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  FAQ#1 - How do I upload a file to Pixel Joint?

To upload a file on Pixel Joint, you need to be logged in. The submission page can be found in the dropdown menu under your profile name, or with this link.

If your artwork is larger than 100x100 you need to submit the main image as a “Your Artwork”, and create a preview icon of 100x100 or smaller, and upload it as “Preview Icon”. We recommend using a crop out of your main image.

If your artwork is 100x100 or smaller you can choose to submit a “Preview Icon” only.

Make sure the images are not scaled up, and that both the preview and main image meet the rules explained on the submission page.

Add a title, and optionally a description and keywords. If the submission is part of a weekly challenge you can tick the challenge checkbox.

After uploading an artwork it will be approved manually by the moderators before it is included in the gallery, this can take a few days.

  FAQ#2 - How do I set my profile picture or avatar?
You can change your profile picture to any artwork preview of your own submissions.

To use your submission as a profile picture it must have a “small file” of no larger than 64x64.
When you open the artwork there will be an icon of a person underneath the zoom buttons, click this to use the small file as your avatar.

  FAQ#3 - Why does Pixel Joint have rules for the gallery?
The Pixel Joint gallery is intended to be of a certain quality and a certain style of pixel art. We have attempted to create these rules to make the gallery interesting to our current members, and it is also what sets us apart from other online art galleries. However, as our users and their opinions change over time these rules are always up for debate.
The most recent discussion which inspired the current rule set can be found here on the forums.

To be clear: Pixel Joint does not intend to set a definition for what pixel art is and what it isn’t. If your artwork does not get approved it does not mean that it is bad art, just that it is unfit for this gallery. If your work gets rejected you can always discuss this in the Resources and Support forums. Ultimately the decisions about gallery inclusion are made by the moderators of Pixel Joint.

  FAQ#4 - How do I change my username?

Ask a moderator for support. We can only ever change your username once, so make sure to think it through.

  FAQ#5 - What is pixel art?

Pixel art is a digital art form based around the intentional placement of individual pixels. For more information we refer you to Cure’s tutorial.

  FAQ#6 - What software should I use?
Most graphics software can be used to create pixel art, many artists started out in MSPaint!
However, some software is more suitable than others, and there even is special dedicated pixel art software. You can find some popular examples in this forum thread.

  FAQ#7 - How do I learn (insert topic here)?

With practise, the use of references, the Pixel Art tutorial, google, and by asking feedback from other Pixel Joint members.

  FAQ#8 - How do I help this community?
Most importantly: By keeping it active! Leave comments on the works of others, rate, and participate in the weekly challenge.
If you wish to help even more, you can leave critique on WIP forum threads, leave FRIENDLY helpful comments on items in the queue that don’t meet gallery rules, and submit news.

Thank you!

  FAQ#9 - How do I get feedback on my art?
If you are still working on your artwork, we recommend making a thread in the WIP forums. If you already submitted it to the gallery, consider asking for feedback in the description of your work.

The more specific you are about the things you want help with, the more likely you are to get feedback.

  FAQ#10 - Why can't I comment or use the forums?
Because we’ve had some issues with spam, you need to become “Level 2” before you can comment or post in the forums. You can get to this level by rating 6 artworks, and then waiting for at least a day.
If after 48 hours you still can not comment, feel free to contact a moderator for support.

  FAQ#11 - Who are the moderators of Pixel Joint?
You can find a list of current moderators on the about page.
Sedgemonkey is the creator of this site, but is usually unable to answer questions. However do feel free to contact any of the other moderators for any issue you might have.

  FAQ#12 - Why does it take so long before my work gets approved?
All works are manually approved by volunteer moderators. Sometimes this takes a while because it is busy, sometimes because the moderators are busy.
We try to give each work some time on the front page in the “New Pixel Art” section, which is why we can’t accept all queuing works at once.

  FAQ#13 - Why does my work not show up on the front page?

Possibly the preview image (“small file”) you submitted is larger than 100kb. Even if you replace the image now with a smaller file, it might still not reappear any more, sorry.

  FAQ#14 - How do I make a suggestion for Pixel Joint?
If it is a technical suggestion, sorry, we’re not taking any. This site will not be updated with new or different features any time soon.
If it is a suggestion on how the site could be organised, or if you come across a bug, post in the Resources and Support forums.

  FAQ#15 - How do I hire a pixel artist for a project/job?

You can post a job advertisement in the job forums. Make sure you have 6 points to be allowed to post.

  FAQ#16 - Where else is Pixel Joint present?

We have an official Facebook page, an official Twitter account, and an official Discord server.

  FAQ#17 - What is the weekly challenge?
Every week a challenge will be posted on the front page, with various rules. The deadline is always the same, Sunday night, a timer for this is also on the front page. This deadline is very strict, the system does not allow us to accept late entries.
Details of the rules can be found in the challenge thread of the current challenge, a link to that will be on the front page.

Users can vote for their favorite entries, and the winners and participants will receive a trophy on their profile page. Also, the winner gets to decide the theme of a future weekly challenge!

  FAQ#18 - Can I customize Pixel Joint?
You can change the theme you use to view Pixel Joint in the drop down menu under your user name.
Also, there is a nice unofficial Firefox and Chrome addon called FixelJoint which updates the interface a bit.

  FAQ#19 - Help, I can't login!
If you have tried to reset your password and you can still not get in, there are a few things you can try:
Disable your password manager. Sometimes they mess up the login process.
Reset your cookies and cache for Pixel Joint.
If you have tried all of this and still can't get access to your account, email one of the moderators for support.

  FAQ#20 - Dimensions for "small files"

Small files aka preview images always need to be 100x100 or smaller.

Make sure that the file size is under 25kb if you want it to show up on the front page.

If you want to use your icon as an avatar, it should be 64x64 or smaller.

If you want to allow moderators to use your icon for news posts, it should be 50x50 or smaller.

  FAQ#21 - Why are the pixels stretched in my art?

This can be due to two different things:
- it could be that your web browser has been zoomed in or out; you can reset it with the ctrl+0 (win) or command+0 (mac) shortcut, or View/Zoom/Actual Size.
- it could be that your operating system is set to upscaling your windows or your screen; check in your display settings that the scale is set to 100%.

Once you have checked these, the pixel art should be shown at the correct scale on PixelJoint.

If you have any further questions feel free to ask a question.

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Want to give some dough back to all those amazing pixel artists? Donations provide prize money for contests, help cover hosting costs and support new initiatives.