Pixel-Janz @ 9/4/2009 02:24 commented on All aboard, he doesn't bite.

aah what a naster piece. Love it. 5/5. Nice work dude! ^^

Pixel-Janz @ 8/27/2009 10:20 commented on OLD: Heroscape - Braxas

Nice idea! Like it... very good job.

Pixel-Janz @ 8/2/2009 12:07 commented on ``Beatiful world, isnt it?``

Fuck off.


Pixel-Janz @ 8/2/2009 09:05 commented on ``Beatiful view, isnt it?``

You really dont give up. Just look my second last comment  of the picture: Beatiful world, isnt it?

Pixel-Janz @ 8/2/2009 09:03 commented on ``Beatiful world, isnt it?``

Meaby youre right Solitude... But does it matter anymore?

Pixel-Janz @ 8/2/2009 02:02 commented on ``Beatiful world, isnt it?``

..... Okay. I dont care anymore. Lets say i stole them. For your fun. I STOLE THEM... Whatever. You guys dont belive so ill just say i stole them. And those who trust me... thanks. Now everyone is happy??? okay!?! It was really ``nice`` to be here at pixeljoint. Id do more but... you know why i dont.

PS: Take care people....

Pixel-Janz @ 8/1/2009 12:40 commented on ``Beatiful world, isnt it?``

I flipped it. SO??? What the fuck is the broplem?

Pixel-Janz @ 7/31/2009 15:29 commented on ``Beatiful view, isnt it?``


Pixel-Janz @ 7/31/2009 15:28 commented on ``Beatiful world, isnt it?``

Yeah, sure... whatever

Pixel-Janz @ 7/31/2009 03:37 commented on ``Beatiful view, isnt it?``

Im sorry to inform, but... IT IS MINE! When do you people stop??? I have used that part of picture in some other pictures. A friend of mine is creating a game that uses that part. SO, Can you please stop wining all the time???

Pixel-Janz @ 7/30/2009 10:24 commented on ``Beatiful world, isnt it?``

Okay... ill keep that in my mind...thanks

Pixel-Janz @ 7/29/2009 04:17 commented on ``Beatiful view, isnt it?``

Have you stolen my picture!?!? Howd it get there?? Has someone copyed it and taked the credit? Im getting pretty mad with this...

Pixel-Janz @ 7/29/2009 04:14 commented on ``Beatiful world, isnt it?``

Thanks! I wish id be more pro... still thanks ;D

Pixel-Janz @ 7/28/2009 08:10 commented on ``Land, ohoi!``

Yep. I do that on purpose. I dont know why... you should check my pink dice... its odd too. But does it matter in pixeljoint??? I mean pixelart is pixelart... i can create anything i get in my mind.

Pixel-Janz @ 7/28/2009 08:09 commented on ``Land, ohoi!``

Thanks for the nice comment!

Pixel-Janz @ 7/28/2009 08:07 commented on ``Beatiful view, isnt it?``

Thanks thanks for the comments and advices. :D 

Stop telling me the habbo thing. I know. I did put a habbo thing here... but not on purpose. It was in a old folder of mine and it was allready done to look like an avatar. I was a habbo fan once and in the past i made all kinds of habbo stuff :/ It was named: ``My greeny avatar``, or something like that in the folder... SO i thought it was  mine. I dont visit habbo so i dont know about it so much.

And the couds... Yes they are a bit odd, but i made them pretty dark bcus i thought that the clouds is a big part of the piece.

And the works... These two newest work are made in 2009. And the other work waaaay too back. I think it was 2006-2007, when i sucked in pixel art! :S So WHY do you keep asking me these questions? Here are the answers to your questions....

Youre welcome!


Pixel-Janz @ 7/27/2009 02:15 commented on ``Beatiful world, isnt it?``

Thanks for the nice comments! Yes i wrote prewiew... i dont know why. ;D

Pixel Joint removed the picture... Why? They said that it needs revision. What for? How can i do revisioning? Does it really look like a WIP to you Kylo? Still, its not a wip... And Washburn, I did take couple of ideas from some pictures. Thanks for the comments. Thanks. I will put the picture back in here very soon.

Peeter kiiz kehuistas. Onhan tääl näköjää suomalaisiiki! :D

AND Thanks for the comments again! 


Pixel-Janz @ 7/27/2009 02:15 commented on Lollipop, lollipop...

What kylo?

What do you mean myself?

Pixel-Janz @ 7/26/2009 13:13 commented on Colossal Katamari

Snake has played Shadow of the colossus... Havent u?

Pixel-Janz @ 7/26/2009 13:12 commented on Colossal Katamari

Only 15 colours???? WOW... thats something for that great work! Gonggrattss

Pixel-Janz @ 7/26/2009 13:11 commented on Me Last Night

Cool avatar. ;D Works

Pixel-Janz @ 7/26/2009 12:30 commented on ``Beatiful world, isnt it?``

Thank you for the nice comments!

Pixel-Janz @ 7/26/2009 11:35 commented on My avatar

Awww... Is this really it? Damn. I tought this was some old art of mine. I found this picture in some folder in this form and i thought i would be mine... Seriously.

Pixel-Janz @ 7/26/2009 10:35 commented on ``Beatiful world, isnt it?``

Thank you!

Pixel-Janz @ 7/26/2009 10:23 commented on ``Beatiful world, isnt it?``

What do resizing marks mean in pixelart language? :D I dont know.