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Posted by bunlee @ 1/10/2006 22:19

Using 18 x 18 pixels dimension. Another website that similar to Dot16. This one actually have some flash games in it.

Posted by MADmiral^^ @ 11/9/2006 10:01
Abandonia with freeware games, some are really new. Also including abandonware.

Posted by Gas 13 @ 4/21/2006 15:57
An arcade underwater game will let you became a part of a wonderful aqua world full of the most unusual sea and river inhabitants!

Posted by RPG_Boy @ 2/26/2010 14:07

Isometric online game with pixel art graphics. Collect new animals, items, and make some friends.

Posted by Terzom @ 8/14/2013 12:26

 A HTML5 game. Very nicley done! 

Posted by eghost @ 9/23/2007 17:36
Unfortunately it's all in Japanese...However there are several awesome and well-pixelled games...Good gallery too...

Posted by dazel @ 3/6/2010 05:25

French based site dedicated to old Amiga games and music. Old school design with pixels inside. :-)

Posted by 8 Bit Dreams @ 3/26/2015 09:58

"Hello and welcome back to my blog!

This time something a little different – I commissioned a guest post about designing a tile-set from a studio who specialise in pixel-art. After searching long and hard to find exactly the right style I was after I settled on a company from Poland called Blackmoon design. Check out their site, its pretty cool looking. Anyway, here is their post:"

Posted by Grug @ 5/15/2010 04:09

eboy pixel "game" with multiplan view. Enjoy !

( eBoy FixPix for iPhone & iPod touch will be available soon! )

Posted by SDesign @ 12/30/2006 15:38
Sprites of FFI, II, Zelda, Mario ....

Posted by exocet @ 9/21/2006 13:04
Database of Gameboy/Gameboy Color demos with many screenshots provided.

Posted by 8 Bit Dreams @ 3/26/2015 09:44

For the generation that grew up on NES and SNES there's something endearing about the video game graphics of days since past. And with the rise of indie game development in recent years, 8-bit pixel art saw a resurgence in popularity. Call it the nostalgia factor, but I think it serves as a reminder that we don't need to use bleeding edge technology as long as games are fun and engage our imagination.

I tend to make pixel art primarily because it's easier for me to animate and draw sprites pixel by pixel than it is to try and draw them out with a tablet consistently. I have to say making pixel art is one of those things you gradually get better at and so I've come up with helpful hint for anyone looking to make 8-bit pixel art.

Posted by Yeltsin @ 6/2/2015 11:59

A nice pixel art game for iPhone and iPad, I developed, the pixel art by Gustavo Jacomé

Posted by Imagician @ 6/27/2006 15:47
Great and active site with about Amiga games. Very well structured, very good and cute design, big game archive with screenshots, reviews, ads, boxscans... You can participate by commenting, rating and reviewing etc.

Posted by Imagician @ 6/27/2006 15:48
Great and active site with about Commodore64 games. Very well structured, very good and cute design, big game archive with screenshots, reviews, ads, boxscans... You can participate by commenting, rating and reviewing etc.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 9/15/2005 15:40

Posted by Lone Scout @ 4/5/2015 14:42

An explanation of how racing games are designed to give the illusion of movement, with a focus on programming and 16-bit era arcade games.

Good for hobbyist programmers and game artists.

Posted by Vertigo-Zero @ 5/4/2010 02:19

this website contains all my free (pixel) games. It also has some usefull programs and stuff. enjoy!

Posted by maxieMax @ 1/29/2014 03:32

Play classic NES games

Posted by milkyjon @ 7/20/2006 10:58
A pixel games site with some really cool pixel games/art/animations.

Posted by Lendrick @ 8/8/2009 22:20

An art resource for Free and Open Source games.  Also hosts some pixel art tutorials.

Posted by FrostedMayhem @ 8/31/2009 13:17

Neo Retro Video Games for the good people of Earth

Posted by Manupix @ 3/11/2014 07:30

A game of audio-visual exploration and discovery.

Posted by dr.feng @ 11/16/2005 05:19
this site makes me feel like 20 :-)

Posted by 8 Bit Dreams @ 12/9/2014 08:32

Personal favorite mobile games developer. Maker of Fairune and the upcoming Drancia which has been used as the basis for the popular Slayin. Shares his palettes and his Twitter gives info on his development.

Posted by cerealkiller54 @ 9/14/2007 14:35

An awesome place for sprites. Lots of em, too.

Posted by jamesmorrow07 @ 8/2/2009 15:10

A website with lots of Megaman sprites! All the way from Classic to Star Force, this site covers only the most of Megaman. This is definitely a must for Megaman-goers!

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 8/23/2005 14:17

Fun pixel art puzzle game where you stack isometric blocks to form a scene.

Posted by DeathAdderSF @ 10/7/2011 01:20

The world's most dedicated provider of brand new, commercially produced video games for classic game systems, Super Fighter Team's website perfectly reflects their cause with a pixel-perfect design filled with many fine examples of the company's work.

Posted by scriblroid @ 5/7/2016 04:04

A neat little click-through adventure. Watch as an animated character searches for a spare light bulb whilst stumbling through several unexplored rooms inside an eerie castle. Images by Emmanuel Espinasse.

Warning: there are flashing light effects in parts of Super Pixel Quest.

Posted by iSTVAN @ 8/18/2005 02:47

Community based indy gaming website. Plenty of coders just waiting for pixel artists.

Posted by siaukia @ 7/14/2006 18:17

Posted by 0xDB @ 4/18/2008 13:51
Truckloads of sprite sheets from many different genres, categorized by company/series e.g. (Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, Square-Enix, Konami, ..)/(LegendOfZeldaSeries, ShiningForceSeries, FightingGames, DragonWarriorSeries, Castlevania, ..).

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 9/15/2005 14:43

Posted by fuzzly98 @ 4/18/2010 07:34

Have you ever wanted to play  old NES games but you dont have an NES? No problem!

You can play all (or at least the most of them) NES on this site! 

Posted by Ensellitis @ 1/30/2007 03:46

Posted by Moonstrider @ 8/10/2005 17:39
Another great abandonware site. This is a good place to look for pre-1990 games.

Posted by Romson @ 1/6/2014 19:24

When you sleep, you are dreaming. Some dreams are beautiful and vivid, the others are strange, and the rest of them are horrible... We've having them all the night, and then wake up and forget them. But what if one day your "awakening" would be a difficult task? Could you find a way out of the dreams and wake up?

2d exploration platformer with non-linear storyline and various game mechanics, true pixel art, brain-breaking levels. Developed by one person in 3 month. Windows-only.

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