Mathias @ 3/13/2023 08:55 commented on Big Bird

wow awesome, alright!

Mathias @ 3/13/2023 05:17 commented on The Martian Boy


Mathias @ 3/10/2023 22:28 commented on PJ Photo Board Collab

Whoaa the high effort here. You went all out. Awesome one!

Mathias @ 3/9/2023 03:44 commented on Photo Board Collab Self Portrait

whatcha drankin'?

Mathias @ 3/7/2023 18:09 commented on Big Bird

Ok, some smarty pants web dev person come save us.

Lo Spec has a palette analyzer tool.

Mathias @ 3/6/2023 19:07 commented on Abstrakteus

Awesome. I wanna see how you'd handle fx animations for this style.

Mathias @ 3/4/2023 00:08 commented on Breezy

Never change, Mykar.

Mathias @ 3/3/2023 13:22 commented on Big Bird

404 Not Found


uh oh

Mathias @ 2/28/2023 21:27 commented on Forest level mockup

oooohh those trees!

Mathias @ 2/28/2023 21:07 commented on Big Bird

- laughs in Deafheaven -

Mathias @ 2/25/2023 08:55 commented on -Enjoying the view-

curious george, but hot

Mathias @ 2/25/2023 08:53 commented on Big Bird

Only if it's Darkest Days.
dang now I gotta listen to that

Mathias @ 2/24/2023 09:04 commented on Big Bird

runs in and cranks up some sweet Limp Bizkit for y'all at full vol!

Mathias @ 2/20/2023 17:28 commented on BAIACU

is . . . is the fish alive?

Mathias @ 2/19/2023 15:26 commented on Hour Glass


Pixel Domination Intensifies

Mathias @ 2/17/2023 01:24 commented on Up Up And Away (Animation)

The Mallard Mastermind must be stopped at all costs.

Cool background!

Mathias @ 2/14/2023 00:42 commented on Up, Up and Away [warning: flashing lights]

Well, you did not mess around. Crazy effort. Looks great.

Mathias @ 2/9/2023 10:32 commented on oaeen [Amusement] - Pixel Art

Wow what a crazy and interesting project. Looks great in the video.
And you refrained from sneaking in any PETSCII that I can see heHe.

elephan trunk slide

Mathias @ 2/9/2023 02:42 commented on Big Bird

Hapiel, I've adjusted your social credit score down 17 points.

Mathias @ 2/8/2023 21:09 commented on What exactly is the green stuff?

Awesome! Happy to hear that.

Mathias @ 2/6/2023 15:27 commented on Big Bird

* EverQuest 1 level up sound *

From now on, if anyone here is ever considering addressing me directly, please keep in mind I am LEVEL 7 now, and I demand respect.

Mathias @ 2/5/2023 16:20 commented on Four is a LOT!


Mathias @ 2/5/2023 15:12 commented on What exactly is the green stuff?

You did good! Really dig the futuristic sci-fi yet somewhat dingy vibe.
Favorite part is the characters. He's got more canisters in his bag.
And yes, I think a cool narrative comes across here successfully. Would be fun to see more of this world and the characters in it.

Mathias @ 2/5/2023 05:09 commented on Argus Panoptes



Mathias @ 2/3/2023 07:28 commented on RPG Tea Party

Nice one!