Stickman @ 11/12/2020 11:03 commented on Innocent Geisha

Very cool.

Stickman @ 11/3/2020 11:23 commented on Freddy Krueger

Is it just me, or do the rules feel too loose for this challenge? The 'imaginary person' part makes the challenge feels more like: 

"Draw a portrait of a person" and doesn't really focus or take into account of the person being dead at all?

An example could be to find a portrait of a famous or historical person who died young or early on in life, but then you had to draw a portrait of them of what they would have looked like if they were still alive today in 2020(?).

Stickman @ 9/26/2020 13:03 commented on A penguin in Punch Out?!?!?!

Fist of Frost!

Stickman @ 9/25/2020 13:19 commented on Slither with the Punches

Wonderfully creative. Nice job.

Stickman @ 9/25/2020 13:19 commented on Bantamweight

Oh - that's very nice! Great character.

Stickman @ 9/25/2020 13:18 commented on Mean Right Hook

The name of the character is brilliant:D

Stickman @ 9/7/2020 08:12 commented on Pixel shuffle

Nicely done.

Stickman @ 9/5/2020 09:02 commented on BOFORD - GOLDEN HELMET

I love the transformation.

Stickman @ 9/5/2020 09:00 commented on Pixel breakdance

Yes! That's very cool.

Stickman @ 8/31/2020 02:31 commented on Wedding 01 - Groom

Well done everyone who participated.

Stickman @ 8/30/2020 13:25 commented on Wedding 02 - Flower Girl

So many wonderful entries! There are a few hours left, so hoping to see some more wonderful works posted.

Stickman @ 8/30/2020 13:22 commented on Grey Dino - Triceratops

Triceratops - walking like the coolest gangster!

Stickman @ 8/30/2020 03:03 commented on StegMan

Neither. Do Not feed was a test in mixing different modes of pixels. I have another idea for a picture that mixes pixels.

Stickman @ 8/27/2020 05:16 commented on Snarl

The Stegobots!

Stickman @ 8/27/2020 05:13 commented on Grey Dino - T.rex


Stickman @ 8/24/2020 04:05 commented on Wedding 02 - Flower Girl

1x2 pixels is less common (and probably more tricky), so it would be great to see some entries.

Stickman @ 8/17/2020 15:13 commented on Rainbow Connection

Very tricky to choose. Some nice and creative entries.

Stickman @ 8/17/2020 15:06 commented on Luigi Deer

Great idea and nicely done.

Stickman @ 8/17/2020 15:05 commented on Big Bird


Stickman @ 8/13/2020 15:28 commented on Dying Breed (Part 5)

Loving the palette.

Stickman @ 8/11/2020 02:03 commented on Big Bird

I didn't know there was a PixelJoint discord. Is it possible that when advertising the challenges, you can put the link to the discord too? Also - is it possible to have a link to the discord on under the "Forum" or "Community" tab?

*Edit: I can't believe that I missed your post about the PixelJoint Discord a few comments down!!

Stickman @ 8/11/2020 01:43 commented on Big Bird

I've noticed that the Challenge Thread hasn't been used very much for a few years now. There used to be lots of wips there and also on the pixelation site (when there used to be a direct link to that forum), where it was fun to see someones evolution of their pixel piece, with the advise and help given. It was interesting watching that persons art chellenges grow through the many reiterations, challenges and the expansion and understanding of the techbniques they were trying to employ.

What happened to the Challenge Thread? Do people post their wips somewhere else?

Stickman @ 8/11/2020 01:34 commented on Playground 02

Nice to see many entries on this one. Well done to everyone.

Stickman @ 7/14/2020 10:30 commented on Lumpo the Clown

Wonderful and cute

Stickman @ 7/14/2020 10:29 commented on Joker

A very sweet design.