Mathias @ 9/20/2021 13:39 commented on Old City

wow yes wow yes wow yes wow yes wow yes wow yes 

Mathias @ 9/18/2021 17:39 commented on [Codename: Mystery Babylon] Fort Interior Battle Background

This appears to be halfway finished. Don't you think you should detail the statue platform and the doors so they match the ground and walls?

Mathias @ 9/14/2021 01:51 commented on Project 1 1 1 1


✔  amazing use of the color wheel


✔  deadly paralyzing pigmentation


✔  a veritable cornucopia of chroma


✔  sacreligious hue heresy


Mathias @ 9/10/2021 00:21 commented on The eye of cthulhu

This the game boss from terraria.

This is okay. Thanks.

Mathias @ 8/30/2021 17:59 commented on Big Bird

oi i had a rough time learning Pro Motion at first. Just make sure you understand how transparency works, and DO NOT turn on alpha transparency by accident if you dont want it. These are a couple things that really messed me up at first, before I understood what was going on.
DEFINITELY try out Multi Shade mode, too. 

Mathias @ 8/28/2021 12:02 commented on Random Sprite Dump 8

This is peak pixel power.

Mathias @ 8/27/2021 09:44 commented on Big Bird

@Yogurt hey doofus, I strongly recc Pro Motion for tiles.

An ancient Arachne tutorial for an example 

Pro Motion MIGHT has a lot of features, its not simple software. Powerful tilemapping.

Mathias @ 8/9/2021 23:36 commented on Big Bird

oh pixel art software? All I use anymore for drawing is Pro Motion NG.

Its the Photoshop of pixel art. Totally rad program. If you can get past the Deluxe Paint-esque brush pick-up paradigm. Though the incoming 7.3 update is about to add a more standard Move Tool.

I think Hapiel is right about animation - Aseprite is better for PA animation.

Mathias @ 7/26/2021 03:30 commented on Toy Poodle Portrait

so punchable

Mathias @ 7/20/2021 12:31 commented on Driving in the city


Mathias @ 7/15/2021 06:43 commented on What are we gonna do in Greece

pixel art should be used for stamp designs

Mathias @ 7/8/2021 20:18 commented on .TMP2.tiff.bkup


Mathias @ 7/7/2021 00:49 commented on Big Bird

Mathias @ 7/4/2021 05:27 commented on moonlit

if Frazetta was locked in a room with an Amiga

Mathias @ 7/4/2021 00:59 commented on Combat-Ready CRT-assault-unit

ahaha so cool. that little head bounce and the gun perspective when he turns.
Love the Virtua Fighter low-poly body.

I feel like the gun could be so much more interesting in order to complement the character, like some kind of bulbous shiny toy design instead of realistic proportions. Maybe bright green or orange to contrast the blue.

Mathias @ 7/2/2021 20:45 commented on ghosted


Mathias @ 7/2/2021 20:44 commented on big god

oh dude, so cool

Mathias @ 6/30/2021 17:53 commented on Big Bird

Mathias @ 6/29/2021 08:01 commented on Big Bird

Ok, I never want to see another rejected submission due to lack of manually handled pixel placement.

Mathias @ 6/10/2021 06:55 commented on EGA Self Portrait

Slightly frightening.

Mathias @ 6/4/2021 16:31 commented on Office Dragon

dinosaurs cant use computers

Mathias @ 5/16/2021 19:48 commented on Fran Chan


Mathias @ 5/8/2021 06:26 commented on SuperMario UFO Land - 'MiB Zone' mockup

so awesome

Mathias @ 5/6/2021 10:30 commented on dark mother

I feel like Deceiver's Loop Hero character portraits made us all want to try out that stripey/dithery shading he used. Did he get you too?

Clever scene. big fan of the colors.

Mathias @ 5/6/2021 05:37 commented on fc11