Souly @ 4/9/2021 07:39 commented on Little Creature

Realizing that this is just a Mandrake.

Souly @ 2/20/2021 18:31 commented on clown loach

Clown Loach* not a Clownfish :) I own one of these guys.

Souly @ 1/1/2021 10:05 commented on Nameless Tiles

I was that someone! :D

Souly @ 12/13/2020 17:05 commented on Naleem

Hey Fool. Thanks for sticking around, I know life hasn't been fair. You're a legend mate. <3

Souly @ 6/26/2020 22:26 commented on Lorezz Convention (interactive!)

One of them is me!

Souly @ 10/6/2019 01:46 commented on Big Bird

Hello? Missed this place. Let's push some pixels.

Souly @ 7/9/2018 22:54 commented on Big Bird

Cure! That is amazing man, good work. :D Inspiring me to do some more pixel paintings.

Souly @ 2/21/2018 04:05 commented on Blood Knight Combo

Your subpixel animation has really come a long way.

Souly @ 12/2/2016 13:25 commented on Swamp mockup

After looking at the mockup and seeing the stone in the bottom left I instantly said to myself. This reminds me of Helm's work.

I scrolled down and lo and behold, it was yours.

Souly @ 2/22/2016 13:13 commented on Walled Garden screenshot

Part of the game. The entire game is filled with video game homage.
Although it is likely I will change the checkpoint tile.

Souly @ 2/16/2016 15:23 commented on Vault Intro Animation

Totally have this game on my iPod

Souly @ 8/26/2015 07:42 commented on General Font

Nothing actually.

Souly @ 9/30/2013 14:28 commented on Sand Shadow

I just started watching Ergo Proxy. :)

Souly @ 7/28/2013 14:08 commented on Quantum Core - Monsters

Said Captain Obvious.

Souly @ 7/26/2013 23:33 commented on Grishkin

Naturally I love it.

Souly @ 10/31/2012 15:14 commented on Superhero Benchwarmers

Always know when something is yours as soon as I see it.

Souly @ 10/26/2012 09:46 commented on Big Bird

Finish #2
It's the one I really like.

Souly @ 9/10/2012 13:02 commented on bouncytail

It's adorable.

Souly @ 5/15/2012 00:58 commented on BrightBit Avatar

Love it.
I'm a fan of great grins.

Souly @ 5/10/2012 11:47 commented on Naruto Doing Jutsu

I was about to submit this to the news when I saw it.
I see I don't have to. :]

I'd enter this... but they only want 3/4 view tiles, which is just not my sort of thing.

Souly @ 5/9/2012 23:29 commented on The Itsy Bitsy Spider...

Damn B.O.B. you never fail to surprise me.

Souly @ 5/9/2012 23:04 commented on HALLWAY SIMULATOR 2012

Looking good man, been following the progress on TIGs.

Souly @ 5/9/2012 22:08 commented on Bruce

Arms are wayyyy too stiff to be Bruce.

Souly @ 4/25/2012 09:04 commented on Big Bird

Did you save the sound file as an MP3?
Because MP3 tend to add a second or two of silence at the start of every track.

Souly @ 4/24/2012 18:50 commented on Big Bird

Yea I just noticed that, that's messedg up. Site should be fine but I cant seem to visit it either.