M.E. @ 5/19/2008 09:46 commented on Angel [nudity and gore]
M.E. picks up jaw from floor 6/6 + Fav

M.E. @ 5/18/2008 01:18 commented on The cat, the fish, and the mouse (edited)
I'm so into the odd .. and this receives extra odd-points!
Even with issues, this is a great idea, great title. Loveit!

M.E. @ 5/18/2008 00:59 commented on SelfPortrait
Real Cool Idea!

POST-IT Challenges across the world!
Would love to see other countries / states do the same!

(* Shamelessly invites himself for next year in Holland *)

This could be our take to the sand-castle-mania / ice-sculping-frantic
and even to have ourself be sponsored by Post-IT ?

M.E. @ 5/1/2008 01:15 commented on Project S.Q.U.I.R.E. screen 1
Sprites are good, bushes and stones are good as well.
I second Leel on the leaves. It looks more like grass.
Maybe use the same effects you have done on the bushes?
The treetrunks are a bit straight.
Nice colors and I love to play the game one time

M.E. @ 4/30/2008 01:10 commented on Candy Paint Cans
Did see this one previously and ranked it 6/6. When
voting on the challenge entries I missed
one and checked this out again. Sorry about the ruling.
You would have been my favorite. But like iLKke wrote,
the challenge has prompted you into drawing something.
Which is beautifully done and this is proof that it actually
stuck in my mind. Which is always good for art!

M.E. @ 4/30/2008 01:00 commented on Jungle Path Title Screen
Nice color-usage.
There are a few design issues where things aren't executed
the same way. In the game itself the white outline on the targets
is bothering me a bit. But apart from that I really like the overall atmosphere.
(Maybe hint on the space-bar... I didn't really read the
instructions .. but I don't think many gamers will do that ...)
The ape and crocodile are my favorites!

M.E. @ 4/23/2008 23:56 commented on Commando
Nice and smooth.
On frame 2 and 5 the shoe has a
rectangle on the back. While on the
other frame the shoe is round on the
back. Maybe you should remove one

M.E. @ 4/23/2008 23:44 commented on HxH Damacy - Kuroro
Most parts are jumpy and I'm not certain
what it is that she is supposed to be doing? Kicking the ball? Walking towards
the ball? Dancing?!?
I like the style of this one and the other one you uploaded.

M.E. @ 4/17/2008 01:04 commented on Xavier Running (redux)
Realy smooth, nice!
The one thing that is bothering me is the movement
of the back of the sword. It looks like the iron bal inside
is moving around and the circle loses its arc.
But, it is so much better than your original, which was good anyway! :)

M.E. @ 4/16/2008 11:07 commented on The Man in the Tree
Compliments to you MR21!

M.E. @ 4/11/2008 13:23 commented on Dex experiences gravity!
The bushes are nicely done. Also good is the figure, but it
is kind of strange how he is jumping from a standstill
that distance....

M.E. @ 4/9/2008 23:01 commented on Some tiles/icons
Great Icons. But the fourth is a bit hard to 'read'.

M.E. @ 4/9/2008 22:59 commented on *Bang*
Nice effects. You did well with the front lightning.
Maybe you can make it a little darker at the righthand
side and see if it gains more depth?!?

M.E. @ 4/9/2008 22:56 commented on How do I get down?
Nice! The clouds are better. Maybe
you can have a look at the mountains?
Doens't really match the quality of the rest!

M.E. @ 4/5/2008 10:29 commented on "MIB" Intro
Favorite. The cows to blame!

M.E. @ 4/4/2008 22:24 commented on bald monkey
Good one, but I would loose the teeth!

M.E. @ 4/4/2008 22:22 commented on robutt animations 1
Good work. Especially the uppercut!

M.E. @ 4/4/2008 22:19 commented on Pontiac GTO
Nice color choices!

M.E. @ 4/4/2008 22:18 commented on empty armor
Immediately rated all your animations high, but I have a
´problem´ with the legs. It looks like interfering eachother
when the back leg goes to the back and the front leg
comes forward.
Body movement is awesome!

M.E. @ 4/4/2008 22:13 commented on The Tortoise and the Hare- Tremulant Gallery Study
Hi MR21,
Not saying that I don´t like your Mario work from the past,
but this is so much better that I really want to encourage
you to make your own work!

M.E. @ 3/28/2008 23:58 commented on Medusa's Entanglement
ME likes escpecially the facial exressions on
the snakes. Awesome to get all this into the little canvas.
6/6 and Favd! Tough to beat in the competition!

M.E. @ 1/31/2008 10:52 commented on Dancer
Proportion-wise there are some things you can change.
Eyes are about half way in the head. Since the rest looks
pretty ok, I would make the eyes smaller and lower.
Also move the breast a bit down. There should be about
a head-length below the actual head to get to the
end of the breasts ("about one head" since there are different sized
proportions around :) )
I compliment you on the hands. They are really nicely done!

M.E. @ 1/16/2008 12:50 commented on Rock! Verano Bot!
Dynamic background? Well, you could actually put something
in the front. For example a tree on the left, but you see only
part of the canope with the leaves hanging down.....
Not sure .. maybe you can give it a try?!?

M.E. @ 1/16/2008 00:02 commented on Rock! Verano Bot!
Nice picture with good colorvalues. Composition wise I would lose the
object on the left upper corner. It confuses M.E.

M.E. @ 1/16/2008 commented on Jin stand
Like this a lot, but I have to agree with the others.
I care less for the headsize, which is a valid comment!
But it feels very strange that the scarf is moving fast
and the rest (hair, other clothes) does not move.
When you could change what others have commented
I'm sure that this will raise to awesomeness!