DerNachbar @ 12/18/2020 02:56 commented on Arkon Screen

Good interview, he's been a joy to work with :)

DerNachbar @ 9/28/2019 03:35 commented on Miniature Sprites

I really like the designs and the poses, especially the guy with the horizontally held halberd.

DerNachbar @ 9/6/2019 16:09 commented on HexPix - Swamp Ruins

Oops, my bad! Will do

DerNachbar @ 7/20/2019 00:30 commented on Mood:Wavey

Hm, does the animation not work yet? Or did I make some mistake uploading?

Edit: Ok, now it seems to work.

DerNachbar @ 7/13/2019 14:26 commented on HexScene

Go for it, it's quite fun to do all the different textures, although one needs to pay attention quite a bit when doing tiles (compared to a regular landscape).

DerNachbar @ 7/11/2019 00:01 commented on HexScene

I did six different base tiles so far. The borders are really work intensive as with the introduction of cliffs and relative complex layering of those as well as ramps I had to add sooo many stupid borders ^^

And there's still a bunch of issues with the borders that I have to clean up.
My advise would be to go for a style that embraces the hex structure or even emphasizes it. I wanted to go for a more organic look and was willing to pay the price (guess I still am ^^).

Edit: I forgot to mention the six additional ruin / POI tiles I did.

DerNachbar @ 2/28/2019 04:03 commented on Descendant

Thank you guys for all the compliments. I'm trying to take them gracefully, but I fail, gleefully grinning like an idiot :D

DerNachbar @ 2/24/2019 10:27 commented on Descendant

Thanks :) I have changed the preview thumb to something more telling of the full scene.

DerNachbar @ 10/1/2018 12:14 commented on Pixel Tribute: Seb McKinnon's Archfiend of Ifnir

Yep, the core of the issue was that I tried to cling tightly to the original and lacked the will and abilities to transfer it to another medium. The piece I am currently working is original and uses a very limited palette, so maybe I can hit a healthy middle ground after that one :P

DerNachbar @ 8/28/2018 07:22 commented on Pixel Tribute: Seb McKinnon's Archfiend of Ifnir

Thank you for your constructive feedback and hints / examples on how to improve. I still feel those pictures have a color range way narrower than the one I tried to replicate, but I suppose something like 128 colors without losing much of the impression might have been possible...
Sorry, I feel like I'm bargaining on a bazaar and being too defensive here :P

One thing I noticed again and again when working on this piece was that I overestimated how jarring the contrast between two colors is because I focussed on it and was zoomed in (even after realising this and trying to keep a constant eye on the preview window, I often was not satisfied and introduced another middle tone).

More creative use of dithering and combining colors to "create a third" is definitely a concept that is still foreign to me (have started doing pixel art on the side at the beginning of this year and only did some pencil drawing before).

DerNachbar @ 8/27/2018 01:51 commented on Pixel Tribute: Seb McKinnon's Archfiend of Ifnir

I know where you're coming from, but I just wanted to get as close as possbile to the original motive. When working on all those gradients between the dozens of colors especially the sky and ground contain, I just gave up on palette control. And btw, its 286 not 386, no?
Its probably possible to get it to 256 colors just by cleaning up and without any noticable differences, but I was drained by working on it for so long and really didnt see a point, as that's still a shitload of colors.
I don't think it would look any like this If I somehow kept it at 64 colors.

Anyway, I learned my lesson and will not attempt to "copy" such a motive in pixel art  again. I'm interested how others handle their palette when working from a original with such properties. Do they simplify the whole image? Do they just forgo the claim of sticking to it and do more of an interpretation?

DerNachbar @ 5/5/2018 09:06 commented on Dungeon Folks

Thanks :)
I made these with the intention of scaling them up by x2, but you're right and I resubmitted the original size. 

DerNachbar @ 3/28/2018 13:16 commented on ...

Fantastic piece, dare I ask how many hours it took you to complete it?

DerNachbar @ 3/27/2018 15:25 commented on Volcanic Dragon (Tribute to Chris Rahn's MTG Art)

@robinchan33 Thanks so much :)

DerNachbar @ 3/27/2018 15:25 commented on Baratheon Knight

@frikicat: Thanks :) I tried to Dom5, but could not get into it. 

DerNachbar @ 3/27/2018 15:22 commented on Conquering Manticore (Tribute to Chris Rahn's MTG Art)

@Caladium: Mission accomplished :) I picked this piece because the expression of the beast is really intimidating.

DerNachbar @ 3/27/2018 15:20 commented on Conquering Manticore (Tribute to Chris Rahn's MTG Art)

@Theoden: Thanks for your compliment, the original artwork really struck me, too.

DerNachbar @ 2/25/2018 03:11 commented on Volcanic Dragon (Tribute to Chris Rahn's MTG Art)

I updated the files, somehow it didnt take the detail image for the enhanced view and I also added a non downscaled preview picture. Constructive criticism is welcome.