Axolotl @ 6/20/2020 04:37 commented on D33R

Thank you, and may a horse be with you

Axolotl @ 6/16/2020 07:49 commented on D33R

Thanks.  I'm always lurking though :p

Axolotl @ 1/24/2018 21:52 commented on enjoy the veiw

We're doomed! :p:p:p

Axolotl @ 12/17/2017 11:31 commented on Wolftrap Snowman

Thanks Mandrill, glad you like.

Axolotl @ 12/2/2017 08:09 commented on Axolotlish

Axolotl @ 11/7/2017 06:07 commented on Death on hoverboard

Exactly why I drew a little skull on the side, Mac&Cheese.

Axolotl @ 11/7/2017 06:04 commented on Death on hoverboard

Doesn't matter if he breaks his neck, PixelDust.

Axolotl @ 7/25/2017 11:32 commented on Weezer Kermit

Can't find the floppies

Axolotl @ 7/22/2017 12:38 commented on walking boss [Blasphemous]

HOLY ****!  Someone kill this thing, I'm scared!

Axolotl @ 7/18/2017 14:18 commented on Le Long Chemin Vers Les Réponses

Thanks for an inspirational thread.

Axolotl @ 7/17/2017 13:01 commented on "I think this just might be my masterpiece..."

Looks a bit messy to me, but thanks!

Axolotl @ 6/24/2017 09:34 commented on Bonehead

Thanks Theoden, I like to work with darkness.

Axolotl @ 5/29/2017 07:19 commented on Entertain Us!

You probably got it right, kavkav.

Didn't want to link a ref because

a. I intended to stray from reference anyway

b. I don't remember where I found the image

c. I keep forgetting how to make a link :p

Axolotl @ 5/7/2017 06:06 commented on Foxy Lady - The thief

I remembered I always tell my party to "wait here" then I go kill bad guys on my own.

Three characters is tough in just one week.

Axolotl @ 5/1/2017 09:18 commented on Fudge

STOP THINKING SO HARD!  You're gonna get nosebleeds! :p

Axolotl @ 4/24/2017 09:25 commented on Pooh

Cool! Gonna paint it black!

Axolotl @ 3/29/2017 13:10 commented on Sands of the Night

I like the atmosphere.

Try to draw circles by hand though, it's a great way to practice.

Axolotl @ 3/11/2017 07:37 commented on grayscale portrait

Probably better to add just a hint of color to your grays.  RGB values are the same for every shade, makes the piece a bit bland as a whole; especially the darker areas.

Axolotl @ 2/23/2017 12:41 commented on Wizzard

Thanks for comment. Here's a WIP-stage.

Axolotl @ 1/20/2017 15:36 commented on face3

OK gotten rid of a lot of dithering on the face.  That DOES look better, thanks.

Axolotl @ 1/11/2017 14:12 commented on Skullmachine


Axolotl @ 7/9/2016 14:36 commented on Sumo Fighters

Could stare at these all day...   and i just might.

Axolotl @ 6/6/2016 12:21 commented on Ayumu Kasuga

I have an idea, but it's cheesey

Axolotl @ 5/29/2016 07:36 commented on Noble II Spaceship

col (Cool! Out Loud)

Axolotl @ 5/27/2016 14:49 commented on To Infinity...

Thanks Eggy.

I'm quite pleased I managed to create something that leaves room for other people's imagination.  Must be why darkness works so well.

More darkness equals more imagination.  Worth experimenting with.