ptoing @ 5/8/2018 17:47 commented on robot obibok

Yeah, totally get where you are coming from. Different screens are a pain. I think to me the main issue here is that the dark red and dark blue are very close in terms of value, and the red is somewhat brighter perceptually. Which is why it does not work as AA for me, like you used it.

ptoing @ 5/8/2018 06:21 commented on robot obibok

The latest version is a lot better in this regard, but the darkest red still does not quite work as AA from darkest blue to black, imo. It is a bit too saturated and as such kinda separates itself, if that makes sense. This kinda stuff might be down to different monitors though. But in general red pops out a lot more than blue.

ptoing @ 5/7/2018 11:22 commented on robot obibok

I like it. Cool design. That said, some of the colours bite each other pretty bad. Like the red you are using on the bottom right for dither and AA does not work imo. And the mid blue and super sat red also are quite clashy (see those single blue pixels on the eyebrow on the left.

ptoing @ 5/3/2018 20:29 commented on 16 col. portrait (commission) timelapse

Nice little timelapse. I would recommend to upload it to a place like imgur and link to it in the description of the final piece.

ptoing @ 3/23/2018 02:20 commented on Dark Souls GBC demake

I have not faved this before?! What is wrong with me!? This is ace.

ptoing @ 3/23/2018 02:16 commented on GILES COREY

I really like this one. Has a great unsettling quality to it.

ptoing @ 3/14/2018 04:22 commented on Magentadrium

Look at those little hairy sausages! Fun times. Really fun colour choices as well.

You should tag this "8cc" and "8 color club" :)

ptoing @ 2/23/2018 02:39 commented on Big Bird

You do not have enough points it seems.

ptoing @ 2/18/2018 04:48 commented on Deadly Vision

Trippy stuff, me likes.

Not sure about the size of the top area though.
And the AA on the yellow beam might as well not be there, needs more to actually reduce the stepping.

ptoing @ 2/13/2018 23:49 commented on Big Bird

My eyes!  Why?! This is so ugly and devoid of any sense of style or aesthetics.

ptoing @ 1/22/2018 04:15 commented on Cold Hirst

here you go :)

ptoing @ 1/21/2018 15:47 commented on Cold Hirst

There is still 1 error left on the fin on the right close to that 2 dark grey pixel diagonal line.

ptoing @ 1/21/2018 07:47 commented on Cold Hirst

Yeah, I know about the pepto stuff, also his latest thing is He mentions that on there as well.

My palette really is just an adjusted version of the old pepto palette to make it a tad brighter.

There are still some errors, not that many. If you want I can make a C64 executable from this (using MCOL + sprite overlay) And also if you want I could add it to

ptoing @ 1/21/2018 07:39 commented on William Blake's Ghost of a Flea turned into a Shin Megami Tensei boss sprite

Very nice. Glad to see some new personal stuff from you. And the process video is a great watch as well :)

ptoing @ 1/21/2018 06:40 commented on Cold Hirst

I like this a lot.

However, there seem to be some mistakes as far as C64 restrictions go. Since the size of the border is not equal on all sides it is also hard to guess what the original 320x200 area is. Even if the image should not be possible in pure MCOL, it could be done with MCOL plus a sprite overlay.

You also have a duplicate cyan. The one that is less used is more correct, since the cyan and the light grey should be close in brightness (same luma)

ptoing @ 1/19/2018 06:29 commented on Dying Breed

Lovely :)

ptoing @ 1/17/2018 12:25 commented on Big Bird

I think that scale is a bit weird, the steps like dithering, clusters, aa, etc seem somewhat arbitrary.

It's not like those are like an analogue scale you could move along and then suddenly dithering becomes solid clusters or something. But I think I get what he is getting and and would agree with the broad and narrow definition of pixelart spectrums, more or less.

ptoing @ 1/17/2018 12:10 commented on Big Bird

Where is that scale? Can you link?

Without having seen the scale, I would say that "pixelart" is a pretty spongy and ill defined term, and there is no real point in trying to define it. For me what matters a lot is the intent and attention to pixel level detail. But that alone would not make pixelart in all cases.

Look at textures from Final Fantasy 12 for example, amazing work, a lot of pixel level detail, but made for a system that filters textures, etc.

I personally am not really interested in defining stuff as this or that, I am interested in doing low resolution art, and I happen to enjoy restrictions (which could be seen as more "pure"), but I also like a lot of modern stuff where the "rules" are bent or broken.

There are a few things that I don't like in most cases, like mixed and off grid resolutions. Mixed alone can work though if done right, see Sword and Sworcery.

It's very unlikely that I will contribute to this topic on the forum, since I am not really interested in the semantics of the term pixelart. What interests me a lot more is the history and how we got where we are now. A point in time when "pixelart" in whatever shape it may take is becoming an accepted, valid style choice instead of a necessity.

ptoing @ 1/17/2018 11:11 commented on Big Bird

One thing: Oekaki for is not a style, it is a bunch of online apps for making pictures and usually posting them in a bbs style fashion (and it also just means "draw a picture", there is no notion of "scribbling" inherent in the word). There are all kinds of different styles of art people do in those, from scribbles  (which most people here seem to associate it with), to really clean stuff (think similar to alcopopstar, but with more colours), to photorealistic stuff.

ptoing @ 1/17/2018 02:39 commented on Faces in palettes 2

Outstanding. Really great stuff.

ptoing @ 1/17/2018 02:35 commented on Egypt (Atari 2600)

This is really great stuff, very well done.

The alternating line technique you used reminds me of the stuff Twilighte used to do on the Oric.

ptoing @ 11/26/2017 04:35 commented on The Belly of the Machine

Nice, would be a cool look for a game for sure. If you want to make it NES style you should also keep in mind that the palettes are applied in 2x2 tile blocks. So each 16x16 pixel square is only 1 palette.

ptoing @ 11/25/2017 09:43 commented on The Belly of the Machine

This looks rather nice, and actually almost works on NES.

I took the liberty to make a NES rom from one of the frames. Had to adjust some stuff, but not too much. You can download the rom here

ptoing @ 11/23/2017 16:24 commented on Borealopelta

Super lovely.

ptoing @ 11/5/2017 12:33 commented on 'protege moi' - Gameboy pixels

Looks great. Why is it only 128 high? I guess because of some coding stuff or scroller maybe?