ptoing @ 1/1/2019 01:02 commented on Attack dog soviet

Open settings.cfg and go to the line that says

Screen = 0;0;0

The first 2 values are width and height, the 3rd is rotation.
the width should be a multiple of 144 and the height a multiple of 224.

You can also look into settings.default.cfg to check what stuff does. but do not edit that one.

ptoing @ 12/31/2018 04:51 commented on Cigarette Break

Nice to see something new from you :) Good stuff.

ptoing @ 12/23/2018 15:05 commented on Into the Lair of the Jaguar God

Loving this. Really great work.

ptoing @ 11/13/2018 11:22 commented on The Cyan Goddess

Thanks everyone.

DB: I don't think that boobs matter much in the whole scheme of things, I think it was always more about detail, detail, detail. And I was not going for high detail and lots of tight pixeltech here. Just wanted to have something clean and different from the usual stuff.

ptoing @ 11/5/2018 20:11 commented on Back to Neon

Gotta agree with cure, should have won 1st place.

I would always add some border to C64 pics, when posting them here. The border is part of the image, really, and will make it look less cramped. Looking forward to more from you :)


ptoing @ 10/31/2018 09:34 commented on Chaos rising (loading screen)

It's not the C64 palettes. It's an Amstrad CPC picture.

ptoing @ 10/9/2018 07:59 commented on Self Portrait

Nice to see new C64 stuff from you. I think you should include at least a bit of the light blue border here. Since it is part of the overall picture on the real hardware. Like 16-32 pixels on each side. Keep it up.

ptoing @ 9/22/2018 16:30 commented on 8 Color Club Faces

See if you can find the 17th face :)

ptoing @ 9/13/2018 08:19 commented on Kin-dza-dza

This is great. Awesome movie as well. Really a small miracle that it made it past the censors.

ptoing @ 9/12/2018 08:11 commented on kayama meat shop

Oh I see, yeah 128 is a bit over the top :D

ptoing @ 9/12/2018 04:59 commented on kayama meat shop

I think for what this is and for what I think seth is trying to do, the colour count is perfectly fine. 32 colours is not that much, really.

ptoing @ 9/12/2018 01:42 commented on Effie

Really liking this clean, sharp style.

ptoing @ 9/8/2018 10:34 commented on Amiga Deluxe Kickstart 1.3

Yeah, I am not sure how that works on Amigas exactly. I reckon they might have did a combo of that plus only 2 bitplanes.

ptoing @ 9/7/2018 09:59 commented on Dungeon Keeper

These look MUCH nicer than the original prerendered sprites.

ptoing @ 9/3/2018 09:47 commented on Amiga Deluxe Kickstart 1.3

Combination of both I would say. They clearly went for 2 bitplanes, which allows for 4 colours. Which is 16,000 bytes at 320x200, instead of 40,000 if they had used 5 bitplanes.

That said, you could for sure make it look nicer with the 4 colours they have. Using the blue and light grey for aa for example would work very well. and you could add more flourishes like a bit of a highlight on the edge of the disk, the little indention where the metal bit slides around in, the copy protection hole next to the label, etc.

ptoing @ 9/1/2018 10:45 commented on Profiles interface

You know I love your stuff, dude. It's very fresh.

ptoing @ 8/31/2018 18:18 commented on Profiles interface

Nice :D Gotta love that DOS pipe graphics action.

ptoing @ 8/31/2018 17:15 commented on ...

Agreed on the head, but damn. I fucking love all the sharp details you got in this. So good.

ptoing @ 8/5/2018 13:11 commented on Dodonpachi Ship Attemt #1

All I can say is, look at that image I linked and analyse how they do the highlights, greeble, basic shapes, recurring themes as the little pointy winglets and things like that. And esp look at where they put which colour to get the shapes reading well.

Another thing they do in quite a few places is the double highlight on 45 degree edges, like a thicker bevel // style. Hope that makes sense.

ptoing @ 8/5/2018 12:19 commented on Dodonpachi Ship Attemt #1

OK, here goes:

First crit is colour usage. In DDP enemy palettes are generally set up with 7 main colours, 4 metal colours, and 3 accent colours. There is also a drop shadow colour which is only used for that and nothing else. Turrets on top of bigger enemies will have a drop shadows, tanks and such have drop shadows, and of course airborne enemies too, in levels that are close to the ground.

Looking at how the 3 colour groups are used is important. The main colours are used very broadly and have some general rules, like the 3rd lightest colour is used on (horizontal) surfaces facing up, the 2nd darkest colour is used on (vertical) surfaces pointing forward. Then other angles are using inbetween colours, and sometimes things stacked on top of a surface will use the 2nd brightest colour for up facing surfaces.

You do not have enough main colours as such are not able to get enough depth, and as a result the ship looks somewhat flat. DDP ships are generally fairly chunky and have a well defined vertical thickness, esp bigger ones.

The grey/metal colours are generally not used very broadly at all, and are just defining smaller details and trims around certain areas to accentuate shapes.

You are using the metal colours too broadly, as well as not enough in smaller details.

The accent colours are generally used for stuff like stripes, little lights, and the cockpits. For stripes though there are ships which also use the main colours as well as the metal colours, in certain places.

You are using the accent colours WAY too broadly on quite big, flat details with shiny highlights.

There are a few ships in the DDP roster that do not fall into these general rules, such as the final bosses, one very drab looking small brownish tank, which uses a different colour layout, as well as a weird propeller plane which uses the greys more broadly than the other enemies. In general though the DDP look is very well defined.

A lot of bigger enemies use multiple palettes so there will be more than 14 colours on them. For example most bigger tanks use an extra palette for the tank treads which are separate sprites, which are also recycled among some of the tanks.

Here is an image of almost every (maybe every) enemy in the game.

Anothing thing that you do not do enough of to capture DDP style is the edge highlights, which are applied quite uniformly, esp on up facing surfaces, but also elsewhere.

I am also quite sure that DDP uses a 15 bit colourspace. So only 32,768 total colours to pick from.
None of the DDP sprites uses black anywhere. And as I stated already, the shadow colour is not used on sprites as such.

These same crits do apply to your tank as well. Study the image I linked if you wanna do more, and more faithful DDP studies.

If you got more questions, please let me know.


ptoing @ 8/5/2018 10:53 commented on Dodonpachi Ship Attemt #1

Pretty funky ship, but not really very DDP looking.

If you want in depth critique, please let me know :)

ptoing @ 7/29/2018 06:25 commented on Hello

Nice, very creepy.

Coincidentally this would also work on C64 with the light red as sprite overlays, given that the surrounding pixels on the left and right of the image would be one of the 2 other colours (for example black for the darkest colours, and left, right also black.

ptoing @ 7/21/2018 05:27 commented on ...

This is really great. Love how crisp and detailed your stuff is.

ptoing @ 7/15/2018 07:55 commented on Super One More Jump Skin

@Ubisavis: I honestly can't remember. A bunch of work days for the animations and around a week of or so the background tiles, give or take. Something like that.

ptoing @ 7/14/2018 00:43 commented on Super One More Jump Skin

Haha, I just noticed that I missed to add 2 of the bg tiles at the bottom. Fixed :D