Legend of Link

Legend of Link

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Legend of Link

Title: Legend of Link
Pixel Artist: Jinn  (Level 11 Cthulhu (The Call of Cthulhu) :: 44207 points)
Posted: 2/11/2012 23:11
Palette: 59 colors
Statistics:  38 comments    92 faves    0 avatars

Honestly, I didn't want to leave this month in blank... ;)

So here it's some reinterpretations of original sprites from the first five Zelda games!
Hope you enjoy!

                    © Nintendo

1986. Legend of Zelda
1987. Legend of Zelda II - Link's Adventure
1991. Legend of Zelda - A Link to the past
1993. Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening
1998. Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time

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-DE- (Level 11 General) @ 4/2/2015 23:47

A Zelda fan's wet dream.

JustinGameDesign (Level 8 Marshal) @ 4/9/2014 13:16

Interesting that you gave Zelda 1 Link green eyebrows. I had just assumed they were the whites of his eye, but limited in color. Nice piece anyway.

Bandersnatch (Level 1 Thug) @ 7/16/2013 08:42

'93 and '98 are my favorites!

elliel007 (Level 1 Rookie) @ 6/15/2013 18:47

 Eu sou muito fã de Zelda  parabéns cara! Show de arte! 

Muziak (Level 3 Enforcer) @ 8/9/2012 16:21

This is amazing! Should add a Wind Waker Link as well, he was my favourite after the Link's Awakening/OOA/OOS Model (which had longer blonde hair in the game artwork, although you stayed true to the sprite) :-)

antymattar (Level 2 Kukyu) @ 3/25/2012 05:02

 I preffer the 1986 one ;)

failureboy (Level 7 Assassin) @ 3/21/2012 01:13

Weird place for a debate.  Sorry, Jinn, but I feel like responding here.

Carnivac has recently departed from this place . . . and I can't speak much toward that because I haven't been here long.

But I will say that he was not insulting Jinn's piece, just expressing an opinion about 3D games - and the artistic merit of 3D Zelda games in particular.  You can accuse Carnivac of having a chip on his shoulder and you'd probably be right (we've all got chips, I know I've got some) but I think some of you are being pretty defensive about this.  Just because Nintendo has made a shload of great games doesn't mean everything they produce is gold.  If you like the 3D Zelda games, then good for you and to Hell with Carnivac's opinion.  Enjoy the games you enjoy.  It's his loss, right?  No need to call him "childish" or "immature."

(btw, I pretty much agree with him.  Link to the Past is a wonderful game and I wish more of the retro franchises would stick with 2D, or at least revisit it now and again.)

reis (Level 6 Serial Killer) @ 2/28/2012 15:45

 Awesome! =)

Pure (Level 1 Seaman) @ 2/18/2012 23:59

 Mmmmm, sweet. Truly excellent

Losm (Level 7 Mass Murderer) @ 2/17/2012 17:46

 Well, fuck. I had this huge wall of text ready, but I waited too long to post it and didn't save it anywhere.

Here's how it pretty much went, though:

~ It's not my fault you kept being a sourpuss towards Nintendo;

~ Ocarina of Time might've had bad graphics and sound quality, but it was one of the first of its kind (detail 3D) and had great and very memorable tunes as well as solid level design, which seemlessly blended 3D platforming with puzzle solving;

~ You should check out the newest Zelda game. It has very memorable characters, a great storyline and isn't at all hard on the eyes;

~ I agree with you on the fact that too many games try to be hyper-realistic. If I wanted realism, I would look out my own window. I play games because I want to escape reality and immerse myself into a new and exciting world;

~ Again, you started it, what with your negative attitude towards a company that stood the test of time and that is still doing really well.

ellie-is (Level 5 Assistant Manager) @ 2/17/2012 11:27

 Meh. I'll agree you on Link's Awakening being a brilliant game.

I didn't like Ocarina of the Time that much because I usually dislike 3D games in general, but I don't really have anything against low poly. It is, in many cases, better than hipoly, if the artist knows the limitations of his medium and doesn't try to emulate realism on low poly, since that just doesn't work. You have to do things that don't need any more polygons instead of simply reducing their count.


edit: oh, and yeah, uncharted. Uncharted 3 might as well be my favorite thing ever, graphics wise, despite my great dislike of FPSs.

Faceless (Level 3 Hatchet Man) @ 2/17/2012 08:19

I can't speak for everyone here, but I know that I at least am not particularly interested in your loathing for the 3D Zelda games, or low-poly graphics in general. These kind of disagreements are pretty easily avoided if you focus on the art, and try to avoid insulting things that are highly regarded by many people. I think your post would have read much better if you'd kept it to this:

"The Link's Awakening one is my favorite which is apt as that's my favorite Zelda game.  I like your 86 and 87 renditions too."

Carnivac (Level 8 Behemoth) @ 2/17/2012 00:59

Hey, I owned Ocarina of Time on N64.  TWICE (and that headache-inducing system only had a couple great games on it, easily the worst console I've ever owned). It was an insanely horrible game with poor level design, blurry graphics with drab colors and bad textures, annoying music & sound (the debut of Link's awful grunting sounds that would appear in even the GBA port of Link to the Past much to my annoyance when I bought that for my GBA), bad story, irritating gameplay 'features' (particularly having to use the ocarina), and Navi... goddamn Navi.   Link's Awakening on the other hand was a perfect example of how even 'basic' technology can provide a hugely engrossing gameplay experience and characters I actually gave a damn about even though they were little 16x16 sprites.  A case of less is more in some areas.    I've played many of the games since Ocarina and while they've improved greatly on some areas, I still find a lot of it horribly dull and the direction of the games and character design unappealing from what it originally had been. 

And I do like a lot of 3D (at least 3D from PS2/DC era onwards, low poly stuff is ugly).  Most games I play these days are 3D (though I do have an issue with color usage these days in some 3D games that try to be 'realistic'.   Games like Uncharted are beautifully done and have vivid and memorable color schemes for each location without looking too unreal but then you got all these near-identical FPS games that seem to think gray & brown are the only colors in the real world and anything else is just for laser gun beams) so how about you get your facts straight before you call someone childish and immature.   It's people like you what have been putting me off this site for ages now.  Think you know everything about someone...

Losm (Level 7 Mass Murderer) @ 2/16/2012 19:30

 While I respect you a lot for your talent in pixeling, I think it's very immature and childish of you to "loathe" something just because it's different. Many, many people consider most of the 3D games (specifically OoT) to be the better Zelda games in the series.

The latest instalment in the series is also an amazing game with a beautiful art style and a great storyline. Just because you "don't like 3D" doesn't mean you shouldn't at least give them a chance and, you know, constantly hate on them all the time (I've seen you do it more than once).

Now, on to the actual piece: Damn you, Jinn! >.< I'm loving the '93 and '98 Links. 

Carnivac (Level 8 Behemoth) @ 2/16/2012 14:40

The Link's Awakening one is my favorite.  Which is apt as that's my favorite Zelda game (well, I only like a few.  I loathe the 3D games especially and the collection of the original graphics in the information makes me spit at the 3D model.  The sprites are all far, far superior).   I like your 86 and 87 renditions too.  

sasuke91 (Level 2 Kukyu) @ 2/15/2012 22:01

1998 ftw

jules (Level 1 Gangster) @ 2/14/2012 15:25

No wip? =/

crozier (Level 6 Hitman) @ 2/13/2012 17:24

Link gets cooler and cooler after every game :p

FinalFrenzy32n8bitside (Level 1 Rookie) @ 2/13/2012 10:56


AirStyle (Level 6 SWAT) @ 2/13/2012 00:27

 I absolutely just love your interpretations of the world around you. Keep up the amazing work.

OSM (Level 3 Hatchet Man) @ 2/12/2012 22:56

1993 Link is my favorite, such fond memories.

Wonderful tribute, and fantastic colors.

failureboy (Level 7 Assassin) @ 2/12/2012 13:20

 Anyone else think Link looked like a vampire when he gets the red outfit in the original game?

'93 Awakening is my favorite, would like a seperate piece just for him.  Never played that game...

FinalFrenzy32n8bitside (Level 1 Rookie) @ 2/12/2012 13:11

1987 looks like a [deleted by moderator]. No offense.

Christoballs (Level 7 Neanderthal) @ 2/12/2012 13:07

You should really practice drawing humans more often: the '91's face isn't aligned with his skull, giving his eyes a very slanted look, and his legs don't seem to connect with his body because the leg further out suggests the thigh is dislocated from the body.

'87's head/neck don't seem centred, the way the garment wraps around one side of his neck undoes the sense of depth, which makes the neck seem to float . His arm wielding the sword seems a bit short, but maybe that's because it's further back. I also noticed on his skirt thing that the fold seemed rather strange: why is it folding this way? If it followed '98's logic it would look better, I think.

There are a lot of other things that bother me, but never mind.

However, I absolutely love your reinterpretation of Link's Awakening's sprite. If it were a stand-alone piece, I'd rate it 5 and fave it. It looks the most like the original and I really like the work on his face. Well done! :)

jamesmorrow07 (Level 1 Jukyu) @ 2/12/2012 12:08

Damn, Jinn, you really out did yourself with this one! Seriously, five awesome interpretations of Link from the first five games? You are now officially a badass!

Rayovatron (Level 6 SWAT) @ 2/12/2012 11:57

 I love the colors of the link's awakening.

xxmantisxx (Level 7 Mass Murderer) @ 2/12/2012 10:35

 Aha, nice work!

Papermoon (Level 4 Button Man) @ 2/12/2012 10:20

lol sexy.. ^^

Elk (Level 5 Assistant Manager) @ 2/12/2012 09:15

 Nice Jinn ^^!

Faceless (Level 3 Hatchet Man) @ 2/12/2012 08:08

I'm really not feeling the green on LoZ Link's brows. In the original sprite, the green was clearly supposed to represent the whites in his eyes.

ALttP Link's cap does not read well. I think it needs to be flipped so the point is hanging to the right of his head instead of the left, and it should not bulge up so high on his head.

I also think AoL Link's limbs are too skinny, and the shading on OoT Link's tunic is too angular and has too much contrast.

Otherwise I think this piece is excellent.

Calv (Level 7 Assassin) @ 2/12/2012 05:52

This is great, are you gonna do some more, upto skyword sword?

Nyno (Level 3 Hatchet Man) @ 2/12/2012 04:42

Very cool how different each one is, as if each were the same historical figure in a legend told in slightly different variations over the years. Alternatively, they're different enough that they could just be different people all together who dress similarly. My favorite is the '91... the pink hair with the more seafoam green outfit look great together. The '98 version is adorable though.

Mngwa (Level 1 Rookie) @ 2/12/2012 04:11

Those small guys are beautiful, but the are quite lost in the huge amount of black.

unavoidableart (Level 1 Intern) @ 2/12/2012 03:24

 The '98 looks great man! Really nice! 

Dastal (Level 3 Hatchet Man) @ 2/12/2012 02:38

Ahah, excellent work. Love the 93. 

surt (Level 11 Godfather) @ 2/12/2012 01:24

'93 is best, probably because it is the least Link-like.

Dweller (Level 4 Murderer) @ 2/12/2012 01:06

Fantastic, the 1998 one is my favourite

cure (Level 11 Pixellite) @ 2/12/2012 00:54

Zelda II link looks awkward, pinnochio-esque even. That deku-shield link looks pretty sweet though (might look better if the hat didn't come up so high)

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