated fan!

Hapiel @ 9/15/2022 14:53 commented on Big Bird
yes that confuses me too..

Hapiel @ 9/15/2022 14:52 commented on Big Bird

I did indeed! I'm still new here, what's up?

Hapiel @ 8/31/2022 18:55 commented on Big Bird

Aaaand, it's back online, but of course in its inevitable non-interactive form..

Hapiel @ 8/28/2022 02:35 commented on Big Bird

I sent Dan an email 2 days ago, no reply..

Hapiel @ 8/23/2022 09:39 commented on Big Bird

He is still super active on twitter. I wonder if he is ignoring messages, or if nobody simply contacted him on a channel that he reads? (I only tagged him on discord, but that worked once before...)

Hapiel @ 8/17/2022 07:19 commented on turtle
Hey @QQruzkin, just wanted to point out that it is completely fine to upscale the preview icon, this is in accordance with the rules.
Nice work, looks cute!