tandemar @ 11/22/2017 09:52 commented on characters mockup for mobile mmo

Absolutely mind-blowing.
Amazing character work!

tandemar @ 9/8/2014 12:14 commented on Leisure suit Larry

Hi there,

it was a mobile game done by The Mighty Troglodytes way back in 2008.
it wasn't great.


tandemar @ 1/6/2013 07:35 commented on Secret Santa 2012

Nice one Jan.
You've still got it!!!

tandemar @ 2/27/2011 08:58 commented on walk down

Thank you. They are all very old, this particular piece is possibly 15 years old? Maybe more.

tandemar @ 2/4/2011 03:44 commented on The_Hovel

Genius. It truly is fantastic.

tandemar @ 12/24/2010 04:16 commented on Prototype Run Cycle

Sheer quality.

tandemar @ 12/16/2010 14:06 commented on Fancy Cat


the world needs a fancy and polite cat!

tandemar @ 11/21/2010 13:16 commented on Domino X: Brick

I worked on a title many years ago

I didn't do the dominos...just the character who moves them...but your animation would fit perfectly in such a title...great work


tandemar @ 9/19/2010 12:27 commented on small headed robot

That's me...Mr Cartoon.

Never been a great one for realism...

tandemar @ 9/16/2010 03:06 commented on Commanding Officer

The outlines and its antialiasing could be better, but I like this overall!

tandemar @ 9/14/2010 06:27 commented on SNES Fester

Thanks for the comments guys but unless I go back to 1992 and change the graphics there's not a lot I can do to this particular image. I could change it for PixelJoint but I am posting it as it is, because that's it...a done deal.

A piece of history and part of my pixelling past.

tandemar @ 9/13/2010 07:51 commented on tank thingy

It most certainly could anyone not be influenced by one of the greatest pixel series ever?

tandemar @ 9/12/2010 06:30 commented on NAKED!!

Too late now, the game was released three years ago.

tandemar @ 9/11/2010 00:39 commented on NAKED!!

Larry was never slim and my art director was the BIGGEST Larry fan while I could never understand the attraction of the series.

So if he said this was right then who was I to argue?

tandemar @ 9/9/2010 11:37 commented on The Suit

I worked on so many versions and was asked to do so many changes I am unsure...maybe they copied my work and did a bigger version after I had left the company...I don't know.

I thought I had worked on every version, but the company was in chaos at that time and eventually went who knows what happened?

tandemar @ 9/9/2010 04:53 commented on gattling gun robot

Well spotted Lizard!

All comments are welcome. I never revisit my old pixels to redress any mistakes. What's done is done and it's time to move on.


tandemar @ 9/9/2010 01:26 commented on The Suit

Is there a 240 x 320 version?

Not to my knowledge. The sprites were 17 x 36.


tandemar @ 9/8/2010 14:00 commented on test sprite

Because his name is Johnny Bombhead...

as for his feet? no idea...because I could I suppose.

tandemar @ 9/8/2010 13:58 commented on SNES Fester

I was fortunate enough to be the extra sprite guy on that was a delight from start to finish.

tandemar @ 9/8/2010 03:41 commented on learning through literature's my job. I'm a fulltime pixel-pusher. I've worked for many of the old 8 and 16 bit companies...most are now gone. But once you're on the scene you have a reputation and either you chase work or hopefully people contact you and ask you to do stuff.

Obviously now with polygons and flash etc the pixel scene is pretty quiet (ie. virtually dead) but things could change.

I'm trying to be part of that change so watch this space...and anyone who fancies coming along for the ride, don't hesitate to contact me.

Let's bring pixel games back eh???

tandemar @ 9/8/2010 03:37 commented on forward die anim

Yes this is indeed a used-once anim.

Once you're dead, you're dead.

tandemar @ 9/7/2010 11:59 commented on thing


I see what you mean...the same hand only seen from the front instead of the back...duh! I should have got the reference as my daughter and I spent a very Happy Christmas playing that title. Nice game.

Zombies and Christmas, a great combination.

tandemar @ 9/7/2010 11:56 commented on learning through literature

It was for Settlers on the GBA, can't remember when I worked on it because there's been so many places and projects since.

But yes, I am a professional pixel-pusher. I've been doing this since 1983 and so far to the best of my knowledge there's been over 240 games to date.

With a bit of luck I will reach 300 before I draw my last breath.


tandemar @ 9/7/2010 10:06 commented on me


I like it and it actually looks like me...not as many wrinkles, so maybe that's why I prefer it...

tandemar @ 9/7/2010 09:43 commented on learning through literature

Thanks guys, comments noted..but basically I'm a lazy type and the actual animation was put together with each frame in only once so the coder could grab the whole thing and then just run this animation whenever the player decided to "learn" something in the game.

I may get round to fixing it...but don't hold your breath. I never do graphics for fun...everything here is done for cold hard cash...I'm mercenary that way.

Mainly because it's my job.