X-wing @ 12/15/2010 14:09 commented on Tree

Damn, now THAT'S a well-drawn tree. I usually struggle to make one remotely cartoonish, and it always comes out terrible lol.

Great example of what you can do with few colors.

X-wing @ 3/14/2009 09:32 commented on Hail to the King, Baby.

Você tá evoluindo bastante, cara! ^^

Sabe, junto com a animação da serra, dava pra animar certas partes dele (como o braço), pra que não parecesse uma serra ligada na mão de uma estátua. o_o

E de certa forma, o rifle ficou meio... curtinho. XD

X-wing @ 5/18/2008 15:04 commented on Pokémon =P
It's his shadow. It can get out and fly at his side, helping him at battles. The pokémon also gets more agility without his shadow on him... XD

X-wing @ 5/9/2008 08:52 commented on Beast

Mel dels. Impressionante, cara!

Só uma coisa: os blocos do fundo. Estão muito alinhadinhos. Se forem tijolos mesmo, faça-os em uma organização diferente. Por exemplo, assim:

  O O <<-- algo desse tipo.

Exceto isso, ficou praticamente perfeito. Parabéns. ^^

X-wing @ 3/13/2008 15:43 commented on Brainslugotar


Erm, I didn't got it yet. What's a brain slug? o,o

X-wing @ 3/11/2008 13:25 commented on Chainsaw Bunny

Haha, funny. But the left arm (your left) is kinda pillow-shaded. o,o

5/6. ^^

X-wing @ 3/10/2008 13:22 commented on rigs

Hm, quite good. But I can see some flat parts on the piece, where the light reflexes are in the very right. It doesn't look so good. And I think you used too much basic colors, the yellow on their uniforms is strange. o,o'

The waves in the water are strange, too. They're all aligned, make'em more messy, and with darker colors.

That's all. 5/6.

X-wing @ 3/10/2008 13:17 commented on Mario

You could eliminate the space around the piece, and make the nose shorter. But it's pretty good. ^^

X-wing @ 3/10/2008 09:41 commented on Too many Lil' Dudes!!!
Erm, right. Sorry, I'm brazillian. XD

X-wing @ 3/7/2008 14:07 commented on Doom Sword - Revisited
Hm, yea, good idea, PresidentLeever. I'll try it. ^^

X-wing @ 3/7/2008 12:05 commented on Obligatory RPG Mockup

Wow. I wish I could do that... someday, maybe. XD

Well, I noticed that the trees don't have shadows (the wood, not the leaves), it's kinda strange. Also, you could make a better tile transition between the grass and the sides of that tiny brown tile (i don't know the name of that in english... o_o').

Congratulations! \o

X-wing @ 3/7/2008 09:39 commented on Sparkly Brain Stuff

Wow, impressive. O_O

Fav'd! ^^

X-wing @ 3/7/2008 09:37 commented on MACK truck

Yea, you could really reduce the number of colors, it would look practically the same. o.õ

But it's a good work anyway.

X-wing @ 3/7/2008 09:35 commented on Almost a Portrait

It looks finished to me. XD

Congratulations! 6/6! \o\

X-wing @ 3/7/2008 09:32 commented on Mountain Dew

I just didn't liked the upper metallic part, it's too much simple, you could smooth more the transition between the colors and the lines.

But the can's body is perfect. Great!

5/6! \o

X-wing @ 3/7/2008 09:14 commented on 50 cent wee
Too much dark. Try to make all the colors slightly brighter.

X-wing @ 3/6/2008 15:46 commented on Cinematendo: La cité des enfant perdus

Great style. Practically perfect. o_o

6/6! \o

X-wing @ 3/5/2008 18:07 commented on Pokémon Evolving challenge

You followed perfectly the Pokemon Games' style! o_o

Amazing, 6/6! ^^

X-wing @ 3/5/2008 13:01 commented on The House of Dreams
Cool work! My only suggestion is a smooth dithering in the gradients, would give a better sensation.

X-wing @ 3/5/2008 12:57 commented on Totem

Nice. I loved the background & the indian. But you could improve the totem's shading, try making the reflex in the middle-left, it would give a nice cylindrical effect.

normal/light/normal/normal/shadow << Something like that. ^^'

Congratulations! =D

X-wing @ 3/5/2008 12:54 commented on Noir Helm

Wonderful. I just didn't liked the rain. It's just grey lines, doesn't look good.

5/6! ^^

X-wing @ 3/5/2008 07:58 commented on sword - cyclone!
Nice animation, but I didn't liked the blade, it doesn't look like metal. Congratulations anyway!

X-wing @ 2/29/2008 17:44 commented on first portrait

Nice, but you used too much pillow-shading (you've put the light on the center, with excessive colors), and there are some errors in anatomy, like tiny arms, deformed shoulders and a bad angle at the left feet (your left). The torso also doesn't have any shading, it looks flat. =/

But in overall it's good. Congratulations, keep training! ^^

(and, sorry for bad english... o,o)

X-wing @ 2/26/2008 10:22 commented on Troya Horse

Really nice. But the head... doesn't look like a head. o.o'


X-wing @ 2/21/2008 09:28 commented on A Dagger

Try to correct the yellow palette. Begin with a light yellow, create a normal yellow, and make the shadows near the orange. Oh, and the black BG made a bad effect on the blade. =/

That's all. \o