Dejital @ 7/24/2007 19:49 commented on Mushroom WIP
The fifth and final one wins, don't know what the previous posters are talking about. ;-)

Very nice job..  

Dejital @ 7/14/2007 20:39 commented on Chrone
Nobody saw this coming.

Dejital @ 7/14/2007 20:38 commented on Gamecube
Click on Use for avatar

Dejital @ 6/8/2007 00:01 commented on girl portrait
Yeah most of my friends in Russia have or have had a Dendy or a Sega. I myself had the Dendy equivalent of an NES.

I think nowadays PC gaming is the big thing, though.

Dejital @ 5/15/2007 02:29 commented on Ray D. Oh
Screenshots? It's text based! I kid I kid.

Dejital @ 5/2/2007 20:19 commented on Pizzicato Five
Wii Music! ASAP please!

Dejital @ 4/18/2007 18:13 commented on CD Case: Division Bell
Very nice, a bit many colours, though. Can't complain, very nice product.

Dejital @ 3/31/2007 11:57 commented on Devilmech
Modchips have been out for a while now, so you can pretty much just burn a DVD with your game on it to test it.

Dejital @ 3/19/2007 22:03 commented on Keen & Friends
The shading is spot on, you did great with the palette.

Dejital @ 2/21/2007 17:23 commented on how appropriate, you fight like a cow!
I love you. You are a very great man.

Dejital @ 2/14/2007 17:21 commented on Glasses
A little TOO old for that sir! :-P

Dejital @ 2/13/2007 20:40 commented on War
Full version now here:


Dejital @ 2/9/2007 22:05 commented on Big Bird
Online vector art application..

Dejital @ 1/29/2007 18:21 commented on Usagi Yojimbo
What about featured videos? If a video gets featured on the front page, is it basically guaranteed a handsome check even if the video isn't all that good (believe me, there's plenty examples of those)?

Dejital @ 1/21/2007 15:59 commented on Nosebird
Best most favorite piece ever.

Dejital @ 1/14/2007 16:49 commented on Big Bird
I voted for your comic, Sedge! It's pretty darned good, love the style.

Dejital @ 1/9/2007 20:22 commented on The Reaper
Considering that the hard drive is only going to be eight gigabytes max is depressing, especially with the video functionality. That 8 gb won't get you very many episodes of the Office ;-)

However, the phone itself is undoubtebly impressive! A tilt sensor? A multi-touch screen? My GOD!

I heard that the next Zune will be amazing, so I can't wait to hear from Microsoft. It seems that the original Zune was only in development for 6 months, think about what they can do with some more time.

Dejital @ 1/5/2007 13:24 commented on Bronze Penguin Statue
Pixel art would take half as much time!!

Dejital @ 12/31/2006 11:04 commented on Cat Man Avatar
Quick way to speed up your browsing, get Opera. It's much quicker than Firefox. I prefer Firefox for all of the extensions such as Adblock, though. But Opera does come with Mouse Gestures and a Bittorrent client...

Dejital @ 12/30/2006 10:53 commented on Ice Penguin Statue
Actually Firefox 3.0a was released last month.

Dejital @ 12/29/2006 19:08 commented on Big Bird
My darned M3 Adapter only works with the regular DS. T_T;;

Dejital @ 12/28/2006 20:44 commented on Roaring electric guitar monster
Very awesome I love it. :D

Dejital @ 12/24/2006 11:57 commented on Misc. Viewtiful Style Sprites
These are very nice. The wheel on the wheelchair stands out a bit. Love the style.

RIP Clover Studio  

Dejital @ 12/14/2006 14:17 commented on Midna
Looks very good, but you can get rid of some of those excess colours pretty easily.

Dejital @ 12/3/2006 20:19 commented on Pixeljoint
Hahahaha. Very nice.