Manupix @ 6/4/2019 11:07 commented on Big Bird

Light indeed warps, it's called diffraction, but I very much doubt you can see it with unaided eye in this setting.

More likely, the uneven light source projects a camera obscura-like uneven pattern, plus reflection from the non-black object, much more efficient at grazing angles, probably explains the 2 apprently brighter rays.

Manupix @ 4/20/2019 03:43 commented on Big Bird

Not enough views for this.

Manupix @ 4/9/2019 02:47 commented on Big Bird

@mods: does the reporting feature still work? I've reported a couple pieces in the last few weeks, with no apparent effect, including this blatant spam+ripoff.

Edit: good job!

Manupix @ 3/23/2019 02:28 commented on Still Waters

Nice! Welcome back! Why the new account? ;)

Manupix @ 3/14/2019 05:55 commented on Hoppsh - My First Animation

You're welcome =)

You should allow both now in case someone started working on a vertical piece with tall pixels!

Manupix @ 3/13/2019 07:17 commented on Hoppsh - My First Animation

So, "Exactly 320 x 200 (vertical)" is wrong? Should be horizontal?

Manupix @ 3/12/2019 14:09 commented on vaguely worried face

It works because value is more important than color for AA. It's also usually nicer than plain AA, except when saturation is too high. You might want to check panda's work if you haven't already =)

Manupix @ 3/8/2019 04:41 commented on "Spell Masters" story location

I wasn't aware of this issue, usually the problem is opposite (appears too slow).

I did check in ACDSee and it is a little slower (~13" instead of 10"). I have no idea why this happens.

You could easily time the frames at 0.06 or 0.07" instead of 0.05, I think (at least I could easily do it in ImageReady).

Awesome piece anyway!

Manupix @ 2/26/2019 16:44 commented on Big Bird

Thanks Theoden! =)

Manupix @ 2/26/2019 10:56 commented on Big Bird

Thank you Irena! I miss jal, I suck at being PJ's old man ;_;

Manupix @ 2/22/2019 04:41 commented on Big Bird

I remember seeing some good 2-image (parallel or cross-eye viewing) stuff, including these, and others I can't find. I see you've been into this for quite a while!

Your own anaglyph piece doesn't work well with the red/cyan glasses because the base colors aren't saturated enough, I think. They should be pure red and cyan, except where they overlap of course. Don't know how to manually blend / overlap both views.

Alternating gif might be the best option though.

Manupix @ 2/21/2019 12:49 commented on Big Bird

Bored of square pixels already? Try this.

Manupix @ 2/8/2019 12:40 commented on The Black Castle


Manupix @ 2/7/2019 13:33 commented on Big Bird

Happy birthday @showtime!

Manupix @ 1/24/2019 07:49 commented on Trojan Horse

Love this, great atmosphere and sense of scale.

I'd recommend a serious reduction of dithering though, esp in the horse, it looks rather noisy and its volume is hard to read. The clouds might also be made simpler, they're a bit of a visual distraction.

Manupix @ 1/20/2019 08:15 commented on Sussie

That's actually 55 colors, mostly because of the semi transparency (which is frowned upon around here) but also the grinning frames have 11. You can analyse frame by frame palettes on the checker.

Manupix @ 11/3/2018 10:59 commented on BattleBase

The preview is probably costing you a lot of views ;)

Manupix @ 10/1/2018 05:04 commented on Crafty Avatar

Welcome back!

Manupix @ 9/28/2018 04:42 commented on Big Bird

Speaking of whom, thanks to him (I guess) for the long-awaited horizontal scrollbar

Manupix @ 7/2/2018 14:00 commented on NPCS!!! (2005, Douketsu Monogatari style study)


Manupix @ 4/18/2018 07:55 commented on Dragonfly

Possibly a frame delay browser issue: what value did you use? 0.01" isn't good. 0.02" should be safe.

Manupix @ 4/3/2018 03:08 commented on Ninja Shark

As far as I understand these things (very little), this phrasing is industry standard. I agree it sounds bad, and probably worse than it actually is in practice.

I believe 5 applies to use of the submitted design on the website and iterations thereof; and in the unlikely case a design is selected for printing, all necessary appearances of it on their and affiliated websites, promotional material, actual transmission to third-party printers, and all other necessary stuff to print, promote and sell the products.

6 only applies to whatever information you choose to pass on in case of, for instance, interview of the challenge winner. Other than that, I don't think it goes much further than displaying your profile.

10 seems OK to me, even the 25c hard limit on royalties. This lower limit only applies to very low sales (item sold 5$ or less), more about this here (as far as I know this is currently valid, but I know nothing). In practice the min royaly is 1$ for any item sold above 10$. Whenever an item is sold at full price ( = not during a sale), the full royaly applies.

There has been discussion on the forums about this, as sales happen quite frequently, buyers tend to wait for them and some artists weren't too happy about it.

To clarify, only one challenge winner takes the 1000$ prize in addition to any royalies on sales; other challenge submissions may be chosen for print and will be paid relevant royaltiies.

In any case, the chances of win and/or print are quite low. Use the opportunity as an artistic challenge!

Manupix @ 2/15/2018 12:37 commented on Big Bird

Fun fact #2: pixelart resolution has been shown to be potentially infinite (Helm et al., 2009)

Manupix @ 2/5/2018 11:43 commented on Gift

Cute and nicely done!

This could benefit from a bit longer delays for the girl before the gift (standing) and after (sitting, she might look down too); also some bounce when she falls back.

Ground colors are distracting and unnecessary.

Manupix @ 1/20/2018 09:26 commented on Featherfall

Lovely work!

Took me a while to get the face though, readability might improve a bit. Tweaking the outline should probably do, so that mouth and/or nose become more obvious. Also she might need some hint of a ribcage.