Xaiue @ 11/5/2019 09:27 commented on Meetlet

Neat challenge!

Xaiue @ 10/14/2019 08:43 commented on Werebee

Ya like jazz? 

Xaiue @ 9/30/2019 14:36 commented on Bumpy monster

It was a tough choice, picking only 3 entries! Good submissions everyone!

Xaiue @ 7/8/2019 17:13 commented on Iso Tower

Woah! This challange looks really neat!

Xaiue @ 6/29/2019 10:32 commented on Bomberman Powerups

Oh the nostalgia. <3 I loved playing Bomberman with my siblings as a kid. 

Xaiue @ 6/9/2019 21:10 commented on Peace Offering

Thank you Aeveis!

@Gawrone: Haha, just a little bit at a time. :D

Xaiue @ 5/21/2019 11:52 commented on Another Anime AVA

Congrats everyone!   

I'm looking foreward to witnessing the collaboration!

Xaiue @ 5/16/2019 19:27 commented on Susie

Whoa! Interesting style! 

Xaiue @ 4/29/2019 15:14 commented on I'll trade a magic trick for a vase

Thank you for clearing that up, SoloSalsero.

Xaiue @ 4/29/2019 12:18 commented on I'll trade a magic trick for a vase

I feel conflicted over the statements, "Just some simple shades of red would be too easy ... you have to deal with not very pleasing greys, blues and greens." and "There are no restrictions. However, make sure you incorporate that pesky red!"

Are we using the entire palette from the example image? Do we only have to include that one red color in the example image, with any three others? Do the other three colors have to be, by definition, one blue, one green and one grey?

edit: Does it have to be a face we pixel? Like the example image. Or, are we unrestricted in what we pixel?

Xaiue @ 7/8/2017 06:29 commented on turtle

I wonder how many end up voting for the bottle.

Xaiue @ 4/4/2017 17:03 commented on Skill update 2017 vs 2013

I like it. It reminds me of bomberman. 

Xaiue @ 4/3/2017 10:02 commented on Mr. Monk and the Room of Tomato Ketchup

Congrats everyone! looking foreward to the collab

Thank you for the honorable mention!

Xaiue @ 3/26/2017 06:35 commented on Big Bird

I want to know the results of the palette comp. There were many good entries.

Xaiue @ 3/25/2017 07:00 commented on Athos

Solid submissions guys! It'll be tough voting! 

Xaiue @ 3/2/2017 06:19 commented on Dark Color Tiles

Thank you 

Xaiue @ 2/7/2017 16:58 commented on Big Bird

1:manupix?, 2:cyangmou, 3:elk, 4:helm with his hair back, 5:dawnbringer I guess, I don't know... 6:Jinn

Xaiue @ 12/13/2016 11:20 commented on Xenoid

A minimum color count?.. Anyone up to making a piece with 22500 different colors? 

Xaiue @ 10/9/2016 18:23 commented on The Strongest Polearm

lol. I love this! 

Xaiue @ 10/7/2016 20:23 commented on Epic OP Polearm

Thank you everyone!