Noveroth @ 10/28/2010 21:57 commented on Mion

Certainly not to my knowledge, and considering I made it, i'd be interested to see these other ones.

Noveroth @ 6/11/2009 22:26 commented on MMX9 Concept mockup

I don't like how X looks...

But other than that... Holy shit this is amazing.

Noveroth @ 5/30/2009 14:50 commented on Rukia.

This scares me.

Noveroth @ 4/26/2009 09:06 commented on All the worlds a stage

Performers and portrayers, Each and other's Audience, Beyond the gilded cage.

Awesome picture.

Noveroth @ 4/15/2009 18:30 commented on The Evolution of Haru

4th step is my favorite.

Not necisarily good, just tellin you what direction to head.

Noveroth @ 3/8/2009 20:56 commented on Boredom Strikes

Could we get a Transparent background, and you don't have to include a double size.

Noveroth @ 3/7/2009 01:04 commented on Big Bird

I don't know what you were smoking to think you wouldn't get arested in Canada for weed...

Noveroth @ 3/3/2009 11:22 commented on Big Bird

Hooray, level 2.

Now to get off my ass and submit more things.

Noveroth @ 2/24/2009 07:24 commented on Blocked Snakes

I just imagined the game snakes in a 3D isometric space

not bad.

Noveroth @ 2/24/2009 07:08 commented on worms

Looks like Lex Luthor.

Noveroth @ 2/19/2009 21:38 commented on Caramelldansen Base
There just isn't enough movement in that.

Anyway, i'll upload a completed one tommorow and remove this when i'm on a more stable connection.

Noveroth @ 2/19/2009 12:26 commented on Caramelldansen Base
Ok yeah, I have a finished one that I did.

And yeah, I'll just link my dA one.

Noveroth @ 2/18/2009 10:58 commented on Caramelldansen Base
I'm fairly sure it's well known enough that People would Know i'm not the original creator.

I made the pixel version yes... And I have no IDEA where i'd find the actual original.

Noveroth @ 2/8/2009 11:44 commented on WoW dragon
Could be Keristrasza...

Nice though

Noveroth @ 3/6/2008 13:20 commented on Big Bird
Somebody here should totally sprite Pikadorf

Noveroth @ 2/23/2008 07:50 commented on In Admiration of the Monument
That.. Is amazing.. and the preview makes it all the more awesome. 5/5

Noveroth @ 2/23/2008 05:02 commented on Pagoda(Dagoba) Modernized
You might want to change your pallet.. it's 24 not 224..

Anyway Pretty awesome, reminds me of Balmora from Morrowind.

Noveroth @ 2/23/2008 04:51 commented on Shield Bash
If this is for a game or something, that would have effects otherwise, This is amazing.

Otherwise.. Add a little dust trail from his foot that moves forward and maybe take a que from FE and some motion blur.. Because right now it looks like he's just changing Stance.

Noveroth @ 2/12/2008 20:24 commented on child pornography
The Face bugs me.. I can't put my finger on it though.

Noveroth @ 2/12/2008 16:05 commented on Freaky AirMan
The Metal effect is nice.. but the pose is weird.. However it seems you were aiming for that.

Noveroth @ 2/12/2008 16:05 commented on Freaky CrashMan
first comment
But seriously.. his head seems too small..

Noveroth @ 2/12/2008 16:04 commented on MM1 Yellow Devil (Monsoon2D's style)
Always hated that boss, but i love your rendition of it.

Noveroth @ 2/12/2008 16:03 commented on Phage icon
I still say you should animate it.

Noveroth @ 2/11/2008 20:47 commented on Arcade Styled Font
hahahahah... Yeah.. i think i fixed it at one point but lost the fix.

Noveroth @ 12/18/2007 19:16 commented on Acoustic
oh man finally a reason to finish the knight for the Good Vs. Evil