tenentenen @ 6/28/2010 20:10 commented on Back To The Chipland

I agree. I think that those details are what make the piece truly amazing.

tenentenen @ 8/30/2009 11:16 commented on TenenTenen's Logo

tenentenen @ 8/23/2009 21:50 commented on Bee-Stie Boys

yup its a busy background for busy bees!

tenentenen @ 8/18/2009 09:32 commented on Cadillac

Hooray! I shall start today.

tenentenen @ 8/18/2009 08:41 commented on Cadillac

I'm not sure If a mic constitutes as an instrument for a vocalist. as they make the music with their voice not the mic. I'm still not  sure if I can do a band with a vocal based genre such as rap or acapella, choirs, beatboxers, can I get an anwer? thanks a bunch!

tenentenen @ 8/17/2009 14:36 commented on Cadillac

what about rap or other vocal based genres such as acapella or barbershop quartet, beatboxing, choirs....

tenentenen @ 8/17/2009 07:49 commented on Challenge entry

Really? I feel that they did a really good job on the background. yes it has a crapload of dithering, but I feel that the way they did it is the style they were going for. Maybe not something you would do, but still good in a stylistic manner. s.hme just my input

tenentenen @ 8/17/2009 07:30 commented on Final Boss

thanks guys