AdamPlays @ 4/9/2018 17:01 commented on Tom of Finland


AdamPlays @ 8/8/2012 11:37 commented on Big Bird

 8-bit Olympics

AdamPlays @ 7/9/2012 11:23 commented on Big Bird

AdamPlays @ 6/26/2012 16:11 commented on Oscar

 I bought it, it's fun.  

AdamPlays @ 4/28/2012 10:12 commented on Little Ladybug

 Thanks! I wasn't sure how to create the folded over leaf like in the reference.  Any tips?

AdamPlays @ 4/24/2012 13:19 commented on Mysterio

 I'm gonna enter this one!

AdamPlays @ 3/21/2012 12:55 commented on st0-borg

 You're hot.  ;)

AdamPlays @ 2/13/2012 13:42 commented on Mr. Tuff Guy

 Fabulous and unexpected.

AdamPlays @ 11/12/2010 16:10 commented on Old Forest Background

Looks great, although I can see the line where you tiled it.  (You can tell because the tuft of leaves near the crotch are cut off on the left side, and if you follow down the rocks have a similar problem.)

AdamPlays @ 5/20/2010 12:20 commented on Shawnquistador

I thought it was Shinchan at first. 

AdamPlays @ 5/17/2010 10:42 commented on Fargo

I agree, I think the characters aren't as good as the environment.  Maybe I'll remove the characters and do something else with the background for a new piece.   

AdamPlays @ 5/13/2010 10:32 commented on Arashi Concept Sprite

It says on the help page, "PNG or JPEG for e-mail, JPEG for Photos album, and PNG for Twitpic.

AdamPlays @ 5/12/2010 14:44 commented on Arashi Concept Sprite

just bought it, pretty cool!

AdamPlays @ 5/11/2010 18:06 commented on ive come for your soul

Love it!!!  Glad you're back!

AdamPlays @ 4/12/2010 13:57 commented on Big Bird

Please vote for my Pancake Booty tshirt design!  (You can vote in the left-hand margin)

AdamPlays @ 3/26/2010 11:27 commented on Something greeny

Yay!!! I'm so glad this is finally working!

AdamPlays @ 1/7/2010 15:34 commented on Isometric 64 x 64 Outside Tileset

I like the rocks the best. 

AdamPlays @ 8/16/2009 15:59 commented on Want a balloon?

the leftmost red balloon looks flat on one side because of the shading. 

AdamPlays @ 8/10/2009 12:33 commented on Big Bird

This is probably a trace, but I love this dancing ninja!

AdamPlays @ 7/28/2009 10:19 commented on old vs new

the first guy is more attractive. 

AdamPlays @ 7/24/2009 16:42 commented on Pixel Me 2 - Updated

i really like this!  great style!

AdamPlays @ 7/21/2009 10:49 commented on Cuddles waving

needs more blood.

AdamPlays @ 7/13/2009 11:45 commented on GBtar

It looks unfinished.  Why is part of the head missing?

AdamPlays @ 6/25/2009 15:06 commented on Big Bird

Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett in one day.... 

AdamPlays @ 6/25/2009 14:46 commented on ryu pimpin

Yay, you're back!