ptoing @ 6/28/2019 12:14 commented on Old Growth

Yeah I seen those photos. What I was meaning to say is that I don't think that trees grow upward in a way where they would push up the cars.

Edit: Seems like they can, esp with bikes. You learn something new every day :D

ptoing @ 6/22/2019 12:55 commented on Old Growth

Love the style, but I don't think that is how trees work :o

ptoing @ 5/8/2019 02:55 commented on inf gel pi

Really liking this.

ptoing @ 3/19/2019 06:05 commented on Latka 1986

Nice :)

ptoing @ 3/19/2019 04:42 commented on Latka 1986

Check the Image spec tool

It's just couple of dark pixels, you can see them when you hover over the index in the image spec tool. All those <0.1% colours basically.

Would be really cool to see some C64 work from you which follows the actual specs of the machine, not just the colours and resolutions :)

ptoing @ 3/18/2019 02:50 commented on Latka 1986

Very nice.
You have a near dupe of the darkest grey. Just a few pixels.

ptoing @ 3/16/2019 12:44 commented on Hoppsh - My First Animation

Or easier yet, have an example picture. You can not assume everyone even knows what the C64 is.

ptoing @ 3/16/2019 02:27 commented on Richard Pryor

Indeed, this looks nothing like Richard Pryor at all. Looks like a white woman.

ptoing @ 3/16/2019 00:43 commented on Hoppsh - My First Animation

Seems like the 320x200 thing is ambiguous. There already is one entry which is 640x200 aka 320 widepixels wide, instead of 160.

ptoing @ 3/16/2019 00:36 commented on Village Life

Yes, that is why I said it was ambiguous.

Your picture has 320 WIDEPIXELS, so it is 640x200 in actual resolution.
The C64 has an actual resolution of 320x200 in the area you can do stuff in easily. And that results in 160x200 widepixels.

ptoing @ 3/15/2019 09:56 commented on Ophelia

Of course this means that you have to make more C64 pictures ;)

ptoing @ 3/15/2019 05:47 commented on Village Life

I think this is too wide for the challenge. Seems like the specifications were ambiguously worded.
The resolution should have been stated as 160x200 widepixels.

ptoing @ 3/15/2019 05:41 commented on Ophelia

Yeah, I did a conversion and there are like 4 or 5 chars where 5 colours are used.

Here you go: :)

ptoing @ 3/15/2019 03:55 commented on Ophelia

Beautiful. Not fully in mcol specs, but I can easily make this into a C64 executable with sprite overlay.

Would you mind if I uploaded this to

I guess in case of adding it the border should be the same colour as the background here (as in light brown/orange)?

ptoing @ 1/1/2019 01:02 commented on Attack dog soviet

Open settings.cfg and go to the line that says

Screen = 0;0;0

The first 2 values are width and height, the 3rd is rotation.
the width should be a multiple of 144 and the height a multiple of 224.

You can also look into settings.default.cfg to check what stuff does. but do not edit that one.

ptoing @ 12/31/2018 04:51 commented on Cigarette Break

Nice to see something new from you :) Good stuff.

ptoing @ 12/23/2018 15:05 commented on Into the Lair of the Jaguar God

Loving this. Really great work.

ptoing @ 11/13/2018 11:22 commented on The Cyan Goddess

Thanks everyone.

DB: I don't think that boobs matter much in the whole scheme of things, I think it was always more about detail, detail, detail. And I was not going for high detail and lots of tight pixeltech here. Just wanted to have something clean and different from the usual stuff.

ptoing @ 11/5/2018 20:11 commented on Back to Neon

Gotta agree with cure, should have won 1st place.

I would always add some border to C64 pics, when posting them here. The border is part of the image, really, and will make it look less cramped. Looking forward to more from you :)


ptoing @ 10/31/2018 09:34 commented on Chaos rising (loading screen)

It's not the C64 palettes. It's an Amstrad CPC picture.

ptoing @ 10/9/2018 07:59 commented on Self Portrait

Nice to see new C64 stuff from you. I think you should include at least a bit of the light blue border here. Since it is part of the overall picture on the real hardware. Like 16-32 pixels on each side. Keep it up.

ptoing @ 9/22/2018 16:30 commented on 8 Color Club Faces

See if you can find the 17th face :)

ptoing @ 9/13/2018 08:19 commented on Kin-dza-dza

This is great. Awesome movie as well. Really a small miracle that it made it past the censors.

ptoing @ 9/12/2018 08:11 commented on kayama meat shop

Oh I see, yeah 128 is a bit over the top :D

ptoing @ 9/12/2018 04:59 commented on kayama meat shop

I think for what this is and for what I think seth is trying to do, the colour count is perfectly fine. 32 colours is not that much, really.