NaCl @ 8/3/2013 04:39 commented on Avatar collection

 I love that every time I come to this site, I see this pirate looking better and better. I remember when you were making the first one!

NaCl @ 1/6/2011 19:02 commented on Evolve

 I always laugh when people say they're, "unevolved". 

NaCl @ 12/19/2010 13:12 commented on Onc' Pixou

 Onc' Pixou continues his prismatic descent into surrealism. 

NaCl @ 12/11/2010 18:37 commented on Crescent of the Moon

 This is great! I always love your stuff

NaCl @ 12/6/2010 06:17 commented on Big Bird

 I'm the opposite. I could not live without the right click color picker.

NaCl @ 11/28/2010 04:03 commented on Birdman

 This is great, has a very creepy vibe to it.

NaCl @ 11/19/2010 21:24 commented on Big Bird

 Food chain here ain't about points...

NaCl @ 11/18/2010 20:47 commented on Big Bird

 Theres already a weekly showcase

NaCl @ 11/18/2010 20:15 commented on Big Bird

When I said queue I meant HOF, sorry.

By number of votes I meant the number of times it has been rates.

NaCl @ 11/18/2010 19:39 commented on Big Bird

 How about  an equation that puts together average score, number of votes, and date submitted.

- For the average score, the dot system would probably need to be removed. Unless you just counted the number of dots given divided by number of dots they could have given at the time of the vote.

- Number of votes would strongly effect the score in a positive way, so things with a single perfect score would not be near the top, and pieces with an imperfect score and lots of votes would not be below something with a perfect score and few votes.

- Date submitted would have a slight and building negative effect, so there is a very gradual turnover. Anything thats been in there for years won't be washed away, but it will be suppressed. 

Something like this:

x(average score) + y log(number of votes)  - z(days in HOF) ^ b = score

x, y, and z are just coefficients you can tweak so that each is weighted how you want.

Because average score would be between 1-10 or whatever, the first term would have a maximum value, so the second term would need to be a log that leveled off at the same maximum value as the first term for the average score and number of votes to have equal weight. With a log, the votes would initially mean more, and each additional vote would mean less and less. The good part of this is that once a piece gets a certain number of votes, it's really only going to be competing with other many-voted pieces based on the average score, as it should be.

Then, the exponent b for days in the queue could be 0.5 or something, so it slowly built over time.

NaCl @ 11/17/2010 21:41 commented on Big Bird

 The more greenraven talks the more I'm like .........wut

NaCl @ 11/10/2010 20:05 commented on Big Bird

 Ya green I really think you're getting wayyyy ahead of yourself. Like, you're saying things that sound like they could be true, but don't actually make any sense.

Now I'm going to go way out on a limb cause I'm cool like that, so please don't take any offense. You make very little pixel art, and when you do it's really unambitious. I suspect that you have convinced yourself that you're better then you actually are, and starting a piece is so difficult because while you can visualize what you want, you utterly lack the technical skills to make it a reality. With such a huge gap between what you see and what is coming out you dismiss it as crap and stop working on it.

This seems clear when you start theorycrafting on subjects like animation; without the crux of experience then your theories just don't make sense, they have nothing to stand on. Like when you say animation is, "nothing more then moving it around in your head", it sounds idiotic because "moving it around in your head" is a skill that takes tens of years to master. 

Also, using that Aristotle quote was wildly arrogant 

NaCl @ 11/10/2010 14:05 commented on Big Bird

 What? Animation is insanely hard, unless you're doing very simple stuff like geometric movements. When you get something moving like this:

Theres all sorts of different timings for every thing that moves, and the thing as a whole needs to be constantly balancing and cohesive so it looks alive... I've barely scratched the surface with animation but I can already tell it's a very difficult and expansive thing. Try animating someone elses static sprite and then tell me that getting the first frame is the hard part.

NaCl @ 11/10/2010 00:11 commented on Big Bird

 Yeah lets get a stickman interview, thatd be sweet

NaCl @ 11/9/2010 00:39 commented on Big Bird

I know what I'm getting my girlfriend for her birthday (if I had one)!

NaCl @ 10/21/2010 03:16 commented on Big-Footed Migration

 This rocks! 

NaCl @ 10/6/2010 13:53 commented on Contraposte II


NaCl @ 10/6/2010 03:16 commented on BoxedTown 2

 I think this could have been a cool challenge, but the fruit part makes too restricted and awkward. Now it's a bunch of poorly composed still lifes, instead of letting some awesome ideas to happen.

NaCl @ 10/6/2010 03:13 commented on Canvas

 I voted for it because this piece dealt with the middle square restriction the best, by far. The lines and multiple sized pixels are a little weird though.

NaCl @ 10/6/2010 03:10 commented on Contraposte II

 I love the piece; abhor the colors. C64 ruins so many otherwise awesome pieces, to me. Both the green and yellow are just yuck :<

NaCl @ 9/24/2010 02:10 commented on Human Hunter

 Was nice knowing ya tinypic

NaCl @ 9/9/2010 16:26 commented on Big Bird

 Hold on. Back the hell up. Pass the Pigs is NOT shovelware, Pass the Pigs is an amazing game that I have spent hundreds of hours playing (the real life version). Double razorback? Yes! Leaning Jowler? FTW!

NaCl @ 9/5/2010 19:29 commented on When It Rains It Pours


NaCl @ 7/6/2010 23:02 commented on Desert Eagle

 This guy rocks, hes serious.

NaCl @ 7/1/2010 14:50 commented on Big Bird

 No. Don't wait for the DVD. Just don't watch it. I wish I hadn't.