slay @ 9/2/2007 01:48 commented on Stars Die
Skurwy87: "why do you always pixelate stuff on that true-colour ground? I ain't saying it's kinda wrong, but-- why not trying something all new?"

"Stars Die" is a FIRST picture here, that is based on true-color illustration, so I really don't understand  your question.

More often the true-color version was based on the pixelled one (like "Sorry I'm The Be(a)st" for example).

morfius "Can you post a wip?"

Yes, I'm planning to show the stages of making my graphics with some descriptions (mamy people asked about it), but I want to preapre something like tutorial - so it needs some  time to finish

slay @ 9/1/2007 01:05 commented on The Night They Returned...
Great piece of art. Nice perspective, good colors, cool atmosphere. One of your best work.

slay @ 6/22/2006 14:35 commented on crime scene
Great job! Greetz to you, demoscene pal :)

slay @ 4/25/2006 01:15 commented on El Pirahna Plant
Great smooth stuff :)

slay @ 2/4/2006 01:58 commented on Moon Machine
Thanks for all your comments.

The B.O.B.: It took me about 3 weeks to create, but it was many years ago
(about 10 or even more). Now I should create the same piece in 3-4 days.

And as I'm not the original creator of it, I'm not sure what is the
source of the blue light, maybe it's a space dust? :] Anyway, the
composition is more interesting with this blue color.

slay @ 1/31/2006 16:18 commented on Zero: Run Animation
Very good and smooth animation! One of the best here at PJ.

slay @ 1/13/2006 15:48 commented on Gimme more Beer, or I will smash your ass
E-Magination: "Promotion HAS colorreducing".

...and so... what?
Oh, yeah, I know!
Promotion HAS colorreducing SO Ricky Martin likes bananas!
Promotion HAS colorreducing SO Sylwester Stallone is your favourite actor!
or maybe..
Promotion HAS colorreducing SO E-Magination is bone head!

slay @ 1/3/2006 11:21 commented on FishDick
Thanks for all your comments. FishDick is of'course 100% hand pixelled on Amiga. And now, let's dance...

big brother (and some others..): when you asked me to create something "more simple and clear" you don't understand many things... and maybe you even don't understand what is the ESSENCE of PIXEL ART. So please understand that pixel art is not only creating poor 8 colors sprites in 50 x 50 size (as u do). It can be something MORE. And it SHOULD be something more (there is an also word 'ART' there, can't you see?), but you have to be more creative... I don't see any clue in creating normal simple things, 'coz I try to put some more in pixels, I try to create a bit "more ART than PIXEL" gfx.

Yep, You can called my own hand dithering & aa: "hand-done imitation of dirty tools", I don't care, but for somebody "open-minded" it can be called 'innovation' for example, or attempt (maybe fruitless, but always attempt) to create something new in old and simple PIXELLED GFX.

E-Magination: I answer you in my Zipper Blues graphics, so there's nothing more to say...

SILVER: it took me about 30-40 hours to create (or even more, I don't remember too well, 'coz it's an old one).

DrunkyDuck, BOB: yes, that's right, the background should be better :] it's still unfinished :]

slay @ 1/1/2006 04:11 commented on Zipper Blues
E-Magination: You are a really  funny lamer... You even don't know the sizes of Amiga screens. 320 x 200 is not a standard resolution, but 320 x 256 (lo-res) is. And Amiga has also a hi-res resolution: 640 x 512... In this one I've pixelled Zipper Blues. I pixelled in on Amiga 1200 which - as you surely don't know - has an AGA graphics chipset (640 x 512, 256 colors).

PIXEL ART is not only creating poor 4 colors sprites in 20 x 20 size. It can be something more, but you have to be more creative
. I  also suggest you to change your nick, "SMALL-Emagination" will fit the best....

slay @ 11/27/2005 11:30 commented on Have you seen the Yellow Sign?
Hmm, not so good and really small imitation od great Cyclone style...

slay @ 6/18/2005 00:43 commented on Afraid Of Light
After some comments like the ones from Blick or Helm I really don't see any clue in submit  any new graphic at PixelJoint...  It's not so cool to read in every graphics that I public here, that it's color reduction or photoshop convertion... Especially if I spend a lot of days in hand pixelling of it. So thank you to all you strange "people of disbelieve"....  Anyway greetings to all, who belive in my stuff.

slay @ 6/8/2005 04:11 commented on fafnir
 Very nice colors and atmosphere. It's sad that the left wing is cut :-) Anyway, good work,

slay @ 6/8/2005 04:08 commented on I'm Back
Thanks for you comments.
@st0ven: about "muscle structure", may-be you are right - it could be done bettter. Anyway I've tried to make this reproduction as close as possible to Les Edwards' orignal. And about DPaint and AA - I don't know is there any special AA tool in DPaint - just because I've never used it :-).

slay @ 5/10/2005 16:06 commented on Clockwork Rian - intro image 2

Good work! Idea, colors, AA and dithering are nice. There are very few interesting pixel graphics here at Pixeljoint in my opinion. This one is! Good work!

slay @ 5/6/2005 09:16 commented on We Are The Robots
It's realy funny what you have written here. Please notice, that Pixel Art  can be something more than poor, plain graphics. You can create your own hand-dithering, and AA as well - as I did here. Have you ever heard about pixel art of computer demoscene? I think that you hadn't.... "We Are The Robots" it's picture pixelled pixel by pixel by hand in 8-bit sofwtare, I hadn't used any filter and 24 bit effect.  It took me about 4 - 5 week to finish.