Stickman @ 3/11/2023 04:33 commented on Big Bird


Just PM'ed for 3 more.

Stickman @ 3/10/2023 16:26 commented on Big Bird

I don't have an option to edit it as shown:

I can access this old art by clicking on the green  ribbons on my page, cannot do anything else to it. There are a 3 or 4 of these I would like to edit/ have access to again.

Stickman @ 3/10/2023 01:43 commented on Big Bird

So - anyone know how to make:

ACHTUNG! PIXEL ART INACTIVE! again? (relation to my previous question)

Stickman @ 3/7/2023 03:12 commented on Big Bird

I still see the previews when I click on old pj weekly competitions entries.

Stickman @ 3/5/2023 17:37 commented on Big Bird

Is there a way to remove thumbnail previews of work you have deleted?

Stickman @ 2/20/2023 09:25 commented on A Hologram of Yoda's Lightsaber

Great entries from everyone.

Stickman @ 2/9/2023 06:13 commented on Guardian of the old Tales

Great use of the 16 colours.

Stickman @ 1/16/2023 16:33 commented on WWI German Face

Really good entries here. Well done everyone.

Stickman @ 12/20/2022 11:43 commented on Big Bird

That is brilliant!

How is this done?

Stickman @ 12/19/2022 05:23 commented on Big Bird

Thanks: @eishiya; @gawrone: Here's an update:


Make a stereographic animated GIF of a scene, moving back and forth between two views of the scene to create a 3D effect, like this example: [link to demo image] (show a 2 frame image and an image with more frames for examples)

Canvas Size - Max 128 x 128
Colors - Unrestricted
Transparency - No.
Animation - required - (Min 2 frames Max 5 frames)

Stickman @ 12/18/2022 11:42 commented on Big Bird


Pixel a scene and  animate (5 frames max) to create this 3D effect:

Please take note of the foreground, mid ground and background parallaxing to complete the effect, along with the object that is the main focus.

Canvas Size - Max 128 x 128
Colors - Max 16
Transparency - No.
Animation - required - maximum of 5 frames.

@eishiya; @gawrone:

Is this better? Feel free to clean it up so that it make more sense.

Stickman @ 12/18/2022 05:56 commented on Big Bird


I see. I didn't realise that this is what you meant. It's actually a nice idea for a challenge though and somethng that you wouldn't need tools to acomplish with. I'm thinking that 5 frames on a larger canvas would be less finicky:


Pixel an existing piece of furniture/object(s) in your house and  animate (5 frames max) to create this 3D effect:

Canvas Size - Max 128 x 128
Colors - Max 16
Transparency - No.
Animation - required - maximum of 5 frames.

Stickman @ 12/17/2022 07:32 commented on Big Bird


Yes - very true that most people will not have the ability to view them with glasses, so I am very interested in this 'animated gif' method you mentioned.

What is this method?

I have never heard of it before and it would be great to test it.

Stickman @ 12/16/2022 11:38 commented on Big Bird

In regards to process, I would like to hear peoples thoughts on a PJ challenge which would involve using a tool?


Create any image, then turn it into a stereoscopic image using one of these tools from the link below.

Canvas Size - Max 128 x 128
Colors - Max 16
Transparency - No.
Animation - optional

Stickman @ 12/14/2022 01:25 commented on Water stones practice


Only nitpick, is that it would of been nice to see some ripples in the water, when the frog appears and disappears.

Stickman @ 11/29/2022 13:00 commented on Another Superstar Move

This is so cool!

Stickman @ 11/29/2022 12:57 commented on Pepper

That is one sweet pepper.

Stickman @ 11/16/2022 17:37 commented on Pixel Eye Avatar

Congrats to the winners!

Stickman @ 11/13/2022 12:37 commented on 2b walkcycle

Ahh - this moves with 'same leg and same arm' instead of 'opposite leg, opposite arm'. Was this intentional?

Stickman @ 11/12/2022 10:46 commented on Big Bird

When I created those two stereoscopic images in pixelart, doing the effect was just super stressful on my  eyes. It would be great to see more pixel art stereoscopic image, but I would have to recommend using a tool to create the stereoscopic effect as it's a real strain on the eyes. I would of liked to have done more and submit to PJ, but there is no way I am doing that by hand again; as although I felt that there was some technical achievement in creating the effect, I also achieved an uncomfortable headache.

I really would love to see a challenge in which you had to create a stereoscopic image and was wondering, if PJ would allow a tool (of PJ's choosing) to be used to create the stereoscopic effect for you?

It's just safer on the eyes.

Stickman @ 11/12/2022 05:31 commented on Living Room

This is excellent. Looks of good choices in regards to colour placement on the clothing.

Stickman @ 11/4/2022 16:29 commented on Random Sprite Dump 10

Pumpkin and wolf man

Stickman @ 11/1/2022 14:02 commented on A FeyFull End

Complete the game without being hit

Stickman @ 11/1/2022 14:01 commented on Boss Of The FeyFull

You are completely correct, about the dark area not being true to what would be rendered on hardware and I didn't quite pull it off:) I had a massive problem trying to work out that particular area with the 8 colours.

A fun challenge, but like the pixel stereoscopic experiments I attempted in the past - I don't think I will be doing this again!

Stickman @ 10/31/2022 04:28 commented on Big Bird

Oh no! I had wondered what had happened to him and had no idea he passed away. That's terrible to hear. I'm not on social media. Was it an illness?